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  1. Maralynn

    Frog sniffer dogs

    I’m just noticing this now. A SAR friend and I have talked about wanting getting involved in detection research on an academic level. We love the science aspect of detection and would love to be more involved with research in it. Do you think that your acquaintance would be willing to chat with us sometime?
  2. Maralynn

    HSF4 gene mutation in Border Collies

    Thanks Mark!
  3. Maralynn

    HSF4 gene mutation in Border Collies

    I'm seeing original research on the gene mutation for a few breeds (looking through PubMed). But I also know of a purebred Border Collie who recently identified as a carrier (through an Embark test I believe). I had never heard of it before in the breed (or of hereditary cataracts being an issue) so I was curious if there was any information out there that I was missing/couldn't find. Or it's possibly a false positive or a benign non issue that's just being brought up because it can be...
  4. Does anyone have information about the HSF4 gene in Border Collies? I know that it is thought to affect Aussies and cause hereditary cataracts (sometimes juvenile) But I’m reading conflicting reports about it in a couple other breeds. So I’m wondering if anyone knows of any breed specific info relating to Border Collies?
  5. Maralynn

    Old dog, dirty ear

    I second the Zymox. Used it with a cat with horrid ears and it helped a lot! Also cotton pads for makeup might be easier to use than q-tips for the ears
  6. Maralynn

    Biathlon fun

    Thanks Jovi - he was in his groove after he got over the fact that he thought I was nuts! And Im convinced that the ideal dog size for this is over 30# but under 45# - big enough to do almost everything independently but small enough to assist at the one or two places it was needed!! And theyre big enough to help pull you along a bit
  7. Maralynn

    Biathlon fun

    If youre interested, dont let age alone hold you back! The oldest person who completed the course was in their 70s. The winner of the civilian division was a 44 y/o woman. They give a sweet age handicap.... This one takes place in Anniston Al. Its put on the the director of Vapor Wake K9 (a detection dog company). But there is one in in West Virginia this fall put on by Logan Haus kennel. Im thinking about signing up for it...
  8. For the past few years Ive followed the US Canine Biathlon. This year I made the trip to run in it with Kolt. It was a blast! Totally challenging but managed to finish the course in a pretty decent time. The Alabama heat was a lot for us northerners but the numerous water and mud obstacles helped us survive the heat! Not many pictures of us since we didnt take our phones on the course (because, water!!) but here are a few of the course we ran. It was a really well run event and Were definitely planning on making the trip again!
  9. I think part of it is FAA flight regulations, too. You never could obstruct aisles in an aircraft during flight. Now theyre just reiterating and and saying that they have the right to enforce a pet fee/revert to pet regulations if the dog does not behave according to protocol. I know the the bulkhead area offers just a bit more legroom space and those are the places my friends request if they have an option.
  10. My friends with SAR dogs fly with Labs, Goldens, GSD and the like. These dogs all curl up at the feet fine. ETA - there are a few places on the plane that can accommodate large dogs easier. If you cut out the fake service dogs it will be easier for the airlines to accommodate the actual ones
  11. Its refreshing to hear a new Border Collie owner recognizing that obnoxious over stimulated behavior isnt a given with the breed. My dogs crouch and stalk each other a bit. Tess is worse that Kolt. But Ill tell her to stop if shes getting obnoxious and she will. They dont herd kids or bite ankles - mostly because it was never an option and I redirected anything that looked like it was leading to that. They also easily call off of watching the chickens as sheep at my folks.
  12. Maralynn

    Rejuvenating dogs?

    They may be close to a treatment for muscular dystrophy https://www.kiro7.com/video?videoId=677626174&videoVersion=1.0
  13. Maralynn

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    In light of all of that, what are your thoughts on this story? http://now.tufts.edu/news-releases/dog-s-recovery-tufts-highlights-need-genetic-testing-owner-vigilance I mean, Ive never really been bothered by the MDR1 gene in light of how much a dog would need to ingest. But then I read that story and Im wondering if there are more factors involved in how it affects a dog?
  14. Maralynn

    MDR1 - can we eradicate?

    Clicking on the link, that particular dog is for sale so it wouldnt be difficult to remove him from the breeding pool...
  15. I was incredibly relieved that I had insurance on Tess this year. Especially since her accident came 6 months after Kenzis ortho surgery. Weekend emergency requiring hospitalization for pain control + ortho surgery was about $4500