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  1. Maralynn

    Playing fetch

    FWIW, I’m not a fan of playing much fetch with dogs under 1 y/o. They’re not well coordinated and their bones are still soft (break easier) My youngest BC broke a leg a 10 m/o when I let her play for “just a few catches”. Wind caught her toy, she did a crazy leap, and displaced fracture it was not fun and was quite expensive
  2. Maralynn

    Wearing a coat

    I start putting coats on my dogs in driving snow/sleet conditions or if temps/windchill gets in the single digits (Fahrenheit). If the dog is particularly skinny or old then I’ll put them on before it’s quite that cold.
  3. Maralynn

    Recommended joint supplements

    Glycoflex and Dasuquin are both high quality brands. I use glycoflex 3 with all of my dogs (even the younger ones)
  4. Maralynn

    Lyme Questions

    When would you push for a second round of antibiotics for Lyme? Kolt has been off recently. A bit Jumpy, tense, clingy. I was chalking it up to my new work schedule and Kenzi’s surgery. But I did notice that his neck was sore a couple weeks ago when I was giving massages. And he was a bit off playing frisbee. I had him at the vet yesterday for a weird swelling on his toe (likely just infected, now on antibiotics) and he’s still Lyme positive. I’m a bit concerned that his off attitude could be due to low grade Lyme. The vet was reluctant to automatically treat for it again with no obvious symptoms but we are going to do urinalysis to look deeper into it - we tried yesterday and the tiny sample we got showed a bit of blood but nothing else concerning. Right now I’m thinking give the antibiotics a chance to work, do a urinalysis, but if the “off” attitude comes back after that with no other obvious cause then ask about doing another round of doxy. Because last year his symptoms were subtle but improved after doxy. Thoughts? Experiences?
  5. I don’t do anything outside with my puppies until they potty. I mean I take them to the same spot and stand there boring as a post. And then party afterwards. AS soon as they start going right away (it happens pretty soon- within a week) I add a command. Once it’s trained at home, I repeat in new locations. Potty comes first then all the fun stuff. They don’t always poop but they need to at least try and pee
  6. My oldest dog? About 6 y/o. My middle dog? About 10 w/o. My 15 m/o dog? Probably when she broke her leg at 10 m/o. But she still goes back and forth a bit
  7. Here’s my 16 m/o BC. She’s about 20” and honestly looks almost like a Border Collie/Whippet cross right now. But she has a touch of fat covering on her ribs and her muscles are ripped so I’m really happy with her weight. Remember that they’ll naturally fill out a bit more at this age, too. And a touch thin is healthier than a touch heavy for an active dog
  8. Maralynn

    Carpal bone fractures

    Because I always find it useful when others update threads - Kenzi had a second carpal arthrodesis surgery last week on her other front leg. She had significant hyperextension and had become hesitant to put weight on it. I could have waited a bit longer but she was obviously pretty uncomfortable even on pain medication. And I really want her healed before the snow flies. I was told that it was uncommon for a dog to need two like that but obviously stuff happens. One vet mentioned that genetics quite likely played a factor. She’s always been an active dog but nothing reckless enough to account for an acute injury. So back to another 8 weeks of mostly crate rest. But really hoping that she’ll be happier and much more mobile and comfortable on the other side of all this. There are some new forays into treating this type of injury without arthrodesis (VOSM in MD has been working on it). But at her age (10 in Dec) my goal was something straight forward that would allow her to be happy and comfortable being a dog around the farm. Her leg that was done last year is highly functional for that and pain free. I’m hoping to (finally) get her therapy dog cert when this is all over to give her a retirement job that she’ll love. For anyone wondering on cost for something like this - in my area, each surgery was about $3,700 initially plus a bit of follow care.
  9. Maralynn

    Go with Insurance?

    Hey Liz - from both a clinic and a client perspective, how does the direct pay work? I know that I always have to leave at least half of the estimate up front with referral hospitals. Does Trupanion do that? Or is the guarantee of funds due to insurance enough? In personal news, I’m about to make my 3rd major ($3,800 this time) claim with Embrace in 14 months. I expect no issues and a fairly prompt payment as they already have covered Kenzi for other issues. Her previous surgery was in my last policy year so the $10k annual limit and $800 annual deductible has reset sine her last surgery. Claims are usually approved within a week and I have a check within 2. They also do direct deposit for faster, simpler payments. I take pictures of the documents with my phone and upload directly to the website.
  10. Maralynn

    Go with Insurance?

    My 3 dogs cost me a just over $900 for the year. Kenzi (9.5 at the time) was just over $400. Tess and Kolt (1 and 4) split the remainder pretty evenly. I have an $800 flat deductible per year for each dog. After that the accident/injury/illness is 90% covered up to $10,000/dog. I would go higher if I was doing it again but that was the cap Embrace had when I enrolled Kolt and Kenzi and I had a mental hiccup and didn’t request a higher bracket when I enrolled Tess...
  11. Maralynn

    Go with Insurance?

    Tess broke/displaced her leg doing a crazy puppy jump in the yard. On a weekend. And the surgeon at the local emergency vet was out of town so she ended up at the state vet school for 3 days for pain control during the weekend and then surgery. And Kenzi’s issues are likely due to genetics - she’s been an active BC but nothing that much different than my other dogs. So just freak luck of the draw stuff. Tess’s broken leg came about 6 months after Kenzi’s first surgery and I definitely would have emptied my emergency savings and have been paying off credit cards still... Another SAR friend had her dog break a kneecap and rupture a tendon hitting it just right on a step at home. FWIW, some insurance doesn’t cover sporting or working injury. So do look into that if it would be reason for insurance. Trupanion definitely will cover many sport and working dogs. Embrace will cover some as well if it’s declared at the time you purchase the policy. With my dogs, I’ve opted for a high deductible plan ($800/Dog) which comes with more reasonable monthly payments. I have it if something major happens but still plan on paying for more minor things out of pocket. I bought it specifically because i knew if something like this past year happened, I wouldn’t be able to afford it. If I just had a single dog or a higher income I might have passed. But with multiple dogs and my current income it was the best solution for me. This is a good site for comparing several plans https://www.pet-insurance-university.com/
  12. Maralynn

    Go with Insurance?

    Speaking as someone who is looking at the strong possibility of a third major ortho surgery for their dogs in 14 months involving 2 different dogs, I’m *really* happy that I started buying insurance 4 years ago... I had over $8k in vet bills last year with the two surgeries and follow up care. I was reimbursed a little over $6k. Before that? I had mostly manageable expenses for about 15 years of dog ownership. So theoretically in a perfect world probably could have had most the money saved up. But if I had an emergency account these days I’d want to get it to at least $5k and have an empty credit card to boot.
  13. Maralynn


    Shedding will likely be significant. And I agree thy the smooths seem to shed more than the rough coated dog. re: the mix. I knew one that was a SAR dog and she was sweet and quite nutty. She was surrendered to rescue at 10 w/o because she barked non stop and wouldn’t settle. It was the pushy in your face lab with the intensity of a BC...
  14. Maralynn

    What the Vet said?

    My 4 y/o intact male has about the sweetest personality ever. He’s friendly or neutral to other dogs he meets. He’s a bit excitable with a bitch in heat around (duh!) but can still work and not loose his brain. He’s well mannered and, except for some occasional urine licking/chattering you wouldn’t guess that he was intact by his behavior.
  15. Maralynn

    Adequan injections?

    I, too, have yet to find specific evidence. But the vet I went to has worked in rehab exclusively for about 8 years and is now working on her board certification in rehabilitation. So I took that as a pretty educated opinion and advice.