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  1. Dang he's cute! How about Nox? I like Cole also.
  2. She looks just like a dog belonging to a friend of mine that is of known heritage aussie shepherd/ border collie. Pretty dog!
  3. I MUST make it to a trial soon! But in the meantime, watching these videos is extremely interesting (and fun). Now if my computer would quit freezing right at the shed with the Bev/Pippa team. Fun to watch Spottie, Robin!
  4. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved girl.
  5. Beautiful pups! I have to tell you - I was searching old posts looking for a good vacation for Colby, me and our two, Loki and Gael, and found your pictures of Hot Springs - looked great! So that's where we're going in a little over a month! So thanks for posting those pictures back in August
  6. Wow-Berrie has done so well! Liska is like Berrie's own private therapy dog
  7. I have to take RD's side on this one -looks like food to me. But...sorry for your loss.
  8. Lars gets extra points for pointing his toes!
  9. Wow! Those are the cutest shots. Confident pup!
  10. Welcome Mike. Tex sure is a nice-looking pup! We live right outside of Raleigh. There are quite a few from NC who post regularly on this board. I would also say crate training now would be a good idea for the reasons above, and so if he hits a chewing phase, and you want to go see a movie, like Harry Potter for example , he'll be safe and sound while you're out.
  11. That's awesome! Loki would love a shelter like that one! My husband built a small "porch" for Loki for jobsites (contractor) and the dog loves having his own place to retreat. Lucky Mya.
  12. That is one beautiful group of littermates! I figured as much. And I'm a patient person...
  13. Now I have to guess who would-be-mom is... Now I love Gael too, but if you remember me in the round pen with her....she probably wouldn't approve my application
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