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  1. That's interesting. I live near Eugene and use 3 vets in the area and none have ever mentioned heartworm being in this area - but they do say there is a lot in Medford. I test yearly and don't use monthly preventative. Marie
  2. I've been thinking a lot about this, and for me the crux of the matter is, can high volume breeders consistently produce quality pups over a period of time? If they can't, then they are harming the breed. If I have a bitch that I work daily, know inside and out, good and bad, and think is truly exceptional, and I breed her to the dog I believe suits her best, and keep a pup or two for replacements, I'm going to find out a year or so down the road if it was a good breeding. Since I believe very strongly in the cross, I'm going to keep in touch with owners of the other pups to see how they are doing. Since I kept a couple of the pups, and I'm lucky to have even one exceptional bitch, I won't be breeding any other litters in the meantime. Depending on how the pups turn out, I might repeat the cross in a couple of years, I might try a different stud, or I might get my bitch spayed. Meanwhile, a high volume breeder might have already produced 6 or more litters in that time. How can they know all their bitches (let alone keep track of the pups)that well?? Even most people who have very large operations don't work that many dogs on a daily basis. I guess that's what troubles me the most about high volume breeders. Marie
  3. I would agree that the tunnel needs a good cleaning. I wonder if it might help to make it very rewarding to him to fly through the tunnel, rather than dawdling in there lifting his leg. I've always had intact males, a lot of times the best thing is to just not give them the chance to stop and think about marking. Keep him busy and moving! Marie
  4. I have 4 ABCA, 2 CBCA, and 1 ISDS. I'm just curious, why do people register their CBCA and ISDS dogs with the ABCA? I can't see any reason for it, but it seems like most people (in the US anyway) do. At this point, I lean towards thinking the ABCA should just be a record keeping organization. Marie
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