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  1. How beautiful, You have made me cry. And now I'll be absent for another few months. I miss you all, but I am sooooo busy. I won't be absent cos you made me cry !! I am just busy !!!
  2. Happy 3rd birthday OUZO ! This is wierd - I think I last checked the BC boards months and months ago and this evening I have a few minutes so thought I would catch up. And what did I find ! I ADORE the last picture and can't imagine how it must feel to leave your boy for that long. I haven't spent a night away from Dylan in 4 + years.... Anyway, congratulations, and I hope you had a great trip. Zoe and Dylan.
  3. We went rowing wihich was fun in a kind of hair-raising way when Dylan caught sight of buoys (sp?) on the lake: AND we got to go in a copper mine. We have been allowed to take Dylan in lots of places in Japan which has been great fun - to a museum and caves last year and this year a mine ! The temperature inside was 13 degrees C. ( outside about 30 ). A few pictures: But at the exit we encountered an escalator........... I was not going to risk broken toes so i carried him. He was really good but kind of frozen in fear. He was cold and very wet/dirty - both glad to get off ! I have a tonne more pictures (and videos of active hot springs ( minus Dylan ) ), but I'll love and leave you with a final picture of a very tired doggy. Did I mention that Dylan was a star and a very good boy - and took two days to recover after we got back ( took me 3 ! ) Best wishes.
  4. I haven't been on the Boards - even as a lurker - for a while. But I still regard this place as a haven of sorts. We are fine and hope all is well with you and yours. We had a fun if exhausting summer holiday which we would like to share with you. For those of you who don't know us we live on the edge of Tokyo - I'm British and Dylan is American/Japanese (!) Setting off - c'mon, you could look a little more enthusiastic..... ( He hates not knowing where we are going...) We were off North - to Fukushima, then Akita Prefectures. We had 6 nights away. For the first time in 4 years we had been able to find a campsite with this ! Heavan for Dylan ! We travelled a lot - there were a lot of lakes and a lot of hot springs: At the hot springs: Heading toward and arriving at one of the lakes: Three pictures from a highland lake area - it was very beautiful:
  5. How funny - I have just read it after having had it for a while. I don't think it is a great novel, but it is a very good book if you are into BCs. Just don't read the ending chapters in a public place - you'll cry. Anyway, I did. I'm hesitant to order Nop's Hope because I am not really into the idea of "sequels". But if DH offers to buy it for me on his next trip to the US, I won't refuse. I actually ordered some books from Dogwise this evening so this caught my attention.
  6. Actually, I don't know what to write but have to write something. I am not around much anymore, but am there in spirit. Hang in there.
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. I am not on the Boards much now - it has been weeks since I last checked them out. But I am glad I didn't miss your post - even if it is terribly sad. What you did for Buddy really has inspired me. I can't have another dog right now but one day I will take on a senior too. And will remember Buddy when I do so. Best wishes. Zoe and Dylan.
  8. Happy Gotcha day you two ! Keep the photos and stories coming.
  9. Beautiful ! How sweet is Holly. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Well, you have gone and pulled me out of lurkdom again ! Those are stunning pictures of stunning girls in stunning scenery !
  11. You have rendered me speechless. You have seriously outdone yourselves. I don't have a favourite and I'm going to go back and have another look, but I DO love the one of Kessie above the sea of clouds. They are very haunting pictures and I think I shall dream of mountains and clouds and snow tonight. Thanks for sharing.
  12. These pictures are REALLY nice. I just love Clue and the photos of him/her with that ewe. I got goosebumps.
  13. Okay - that made me cry. I don't think I am a freestyle kind of person but thinking a few things over at the moment.
  14. Samantha, I'm from Portsmouth which is pretty horrible although it has sea. Now we have to drive 90 minutes to get to the beach so we don't go often ... I didn't mean to sound so homesick in my reply !!! I did get teary-eyed though I haven't been back since I got Dylan and because he is a BC I think he would just love the landscapes of the UK. He, however, is perfectly happy with the mountains over here. I am getting more sentimental the older I get !
  15. Gorgeous ! Holly looks like she came into her own and had a blast. I actually got a bit teary eyed looking at all those lovely photos....... think I need to come home.....
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