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  1. Thanks to all of you, I also think his ears fit his face nicely I was just a bit puzzeled because his mom and dad had the prick ears.
  2. Acer is nine months old now and quite the active toddler. His ears never did perk up, so I guess he's stuck with the floppers.
  3. That pups too cute! Love the tongue shot.
  4. Acer is nine months old now and acts like a two year old child with an attitude. He entertained himself this week-end while running circles around the yard, and all of a sudden diving spread eagle into the many piles of leaves I had just raked up.
  5. Beautiful dogs Muddy....so sorry to hear of your loss. I lost mine in May, so I know how you must feel.
  6. Be very, very careful with socks. I recently visited my vet, and he showed me an x-ray of a dogs stomach that had a sock in the intestion. The doctor said they would most likely have to put the dog down because it would be to dangerous to operate. Due to the high risk of infection to other organs from opening the intestine. And, the dogs quality of life would never be the same if it survived the surgery.
  7. Acer is very ticklish. If you scratch him under his neck, or rub over his ribs he starts kicking his leg. It's almost to the point of obsessive. If you just pet him for moment on his head he will get tickled and start kicking his leg again.
  8. Ahh...there's nothing like that red clay on the carpets. We have the same red clay here in Georgia.
  9. Speaking of mud!!! My daughter had just washed her car, so Harley decided that was a good opportunity for him to play in the mud left behind from the water. Jennifer was scolding Harley for getting dirty and he was agruing back to her. "Look ma, I'm not muddy"
  10. Acer is kind of a "spaz" when it comes to fetching Frisbees and tennis balls. But he would gladly do it all day if I let him.
  11. Dogs in the snow..... I had to post a couple of old pictures of a past rescue dog. We never did figure out what kind of a mutt "Moose" was, but he was a good dog.
  12. Here's Harley the day we got him. My girls were so proud that we had rescued him. We believe he was around twelve or thirteen weeks old at this time. "I was not playing in the mud" Here's Harley at about two years old. Just about a week before we had to put him down due to illness. We still miss him so much.
  13. Here's Acer at two and a-half months old, three days after we brought him home. Here's Ace today. He will be five months old on August 5th.
  14. I like the "nose comparison" between the two dogs in the last pic.
  15. Anda, Ouzo is one of the cutest white face puppies I've ever seen. He really does look like a stuffed animal. I really like the little pink dot on the top of his nose.
  16. Yea Smitty, I'd have to agree with you about that. Could've been worse I guess, it could have been a feather pillow Jack destroyed. lol Hey Jodi, great to hear from you. I used a Canon 20d SLR camera.
  17. I just had to throw mine in of Harley and Junior at play time.
  18. Beautiful picture of a beautiful dog. I'd say you've got the hang of your new camera.
  19. I was warned of some of the silly and crazy things BC's do, but I think Acer is taking it to a new level. Lately I've been finding little water puddles on the floor and was puzzeled as to where they were coming from. My daughters told me "Ace was getting ice out of the frige". "I told them no way". So, I had to ask Ace to show me how he was doing it, and he did. He pushes the lever with his nose, and drops a few cubes. Busted with the evidence.... That's about the craziest thing he does. He also likes to hide all of his tennis balls, and stuffed animals behind the couch or under the dresser, then start barking and digging at the area because he can't get to them. He also likes to steal the empty toilet paper rolls out of the trash and run around the house with them. He reminds me of my daughters, and when they were two year olds always getting into mischief.
  20. Acer loves to fetch the Frisbee so much that he will take it out of my back pack and bring it to me when he wants to play. He will chase it about fifty yards, step on the edge of it and pop it up on it's side so he can grab it, and then runs all out back to me. He will get about three feet from my feet and drop it. Somtimes we get so excited we forget to hold on to the Frisbee Then he looks up at me and says "lets do it again dad".
  21. Thanks to everyone for the advise. I will try the "legs off the floor" routine and be more consistent in repremands. I have tried rolling him over on his back, pinning him down, and firmly telling him "No"! sometimes he will submit, and other times he will struggle to get up, growl and bark at me while trying trying to show his teeth. As to why I haven't spoken to the breeder. it's a long story, but he's no where to be found in the state of Oklahoma where I got Ace back in May. I do know he comes from good breeding. I have had a few dogs in my life, but this is my first full blood BC. He is going to be a wonderful dog I just know it and look forward to working with him and watching him grow and learn new things. Can you tell me what is the main difference between a "lock eye BC" and a non "lock eye BC? The breeder worked his dogs with cattle and told me the LE/BC actually "locks his eyes on the sheep, or cow's eyes" in his case, and more or less commands them which way to move by moving his eyes. I have tried to research this idea, but haven't actually found this to be the case. Any thoughts? Thanks again for all the info. I really love this "forum". Great people with dogs, who want to help other people with dogs.
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