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  1. Yesturday was Hannah's Birthday. She is ol'7 years old now. So We got the camera out and took some photo shoots of her for now, and sence it was during the week. This weekend we are going to go work cattle and take some working shots. She gota new " squeeky" and a some chew bones, and got to go with me to work. So She was very satisfied She is Always Looking for something to work Then just a Bubble Bee Taking a rest in a Plant Thought it came out cool looking
  2. From one Hannah to the other....Happy Belated Birthday... I never realised that Hannah was that old..She looks great!
  3. LoL! Its amazing what they will do to get just a small chance to work isnt it? Love it!
  4. I think you have gotten some good feedback there from these last vids. I agree with most of it and I think she is coming along nicely too... Good job to both of you. I have also got to say what a beautiful girl She is in those pictures. It is really hard to see what a dog really looks like when they are working so hard
  5. Neither do I, which is why I put the quotations around it...cause not really the word i was looking for...Like I just want the full attention of the dog before we go to working stock...While I work with what i am going to be saying to the dog. Like a person probally wouldnt train a dog on anything, any breed, with a bunch of kids running around the dog touching it talking to it while you are trying to teach it something, and I AM NOT SAYING that sheep do that just an example. Just how I feel. I understand how the magority trains....insted of teaching off, you teach with the commands as the dog moves freely as it works. I have trained a few like this. Older dogs for people that had no interrest in training off sheep. Which can happen,(mostly in older dogs, which is why i train young) which in that case I take them in my small round pen and I do the same thing you all do. Very Nice take a hold there too But like you said nice and clean, which is one problem I sometimes still have with Scott. He will latch on to turn something and not let go...but now that he is ,goodness, 5 I think or 6, He doesnt do it anymore, unless he gets really pissed off which in working 1000 lb cattle you sometimes have to be a little rouch to get what you want. When he was a pup though it was our biggest issue. What a beautiful outrun she has also!! I agree that the most experience a dog will get is in every day working life, learning the situations and predicting the next three steps. Oh goodness...I have trained...well I havent had any to train in the last probally 3 yrs to 4yrs rather than my own. and my parents(which as well be mine) I have trained 7 of my own.....and I would train two a summer, and been doing that up to the point when I backed off, about 8yrs of public work. Now by advanced. Not sure but the dogs when they left my farm..I could have one dog bring a herd of cattle from the far pasture all the way to the coral for me and doing with it style and know how, and I could have her/him take them whereever I wanted....then I would bring the owner to me and have them work the dog, So they could see before they left that the dog was working. Cause I am firm believer of you have to put a little training in the handler/owner as well. I have never done anything but border collies though. So like I said I never really got into the big trialing...didnt find it ness really. Didnt have the time either.. Watched your videos, Very good job!! May is very nice dog with natural talent. Got to hate those cross overs, When I was watching it before it got to the point where you put a stay on her and met half way, I was saying that to myself...I bet she does this and sure enough... Maybe this will help make it little more understanding...I understand that most do not want to put alot of pressure on a younge dog. I agree, dont want to discourage them when they are young cause then i might turn off, So you dont put anything on them, well thats kinda where I use the dry training, it is putting commands on the dog without the dog not even realising that it is "working" Although it is, Everything BCs do is working. So then when they first go on sheep, we have something to just kinda help them realise what i want them to do, and what they need to do. Without really having to get on to them hard and risk disscouraging them. My dogs and most of the dogs that I have trained for other people have gone to work cattle that have never seen a dog in its life. and did very well and helped their owners so much. Which is a joy to me. All my trained dogs right now I can send them and never look back and I know they will have the stock right there and be right where they need to be. It just comes with experience of working, not because I made them familar with something they are going to need to know later on. Like I said though I havent competed in anything high advanced, although I have no dought that my dogs could do it Also, A lot of the words that I am reading, makes it sound like I am not working the dog on stock at all, and I am completely working the dog myself and not letting it move...That is incorrect. I am just letting the dog get a feeling for what is going to be hearing the same thing you all do when you get a dog ready for commands. I let the dog move on its own. but there are cases where you have to tell that dog what you want...Now i am giving these experiences as a farmer, and Lord knows we can get ourselves into some problems where if we did not have that dog lisening to us then we would be in big trouble you all act like you dont use any commands or that you do not need them...then why do trialers have whistels and people give commands while they work...They want the dog to do it on their own yes i agree 100% and predict what the stock is going to do thats why they are #1 herding partners cause they can do that....but at the same time they lisen to where they have to put the stock..and by that the dog puts it all together. A can run after a cow..and the cow is not going to respect me like it does the dog, trust me i have tryed it Anyways, I think my fingers are going to fall off now,
  6. HAHA I never realized that before now..... I would say it is held up by horns...but that would be lie..he really is a angel
  7. For me, I feel that what you are talking about here is another step in itself, but at the same time a good dog would not have to be "taught" how to respond to a moving Object.. thats where their natural instinct comes in there to want to herd anything..living or non living. Is it not, what these dogs are suppost to do, is herd what the handler wants? I see a working dog as a dog that works with its handler as a team, at lisening to what the handler is saying and obeying those commands and taking the sheep where the handler wants by using these commands. I see each command, come by away to me down on out, as the same as sit, dance pretty, stay, each one is something is something said and the dog does what that word mean. So if the dog knows each command on its own then I see it having a easier time with putting it all together on something live. Cause you can work harder and make sure they understand it...with out the "distraction" of moving stock. The dog should be smart enough to put those two things together. Which of course most are...no matter how they are trained Then on the other hand, once the dog knows all this, and then I put him/her on stock, then i "help" them understand how to use what he/she already knows on the stock. I deffently understand your point though, which with my dry training is a little different than stated above...with my "training stick" I do make it "come alive" I move the piece of rubber as if it "was alive" which i think makes it a little better than just something standing there like a ball not moving really. Just an example of what ya said..with the on out....you say it depends on the situation on how far they should go out...Well with my commands it is the strenth and stretching of the word that makes them either go out quick and short or far out and slow...I decide right where I want my dog..all by the tone of my vioce....like if i say OOOONNNN OUT!! then they go out fast and far....then if I just say Onn out...then they go out just a ways to let the stock seddle down....which in turn this comes with experience as well.... It is really hard to explain in words...which is why I wish I could get my videos to work..but couldnt even get them on photobucket...going to have to just take some more in a different format
  8. Twitter is still looking for her forever home, I havent really tryed that hard yet cause I want her to have some structure before She leaves and I think she is doing great now and is learning things well, She knows sit and wait and stay and down and we are working on healing and oh she knows easy by taking things slowly out of ur hands. She is good girl, Intence girl, but a good girl. She is a mess and loves to run and play all the time! Then I thought I would post some pictures of my man Boston who actually likes his picture takin and is doing very well on his OB training as well. If anyone could give me some things I can teach them OB wise please let me know and we will work on it, Things that you think would be helpful for her to find a home..just would like Ideas. Its fun to hear what people teach their pets to do Twitter Girl - She is becoming quite the talker!! Its really hot out here mom!! It hit the mid 90's today I promis it wasnt me!
  9. Nother Fancy just some random shots sence i havent posted any pictures on here yet sence i been back on line. So forgive me if anyone has seen these before Rex Turning cow My hannah's Great Grand Dad Please feel free to post some of your "older" working photos as well. Love seeing them!
  10. Wow deff grown! how cute too! I also named one of my dogs after Dexter morgan....He is just a white fluffy bichon/shih tzu mix that we rescued(hes the husband's!) me and my husband LOVE that show and never miss it, and also have all the seasons so far..September wont come soon enough!
  11. HAHA! Great pictures....Love the this one that she is talking about!!
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