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  1. I can let you know that...hang on... (Full disclosure: i work for the American Animal Hospital Association, the publisher of JAAHA.)
  2. The first article, "Part I. Evaluation of Dogs with Border Collie Collapse, Including Response to Two Standardized Strenuous Exercise Protocols," was published in the September/October 2016 issue of JAAHA (52.5) and the second article, "Part II. Border Collie Collapse: Owner Survey Results and Veterinary Description of Videotaped Episodes," will be published in the November/December 2016 issue (52.6).
  3. JAAHA, the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, is publishing two related articles on BORDER COLLIE COLLAPSE for free this month. See the articles here: https://www.aaha.org/professional/resources/jaaha.aspx
  4. An 8-month-old pup is too young to run alongside a bicycle. I would wait until the pup is at least twice that age.
  5. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has a website microchip lookup tool anyone can use to look up the registry of any microchip number, which you can then contact to find out the owner's information. https://www.aaha.org/pet_owner/about_aaha/microchip_lookup_tool/default.aspx Obviously, you might need a scanner to find out the number, but many pets wear a collar tag with the chip number displayed.
  6. I think there is another phenomenon going on with Facebook migration because the posts there are not anonymous. You know who you are talking to, and others know they are talking to you. This results in more careful posting, I think, because people can and do hold each other to a bit more accountability--for example, if someone says they won this trial or that, others will more readily know whether or not this is true. In addition, when everyone uses their real names, it is a little easier to assess the experience level of those giving advice (and those asking for it as well), which results in fewer instances of those with very little experience giving advice to those with far greater experience (this often results in either flat-out incorrect or just very basic advice that lacks the nuance to be of use to the original poster) or, much worse, those with little experience advising other newbies who may not have the knowledge to understand what advice might be useful and what might not work or might even do some damage to their relationship with their dog, their dog's understanding of his job, or the welfare of the sheep. It's not that I think people with more experience shouldn't ever be challenged on their advice or that there are only certain ways to do things and I am not being open-minded, but I do believe that the value of all stockdog advice is not the same across the board, and I wonder if it is a bit harder for those advice seekers with less experience to weed out the wheat from the chaff when they have a harder time knowing the identities of the people posting. I think this can be frustrating for some experienced handlers to see and be part of, so they have migrated over to Facebook. This is just my opinion, of course. I am as anonymous as anyone else here to those outside the stockdog world, with my screen name on an account I created when I joined these boards in 2004, when it was the norm to create a "fun" online pseudonym rather than using my actual name. I am sad that the vast majority of the discussions on the boards have turned away from a working focus, and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been a member when lively discussions on working dogs were the norm because I really learned a lot from them.
  7. Great posts, Denice (and Julie, too)--and I am so glad to hear you and Blu are still working together
  8. As far as I know, there is no Colorado Stock Dog Association. The only stockdog association in Colorado that endorses ISDS-type trials and working border collies exclusively (as opposed to AKC or all-breed clubs) is the Mountain & Plains Border Collie Association.
  9. Herdcentral, are you suggesting there may be shades of gray here?
  10. http://www.sciencealert.com/this-woman-has-illegally-uploaded-millions-of-journal-articles-in-an-attempt-to-open-up-science
  11. One of my dogs had a very persistent case as a pup. Topicals did not clear it up, so she was treated with a high dose of ivermectin. Because herding breeds can be sensitive to ivermectin (it can be fatal), we first did an ivermectin sensitivity test. After the results indicated she was not at risk to ivermectin toxicity, she was treated and the mange cleared up immediately.
  12. Not sure what Iron Horse is using for ThunderBolt, but Canna Companion is legal because it is hemp--it doesn't contain enough THC to violate the US Controlled Substances Act. You can order it online.
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