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  1. I'm glad to see people agree with me.
  2. For a long time I enjoyed AKC and always wanted a pure bred dog. Then I moved to rural Idaho. I have 2 BC mixes and 1 "purebred." After getting these dogs, and seeing other local dogs my opinion of AKC changed. AKC dogs are bred for appearance not function. Eventually, you get this diluted gene-pool of Show winning dogs and say "these are the best BCs in America". When in reality my 1 purebred outside could be considerd a genetically healthier and relevant dog to the breed. I don't like to see breeds like BC ruined and commercialized by organizations like AKC. One of my other BC's is 1/2 McNab. I truely hope that McNabs never become AKC recognized. Luckily, I have seen no evidence of the breed going the way of AKC. Breed dogs for work, you get better dogs.
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