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  1. When she is walking around she doesn't lift it off the ground but you see her hind drop down when she is on the bad foot. When she stands still she lifts it right up in the air and tucks it away. She looks like a flamingo.
  2. Ha, I know what you mean! I spend hours on youtube watching border collie videos!
  3. It's been ages since I have posted on here so I thought it was time I shared a few snaps of our girls!
  4. Thanks all for the responses. I will bear everything in mind and raise some questions when we take her in.
  5. About 4 weeks ago we noticed after a good tear around at the dog park later that night she would limp and when standing still would hold her foot in the air (back right). Now the odd thing is that this was not at the door park or anytime soon after. This was after she had had a nap for an hour rolled up into a ball then got up for a walk about. Now we all ache a little after getting up from not moving but this was worse than that. She would hop around for about a minute then return to walking normal. We took her to the vet the next day, and by this time everything was back to normal, and he found nothing wrong. Although he didn't do an xray. So we thought everything was fine and went to the dog park next Saturday and then Saturday night, the same thing...... She runs in the yard everyday but Saturday her and her older sister do a lot more running. I think of going back to the vets and asking for an xray. Any ideas what this could be? The fact it is after lying down and not moving, could it be arthritis? It also goes away after a minute or two When I look close I think it is her foot that is hurting her. She gets a bit upset when I touch it but she does that for all her feet and always has. She hates me touching them.
  6. Happy looks like he enjoys his walks! Your brave walking him without a leash. Must be well behaved. I wouldn't dare doing that with our two partuically as one things car stalking/chasing is fun
  7. So far Zoe has been standing and staring out of the windows for at least 2 hours solid She's been staring at these who decided to hang out in front of the house This one is in some kind of stare-off with Zoe Bella on the other hand really couldn't care less no matter how much I point them out
  8. Sorry about missing the graphic warning. I've added something in the text. Actually I tried to go back and add something and correct my spelling in the topic, but I couldn't find a way to edit the title details
  9. Some great pictures! Here is my work computer's desktop
  10. Thanks for the comments Airbear, the camera is a Canon 30D digital SLR. I was using a 28-55 F2.8 lens, and then bouncing the flash off the ceiling. The shutter was at 1/250th of a second.
  11. Last weekend I had a chance to shoot with a friends old Hasselblad converted to a digital back. The frame size was amazing as was the viewfinder image, but at the price he paid for it, it should be!
  12. Here are the girls playing catch and tug!
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