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  1. Taken this afternoon: this is the second attempt at putting up a tree - Kali and Snorri knocked it down, first time, by the time-honoured method of inserting tail and wagging it as hard as possible :eek: Now, they wait to see what's on it for them! The only thing that will disappoint them is that they are going to have to wait before devouring the goodies! Snorri
  2. Happy birthday, Farleigh! You're about the same age as my Snorri - he's a circle-maker, too: he rounds up sand, but is frightened of sheep! Snorri :eek:
  3. I didn't think he looked like a cross at all! He looks all-BC to me! The camera angle makes his muzzle look a little different, but I'm sure it's just the angle of the photo. Who's suggesting he's a cross? Snorri :confused:
  4. When he was a puppy, he looked very truculent, and had a stare like Steve McQueen taling aim at a bad guy! His younger half-brother Snorri (Dog junior) has the same blue eyes (partly why we picked him!). One old lady in our village crosses herself when she sees them, and scuttles to the other side of the road, muttering about "evil eye" :eek: :eek: :eek: The eyes took a little getting used to, but now, I wouldn't have them any other way! Snorri
  5. Such a lovely lady! Those eyes look so warm and wise! Two years are nothing to a Border Collie, though! She looks wise beyond her years! Unlike my daft "nearly 12" boy, Kali, whose eyes may appear to carry the weight of wisdom, but hide an idiotic nature! Perhaps it's a Viking ancestry? (He was named after a 10th-century Norse Earl of Orkney, who was a bit of a warrior-poet) Snorri
  6. Kali (Dog senior) is approaching 12 now (24 April), and we thought he might appreciate a more comfortable bed that the one he picked himself, when he was 11 months old. usually, he sleeps in the kitchen, where the floor is made of concrete, covered in vinyl - perhaps not as warm as it might be after the stove has gone out! So, we splashed out ?37 ($65.60 as I type) on a padded bed for him. Naturally, he was a bit suspicious of it at first - "THAT'S not MY bed!", but, eventually, he agreed to give it a try. The "try" not only lasted all night, but most of the next day, too. I think someone has snuck in and welded him to it :eek: Success, methinks - he seems to like it! Snorri ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  7. Merry Christmas, from your Orkney relatives! (Waiting for the fat man in the silly red suit, getting ready to bite his b*m!) Snorri
  8. Sorry, I couldn't see the pic, so I added at the end of your URL, which should make it visible now - which seems to have worked Snorri
  9. Does Katy have blue eyes, or are mine deceiving me? Perhaps it's my laptop playing games with me, again! Snorri
  10. Snorri-dog likes to get his "bits" warm...... Especially at this time of year (Brrrrrr!) Snorri
  11. The Brotherhood! From left: Jacob, Snorri and Kali, three members of the notorious Clook Clan! Membership of the Clook Clan is open only to Border Collies born on the Orkney farm of Clook, West Mainland, near Stromness. Nobody messes with THESE guys! As the Scotland motto says - "Nemo me impune lacessit" ("Nobody hurts me and gets away with it") Here they are, having a rest after a hard game of Frisbee (played with the lid of a tub of ready-mix plaster!) They are all from different litters, but unmistakably the same family! Snorri
  12. Good grief! This thread makes me realize how lucky I have been with my two nuclear-powered monkeys! Both were "toerags" when they were puppies, but nothing like this! Things got chewed up, but that all stopped when teething was over. It's fortunate that I had taken "early severance" from my job, and was about all day (in fact, dog senior was acquired to beat the boredom I was suffering!), but even I have to go out without dogs sometimes! Nowadays, I'm not fit enough to control a BC on a leash around town (arthritis in both hips and spine), so when we go for the weekly shopping trip, the Boys have to stay home by themselves, for about 4 hours at a time. They seem to manage perfectly for these periods (perhaps because they know there may be a reward for peaceful behaviour?), because I never see blood on the walls, ripped furniture or burst doors! On another board, some of us members have been discussing whether or not it is physically possible to wear out a Border Collie! I find that over half an hour chasing balls on a beach gets me about 15 minutes of quiet....... These lads are from working stock - just the "accidental by-blows" of farmyard skulduggery, with no paperwork whatsoever. One is scared of sheep, the other doesn't see why he should bother making the effort! Sorry to be of no help, I just wanted to say how lucky you made me feel! Snorri
  13. In the top pic, my Kali was a whole three weeks old! Of course, whilst he had accepted the invite, he couldn't come to his new home straight away - it was a helluva long wait (or felt like it! When we went to collect him, I was armed with a big plastic bag and a towel, in case he wet himself, but I needn't have bothered - he was far more interested in finding out what was in the back of our van, leaving his mum and brothers (and sisters) didn't seem to bother him even a litle bit! Later on, he went to bed with an old wind-up alarm clock (to simulate heartbeats) and was "zonked" in seconds! He, at least, has grown older gracefully, whilst I am still a senile delinquent! Snorri
  14. Yikes! Me, 11 years ago, on the day I first met Kali (and invited him to come stay) Kali's first success at a show (1996) Then Snorri came to stay, too! The Brothers Cool! It didn't take long for Snorri to make himself at home! Kali, 11 years on from the first pic. Now a big hairy LUMMOX! And little bro, after 7 years as a non-paying guest! Snorri
  15. Usually, I get left to lie on the floor (an uncomfortable reversal of roles)! It is beginning to be the case that the dogs own the house and grudgingly let us live in it (after all, someone has to refill the water bowl and sort out the dinner!) We'll let you in this time, we're hungry: Snorri
  16. Border Collies insane and hyperactive? Please don't tell my pair, or they'll think they're missing something, and start trying to live up to it! Then I won't get any more of this: and I'll have to stand up and DO something! Laid back, or what? Snorri
  17. And damn' fine with children! (This is my Snorri, trying to persuade my partner's grandson Josh to play ball. Until then, young Josh had never been this close to a dog - he was only 20 months old himself at the time)! Now, I think little Snorri would lay down his life to save Josh from anything nasty! Snorri
  18. Congratulations on a) deciding on a Border Collie as your new best friend, and signing up here! I wasn't going to plunge right in and say "rescue", but I'll join the existing chorus! Regrettably, it looks as though there may well be a fair number of BC boys and girls looking for a new roof soon . You won't regret supplying one! Be sensible about picking one - BCs who have spent their lives working stock may not take very well to an "indoor, family" life, being so used to the outdoor way (Unlike mine, who haven't the foggiest idea of what "work" is :eek: ) They are superb dogs (well, I would say that, wouldn't I? - but not without reason!) and will repay your kindness over and over again with loyalty, dedication and protectiveness. My family rescued one back in the fifties, and I still say that he repaid us by living to over 19 (we think) and being the best possible dog for a family with children. Kids can be very cruel without meaning to be - my Glen used to get his tail pulled, dressed up in silly clothes, and generally pestered, but none of us remember a bite or snap, ever. A true King amongst dogs! Sorry, I'm in the UK and my US geography is not as good as perhaps it ought to be, so I'm unable to suggest a valid source near you, but I've an idea that the internet will be rife with "orphaned" BCs before long. And keep on coming here - the folks that use this board will come up with some possibilities, I've no doubt. Best of luck with your collie-hunt; remember, they're probably hunting for you, too, but don't have the computer skills to ask! Snorri
  19. Both my boys came from a working farm outside the little town of Stromness, here in Orkney (they're brothers, different ages). They weren't exactly bred , it would be more accurate to say that they occurred The BC with whom I grew up was rescued from a police pound back in the days when the police used to shoot unwanted dogs after 7 days; we took Glen in on his seventh day. Snorri :cool:
  20. My two boys are very gracious, in that they allow me and Mrs S to stay in the house with them - after all, someone has to prepare the food and light the stove. If we are very lucky and have been very, very good, they allow us occasional use of the sofa, but we are aware that this is a privilege and not something that we are to expect every day. Another thing the Boys find handy about allowing us in the house is that they don't have to shout so loudly to summon a chauffeur to take them to the beach, or to get their personal butler to fetch a biscuit. All in all, they find it a suitable enough arrangement. Snorri
  21. Kali Mr Kolsson Nidget (old word = good-for-nothing cowardy-custard) Puppydog ****forbrains Cuddlycollie number 1 and various other things when he misbehaves! Snorri Batlugs (he has very noticeable ears) Mr Priest Pretty-boy Priest and my other half calls him: Sweetheart Baby Sweetiepie and other equally soppy things! And the two of them get called "Spoiled ********" on occasion! Snorri :cool:
  22. The last time we had thunder here, Kali just looked puzzled, Snorri-dog ran back into the house (not terrified, just taking no chances!). What really freaks them out, however, is low-level flyovers by military jets. Orkney's Scapa Flow is a popular place for NATO combined exercises and we get Tornado strike planes zapping over our roof at stupidly low heights (legally not under 250 feet, but try proving it....). The last time one of those machines went over, it took me 25 minutes to get the dogs out from under the table. My friend's horses all broke their tethers and two sheep aborted. Thunder is as nothing compared to the havoc the Royal Air Force creates! Snorri :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  23. I have two (obviously, I'm deprived! ), I get the occasional squabble, but no serious trouble. I have wondered a few times whether the fact that they are brothers (different ages) made any difference? There's definitely a hierarchy between them, but both seem to recognise human authority, and a loud shout of "SHUT UP!" is usually enough to get their attention when they argue. I think that, in the long run, it's down to what you think you can handle - much as I would like a third, I have to appreciate that, in my dilapidated condition, it would be one too many (sniffle) - and Ihave names all ready, too Snorri
  24. My Snorri-dog doesn't like other dogs, either. We used to think that his behaviour was the result of fear, but now we think it's mixed with jealousy - "You go find your own people, these ones are MINE!" Snorri doesn't attack, as such. What he does is to gallop up to what he thinks is a safe distance (usually about 3 feet) and hurl doggy insults at the "interloper", in the hope that the other dog will just go away - he hasn't got the "bottle" for a fight! The "major" worries are that a) someday, another dog will take his insults seriously and give him a proper trashing and we don't want to have to keep on apologising for him! He's 6, and lives with his older brother (10). Snorri :confused:
  25. Now, this has been interesting! I've wondered, from time to time, if my Kali had a touch of SA. Now I can see that he hasn't - he's just hacked-off at not getting his own way! Once I'm out of sight, he annexes the sofa and goes to sleep (We videoed him ) I have a much better idea of what this SA problem is, now - thanks, all! Snorri :cool:
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