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  1. Hi I have run out of ideas for any new tricks to teach my boy. So far I have taught him the following: sit, down, stand, crawl, bow, dance, shake hands (both paws), roll over, turn around in a complete circle (both ways), touch it, play dead, circle around me, do a figure 8 through and around my legs and also to face away from me. I am sure that you guys out there have dogs that have many other tricks up their sleeves, so could you please give me some ideas and how to teach them? Thanks,
  2. My boy is about 18 months and I have only had him for the last three months. I had thought about getting a pup, maybe another BC or even a New Zealand Huntaway to keep him company. I have actually just got back from the vet as he had a terrible reaction to a dog shampoo, even though we had used it previously without any problems. His skin down his spine has gone all flakey and in areas has gone scabby as well. He has managed to rip the scab off one area by licking and biting at it and it is now a large open wound that is infected. He's now on antibotics and has a large shaved area in the middle of his back with the large wound exposed so as to let it breathe. Anyhow bit of a worry but I'm sure he will bounce back. Thanks for the advice so far.
  3. Hi I am considering getting a second dog, and heard from somewhere that it is easier having two dogs than just the one. Is this true, and if so why? Is it because they keep each other occupied, I would imagine that it will definetly be better when we aren't home as they still have each other rather than being alone. If I do decide to get another dog, would it be best to get a female as my BC is a neutred male, and have her spayed, so as not to have two males that might try to be the alpha among them? I guess it would also be a good idea to get a breed that has the same sort of energy levels as my BC so they get along together. Does anyone have any comments or is willing to share what the pros and cons are of having two dogs rather than just the one?? Thanks
  4. Hi I just bought a Dog Whistle today, the traditional $2.00 stock one and I can't get any sound out of it. Could someone please tell me the technique to get it to work?? Thanks
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