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  1. I love you people!!! Baby socks!! Freaking genius. We only have a bajillion of those things sitting around. I shall put one of those on her when she goes out, that'll be much nicer than wrapping it and unwrapping it. It's still looking good and she's still not bothering it...so far so good. Thanks folks!
  2. My mom and her friend were playing with the dogs yesterday morning around 8:30. Mom came in and woke me up, telling me that Recon had cut her foot and I needed to come down and take a look. They were just going to wrap it up, but the amount of blood I saw (they'd stopped it by then) was pretty ghastly and she was looking pretty pathetic. So I took a look...she let me poke it a good bit and I wanted to see just how deep it was so I pulled the skin a little...it was down to the bone. Luckily, our regular vet was open for emergencies yesterday so I took her in. After an hour in there with them they had her all fixed up...though it required several stitches and a huge dose of antibiotics. The bowl (no one has any idea how the dang bowl got out there, much less how it got broken) sliced all the way to the bone, and cut a blood vessel, too. It was pretty horrendous and I was having a mini panic attack, but the doc did a beautiful job making it better. I took the bandage off this evening because it seemed the leg was swelling a bit and I didn't want circulation cut off. Swelling is down now, but I'm having to keep her on the pain meds because she whimpers a great deal when it starts wearing off. And Recon isn't vocal at all, so I know she's hurting. She wasn't putting any weight on it at all this morning, but as of tonight she was trying to play with her toys again, so I guess she's feeling better. My poor baby She was miserable in the e-collar so we tried a muzzle... But she was miserable in that, too. She was trying to chew on it yesterday, but today she's mostly left it alone. She's licked it once or twice, but no chewing and no fretting with it. She is still definitely limping. Here's the line of the cut - you can see that she cut the pad of her foot, too, but it wasn't bad enough for a stitch. The wound itself looks really really good. I was expecting it to look a lot worse with how bad it was. I'm impressed so far with how it's healing. I wonder, though, if I should leave it as it is, or wrap it again - although a bit looser this time. He did say that the bandage was mostly to keep the bleeding down while that blood vessel did its thing and told me I could take it off and leave it off as long as there was no bleeding. So I guess it's ok to leave it off? I am so not good at this. I feel so bad for her.
  3. I don't have any statistics to post or anything really intelligent to say...but I've worked in our local PetSmart for over a year now and I've seen countless dogs entire out store. We're not one of the small stores, one of the top 25 in the country, so there's a lot of traffic. In all my time there we have not asked a single pit bull to leave the store. There have been no incidents of dog fights involving pit bulls. I have not been growled at or postured at by any "bully" breed dog. I have been slobbered on and nearly pushed over by an exuberantly wiggling hind end of several, and one marked my register...but I don't hold grudges on those things. We have, however, had to ask several chihuahuas, a yorkie, two maltese, and a border collie to leave. They were all either people aggressive or dog aggressive in a serious way - we don't ask a dog to leave for merely barking. *shrug* Just thought I'd share.
  4. Aerie

    Whoo! He got it!

    The temps aren't scaring me much so far - I can deal with 100 degree heat...just not 100 degree heat plus 98% humidity which is what it can get to here. That's hot, thick, wet, nasty heat. Even the breeze is hot at that point. So far we're hitting up craigslist pretty hard and Josh is supposed to be going down there on Monday to stay a few days and do some hardcore searching. I'm waiting on letters of recommendation from our vet and a local dog trainer about Sage and Recon; that should help a little, at least. Melanie - thanks for the tip about the agent, I'll mention that to Josh in just a few. And about the pies - It took about 15 minutes to teach him the trick and about two months to unteach it. Recon knows how to open the fridge but I never got her to the point where she'd get things from it, because Combat did the pies-in-my-bed thing and I was scared to death to teach Recon the rest. I will never, ever, forget waking up to chocolate pie and whipped cream and soda cans ALL OVER my bed. And in my hair. And if I remember correctly, there was some in my ear. I'm not sure how that happened, but it's probably best that I just not dwell on it. Ha. We had bungee cords on the fridge for weeks after that. I will never understand why he didn't -eat- the pies, though. Oh well! I really really hope we find something soon. I want to be able to get settled relatively quickly. The renting thing is short term, anyway, until we find something suitable to buy. Have I mentioned yet that I'm SO EXCITED!!! I can't wait to find the dog parks and the pet stores that ARENT PetSmart and make new friends and eat nice food and, most importantly, actually be able to be with Josh for more than a week at a time. YAY!
  5. Wow....Dazzle is pretty amazing. And you're an excellent trainer. I don't know how "cool" it'd be in a video, but you could possibly teach her to toy match....get two toys of each type and show her one, ask her to get the matching one. I had a friend whose doberman could do that and it was neat to watch. Anyway, cool vid!!
  6. Aerie

    Whoo! He got it!

    Again, thanks everyone for the kind words. It means a whole heck of a lot to me to hear these things from you, people I truly like and respect a lot. It isn't going to be easy once we get there...a total lifestyle change is likely to happen, but I'm ready for it. The dogs are already on edge - Sage is sleeping in suitcases and boxes, Recon has "packed" her favorite toy in every "safe" space she can find. When I get my keys and walk to the door for any reason they're RIGHT there waiting and look so dejected when I don't take them out. They know something is going on, because generally they do not act this anxious when I leave for the day. I believe they think I'm going to leave them behind. The goofs should know better than that. They can sense my excitement, probably. Even going to work is an easier, happier experience lately because I don't see it as the place where customers throw money in my face and managers treat you like a pile of dirt - I see it as a temporary way to earn money so I can buy Recon and Sage some new crates. On June 4th I take the dogs to get groomed so they don't travel with dusty, dirty bodies in the nice rental car. On June 6th I walk out of the hole that is Pet"Smart" forever. And I do mean forever - I don't even want to SHOP there ever again. On June 7th or 8th, I leave for California and we begin a new pat of our lives. Josh bought the girls new collars and leashes for the trip from PetEdge so they're getting everything "fresh" too. I can't stop smiling. And now it's time for me to go off to work. And the first time an angry customer throws a wad of dollar bills in my face (yes, this has happened several times) I'm going to smile even brighter and wish them an even happier day because I am, for what it's worth, already gone.
  7. Aerie

    Whoo! He got it!

    Thanks for the congrats, folks! I'm so super happy!! Donna, My parents were in Gulfport for the hurricane. My father lived on the beach - he swam out of his house with my stepmom and stepsisters. Crazy stuff, that. It's going to be a HUGE change of scenery, but I can't wait....lower humidity, lower temps....I'm already in heaven just thinking about it!
  8. So the paperwork should be arriving soon for my guy to sign and he'll be officially employed by Apple. I put in my two weeks notice today at work and we plan to be in our new place in less than 3 weeks. Hopefully. If we can find one. We've started full on searching at this point and we're hoping to get somewhere in San Jose. I'm so excited I can barely see straight. The only things I'm really nervous about are driving in all that traffic (I am terrified of driving anyway) and finding a new vet for the animals. Everything else I can handle. This is so awesome, I haven't been this happy about things in a very, very long time. I just feel like a HUGE amount of pressure has been lifted off my shoulders and finally I am getting a little break. Have I mentioned that I'm excited?
  9. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond back, folks. Things got super busy around here...again....as always. Josh had his interview on Friday, we'll know by the end of this week whether or not he got that position. So I'm still on pins and needles trying to figure out where we're going and what we're doing and how it's all going to work out. I do have our trip mapped out pretty much for if we DO get to head out that way. I want to thank everyone for responding and offering all sorts of good advice and tidbits - both here and in the other thread. I'll probably be asking a bajillion other questions because I'm sure I won't have any idea what i'm doing when I finally get started REALLY finalizing plans. I'm all in a tizzy as it is. Again, thanks!!
  10. I'm sorry for starting two threads in one day but ... I didn't want to junk this one in with the other one. Do any of you folks live in the Sunnyvale/Cupertino/San Jose/Mountain View kind of area? I -need- to find an apartment or house that will allow multiple pets? Most that I can find online are saying a two pet max. I need a place that will allow us to have three cats and two dogs. The bunny and hamster can stay with Josh's mom until we find a place to buy. Weight restrictions around there seem reasonable....50 pounds seems to be the trend. Recon is only 37 on a plump day, so we'll be ok on that. Anywho. Thanks!
  11. Thanks folks. Danielle - where in LA are you? I've compared the I-10 route with the one we're thinking of taking - up through LA to Shreveport, over to Wichita Falls, TX, then Flagstaff, AZ, and then Fresno, CA. Dunno all the road names. I really am hoping for an uneventful trip, but I want to be prepared for anything. I won't know for sure what's happening till this Friday, so....yeah. I'm nervous as heck and just want to get things rolling - Recon and Sage can already tell there's something going on because they're -super- excited every time I head towards the door. I don't know why they love it so much - they sleep 99% of the time we're in a car anyway. A van sounds like a good idea. I'll have to see what the rental companies have for us. La Quinta sounds like a good option, too, they're all over the place. Thanks again everyone!
  12. Hey folks. -Hopefully- in a few weeks I'll be packing up all my belongings, picking my guy up at the airport, and hopping in a very-large-rental-vehicle to drive to California. From Gulfport, MS to Fresno, CA. We're trying to do it in three days. Gulfport, MS to Wichita Falls, TX (11 hours) then Wichita Falls, TX to Flagstaff, AZ (12 hours) and finally Flagstaff, AZ to Fresno, CA (8 hours). And I'm taking Recon, Sage, Kara(kitten), Damien(kitten), Pita(rabbit), and Pierre(hamster)...of course. But, I need suggestions: First: What kind of vehicle should we rent for this trip? I need something with a good amount of leg room for the guy-person-boyfriend-soulmate-garbagetakerouter-whateveryouwanttocallhim. But most importantly, I need there to be room for the animals PLUS a good many boxes and crud. Mostly just clothes and small items - the bulk of my stuff will be going by moving company later. Neither Recon nor Sage can travel in a kennel as they both get crazy car-sick inside of them even with medication and/or ginger/gingersnap cookies. They'll be seatbelted in, but "free" in the backseat. Pita and Pierre will, of course, be contained. Second: Travel Info - What are some good, informative websites other than dogfriendly.com that will help in my quest to find dog-friendly accommodations for the trip. Third: Identification for dogs - Neither Recon nor Sage are microchipped yet. (well, the kittens aren't either, for that matter). Everyone is going to get microchipped before we set off on this trip. What are your suggestions for the type? The vet I generally use is doing the Home Again chips. Are they good? Do most readers scan for those? If we get the Home Again chip they offer ID cards that I will be getting them for each. I'm also bringing current pictures of the animals - face view and body view, vaccination records and rabies proof will travel in the car with us, and they'll be fitted with brand new buckle collars with updated info on the tags. The chips will have contact info for my mother here in MS and Josh's parents in CA. Am I being too paranoid? Am I forgetting something? I'm going out of my mind with trying to get all the details taken care of. Thanks in advance
  13. The lighting in these pictures isn't that great, but I blame that on the fact that I had to keep one eye on the horses to make sure Chips wasn't trying to eat Recon...so I couldn't really fuss with the exposure. Anyway...! Practicing our down at a distance... My purdy girl: Recon hates it when Demon gives her kisses: But she doesn't mind sharing her bed with Damien sometimes: This is one of the two kittens that were abandoned that I failed miserably at fostering. I suck as a foster parent, for real.
  14. I have a little bitch (Eilidh) who, on about 10 goats and a dozen or so cows, has shown some potential. Or at least so my stepfather says (I know nothing about herding, really, but he runs a farm so uses dogs daily). She's quick and she listens well when on stock and is just really keen. But we can't push her or try her on bigger groups or for longer distances.... because she's already had to have surgery on one hip - and she's about to have to have replacement done on the other. Oh, and then there's the part where she's SO super shy that we can barely get her to the vet without sedating her. Oh, and she gets started easily and will snap at people out of fear - including myself and my mother - who she adores. She is terrified of new situations, sounds, places, scents, and people. She is SO hyper and will not settle until she's nearly exhausted herself. I have had her since she was approximately 6-7 weeks old - she has never been abused. She has been socialized as a youngster, taken care of, treated nicely, trained with consistency and patience, and just generally treated well. There is no reason for her to act the way she does - except bad genes. Her full sister is gorgeous. She's played on stock but not enough to judge her ability. She's calm, obedient, not at all skittish, really people-friendly, she loves to ride in the car and her hips are only "slightly" bad - not enough to tell by just looking at her. She's been spayed, though, because her owner is rational and doesn't want to breed unknown dogs even though she MAY turn out to be decent on the cows. Why? Because she might deliver a litter of 10 little Eilidh dogs because those genes are lurking in there somewhere. I love Eilidh a LOT. I put in a lot of time and effort with her every day. But my God, I would not wish her on any other person in this world because really, she must be miserable, and she doesn't exactly make day to day living easy. Your dog is shy already. I couldn't even IMAGINE breeding Eilidh and ending up with a litter like that. How could you? It really just isn't fair, and it's actually kind of cruel.
  15. Thanks, you two! Paige - that's a great idea on the running water. I'll try that at next feeding. I feel like i'm rubbing them raw, even though they don't look red yet. I have switched them fully to the bottles. They are no longer nursing on each other - they're getting the oral stimulation they need from the nipples on the bottles I suppose, which is good. One less thing to worry about. They still seem a little bloated though, and still have bright yellow runny stools. Most of the sites I've found about orphan kittens have mentioned putting one part pedialyte to two parts KMR, so I've been doing that for the last 12 hours. It seems to be helping a little, though the bloating and yellow stool is still happening. They're eating 3ccs (1pedia,2kmr) every two hours and are not dehydrated at all, snooze happily through to the next feeding, and purr in a MAJORLY cute way while they're eating. I guess at this point that they're ok. We have a vet appointment for tomorrow. I'm going to take a look at those links now and then go feed the lil stinkers. Thanks again!! -Aerie'
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