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  1. urge to herd

    Winter Swim

    I am by no means an expert on dogs and hypothermia, but I think that water that close to freezing is too cold for a BC. Hopefully others will chime in, it just doesn't seem safe to me. BTW, my first BC was part trout, part border collie. Samantha LOVED any kind of water at all, except the bath tub kind. Miss her still. Ruth & Gibbs
  2. urge to herd

    Donald McCaig

    Patrick Burns, aka Terrierman, is also a friend of Mr. McCaig's. You can read Patrick's post about this wonderful man at terriermandotcom.blogspot.com There's also a column that Mr. McCaig wrote himself. Ruth & Gibbs
  3. urge to herd

    Donald McCaig

    Patrick Burns, aka Terrieman, has good things to say about Mr. McCaig. They were friends and thought alike. You can find today's post and an article by Mr. McCaig, written some years ago, at terriermandotcom.blogspot.com It's a good read. Ruth & Gibbs
  4. urge to herd

    Donald McCaig

    I will miss him, too. His words on these boards are a rich legacy, as is the rest of his life. God Speed, Donald. Ruth & Gibbs
  5. urge to herd

    Kiran agility thread

    Seems to me you got your 'happy confidence' and then some ~ he's looking pretty darn confident in that pic. Ruth & Gibbs
  6. urge to herd

    Scared of Music?!

    Yup^. It could possibly be a 'superstitious' reaction. One time when you started playing music, something startled or scared him. Could have been an insect flying by him unexpectedly, or a loud noise when something was dropped, something of that nature. He might be associating the music with that scary/startling thing that happened. Once, it only takes once. It could even have happened in the car, if you were taking him someplace with music on and sirens blaring madly went rushing by. The slow desensitizing process that D'Elle describes will do the trick. Ruth & Gibbs
  7. urge to herd

    Puppy Biting

    Following up on D'Elle said, somewhere I read that when putting the dog away for this type of reason, the Human learned to say, "You're (fill in the blank w/undesirable behavior)! So you get to go in your crate!" Saying it this way, in an up-beat tone, made the whole process easier for the Human and somehow clearer for the dog. Give it a try, can't hurt. Ruth & Gibbs
  8. urge to herd

    What kind of food do you feed?

    As GL says, please don't coax her to eat more. If she's behaving normally, eyes bright and good energy, then she's getting plenty of food. I've not had a puppy, but all my b collies were very, very lean as youngsters. They know how much they need to eat. ETA ~ Buzz in particular had ribs you could feel until he was about 3. People always remarked on his 'skinniness'. We got him at around a year old, and by 3 and a half he put on some padding. Not a lot, but you couldn't feel his ribs so easily. Ruth & Gibbs
  9. urge to herd

    Litter and the pack

    I have no experience at all w/litters of pups and adult dogs who are not the mom. I would be very, very cautious about exposing pups to any adult dog other than their mom. The pups could be 'collateral damage' if the mom took offense and a tussle started. I wouldn't want to take that chance at all. Ruth & Gibbs
  10. urge to herd

    Playing fetch

    ^^^ This. Had 3 bc at the same time, all 3 went to a local dog park w/me daily for fetch and socialization w/people. They learned the above routine quickly and were good about heading for the car as soon as I told them 'All Done, Dinnertime!" As long as you are consistently the one who begins and ends play sessions, it shouldn't be a problem. Ruth & Gibbs
  11. urge to herd

    what breed is she?

    Parker, thanks for the further information, I appreciate it. Ruth & Gibbs
  12. urge to herd

    what breed is she?

    Parker, I believe that pups in the same litter can have different fathers, hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will correct me if wrong. If that's true, your pup could be a half-sibling of the other pups in that litter. I've no idea what breed she might be. One more thing, you said she 'likes to chase the horses'. Please don't allow her to do this. She could get killed or injured badly, or a horse could get hurt badly. At the minimum, it's a really, really bad habit to allow in any dog. I live in a county where livestock owners can legally shoot dogs seen harassing livestock. If ownership of the dog can be determined, the owner is liable for damages to stock. It's very, very dangerous 'fun' for your dog. Ruth & Gibbs
  13. urge to herd

    Should he be this tired?

    Yes, Gibbs shows no symptoms at all. My regular vet isn't worried about it at all, and he's a healthy dog, just turned 11. Ruth & Gibbs
  14. urge to herd

    Should he be this tired?

    The Lyme bug isn't inherited, but can be passed to the gestating pups inside the mom's womb. 'Inheriting' is a genetic thing, so offspring can inherit from either mother or father. The dam having a Lyme infection and passing it to the pups is a different form of transmission of the agent, so in the strict sense of the word, Lyme is not inherited, but can be passed from mother to offspring. I don't have any idea if all offspring would all become Lyme positive, or if some would somehow be 'immune' while still in the womb. Ruth & Gibbs
  15. urge to herd

    Should he be this tired?

    Where was he born, do you know, Shelly F? My Gibbs was born in Conneticut, his dam's owners didn't find out she was Lyme + till well after the pups were born and gone on to new homes. He tests + as well, but as shown no effects or illness so far. If you know he was born in a Lyme area, might be worth it to get the test. Ruth & Gibbs