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  1. He's beautiful! Er....hansome! Is he by chance from Red Dogs Kennel in Michigan?
  2. Congratulations Anda! I'm sure Ouzo will be a great big brother!
  3. Of course we haven't forgotten you and Ouzo!! Love the photos. Careful with the coyotes Ouzo - scrub brushes are much more fun!
  4. He's concentrating hard - just look at that tongue! Nice shot!
  5. Merry Christmas from Baloo, Cady and Koda (aka the Christmas angels)
  6. That look just says it all! Happy Birthday Jade, feel better soon!
  7. One from several years ago when Baloo first came home.
  8. Erin, I'm so sorry about your loss of Maggie. It sounds like she had a great life with you and many adventures over the years. Amazing how many of us feel a sense of loss for a dog that most of us never met. Thinking of you. Godspeed Maggie Mae....
  9. Koda, Baloo and Cady with their new brother, Dexter. He's waiting in line for night time dog treats.
  10. Ballerina lessons? I just love Ouzo - he cracks me up!
  11. Welcome. Nice pictures. I love how the depth of field in some of them is equal to the depth of dog!
  12. I have many favorites - here are a few... Favorite puppy pictures (seen here before) Cady Koda Baloo Some favorite adult pictures Cady Koda Baloo (so typical - right in my face!) And there are so many more.....
  13. Cady, Koda, Baloo and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!
  14. Happy Gotcha beautiful girl!! You're mommy is very lucky. Sandra - stunning pics as always - I love the treat on the nose and the misty river shot.
  15. It's almost always too hot here to put mine in costumes that cover them like clothes. Sometimes we find something that will work. I try to dress them up to walk the SPCA Petwalk each year. Cady as ladybug... Koda was a little concerned about the whole thing at first, then decided it was the same as usual... Baloo enjoys it so much he even prances around...
  16. Stuffed toys are instant death in this house too. I've had some success with stuffed toys that are not stuffed - just the skin and maybe a squeaker. Some of the heavy duty ones made of canvas have held up also. I keep hoping they'll outgrow it. Amazingly, although they destuff any dog beds I give them, they do not harm pillows.
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