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  1. its been two yrs and the good dog was severly errrr spoiled by me. hes now my shadow
  2. as some may know i inherited a cattle farm and two bcs from my dad. we had to sell offsome land and all the live stock. my question is has anyone had a working dog stop working for a period of time and then start again? we are thinking of cattle again. i have about 45 acres fenced off for cadaver and sar training, but the bcs need to work.
  3. i freak my bc's out by taking them out and then asking them if they want to go outside.
  4. all of the toys including the handballs are no longer with us!
  5. oh my god, i thought we were the only ones who kept stitching them back up!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. sammy is a sheltie/coyote mix
  7. borderbob


    i can only hang my head in shame cause this was done by the same species as me.it just doesnt make sense
  8. that is actually bobs wife napping on the couch.if there was room the other two would be up there too!they now have an old bed(queen) to themselves but wont use it as there are no humans in it!!!!!
  9. actually he will always close his eyes when he sees a camera.i think he learned he wont be flash blinded then.
  10. i was teasing him with the other hand which held his ball
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