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  1. KrisK

    Cricket - 2003-2018

    We let our Cricket go yesterday. She was a great border collie. She wasn't a working dog but that didn't matter to us. We got Cricket at 6 months old from a couple who should never have owned an energetic BC. She had become so nervous that the first thing her owner said to me was 'She needs to be put to sleep!" We bought her and discovered in short order that she was terrified of everything and at 8 months of age we found out that she had severe hip dysplasia. We opted for an operation and later that year moved to our farm. She blossomed, and could run like the wind. Last fall, she started having more issues with her hind quarters and we were worried that she wouldn't make it through the winter. She had terrible arthritis - could go down the stairs to the back yard but not climb back up. She weighed 45 lbs so we would carry her up. DH built an elevator for her early this spring which helped a great deal. She was on pain medications and we knew that it would likely shorten her life but we opted for quality not quantity - she was 15 after all. Friday morning we knew the time had arrived - even with her pain meds, she could only walk a few feet before collapsing - quality - not quantity. She was laid to rest with Jazz and Zach under a beautiful lilac tree.
  2. Hi everyone, it's been quite awhile since I posted here. My Cricket will be 15 in a couple of weeks. . She has arthritis which inhibits her mobility to a degree but she manages with pain medication and supplements. What is concerning to us, is her cognitive abilities. While she seems to hear and see well enough, she seems to 'stare off into space' a great deal and doesn't acknowledge that we are speaking to her. We know that we are fortunate to have her for this long and we just want to make her remaining time comfortable as possible. Does anyone use supplements that might help? Thank you.
  3. I had a border collie mix who absolutely couldn't swim. There was nothing wrong with her physically but she had no idea about swimming. Mind you, we didn't live in an area where we could teach her to swim either. She would wade in the water but that was it. We found out she couldn't swim when a "friend" tossed her into the water. She sunk like a stone and needed to be rescued. I put life jackets on my dogs when we are boating and they do well with them but first we got them used to having them on and swimming with them. The rationale for the life jackets - we're generally 2-3 kms from shore in our canoe so it's a long swim for anyone. If I had a pool, I'd be teaching the dog how to swim
  4. KrisK

    A stopover in Iceland in June 2017

    Thanks for the offer Smalahundur....maybe on my next trip, I'll take more time to visit your lovely country. Actually, my daughter and her family and my sister will be spending 8 days in Iceland in June. Unfortunately, my working schedule didn't fit with these plans!
  5. KrisK

    A stopover in Iceland in June 2017

    Finally figured out the conversion - Thanks Pearse. That being said, I found a great place for my stop-over and I'm looking forward to touring around for a day before flying off to see the kids in Finland. Hope to see a few Icelandic sheep and of course, some border collies too
  6. I'm flying to Finland to visit with my daughter and family and this time will fly Icelandair. I'm planning a 1--2 day stopover in Iceland and I'm hoping to get recommendations on accommodations (Smalahundur - any ideas?) I'll be staying in Keflavik rather than Reykjavick. I've looked at some B&B's but the price is shown on one as 21.699 kr so I'm not sure exactly what that would be in either Canadian dollars or Euros. I'll be renting a car for the quick stopover. My daughter loves Iceland and will be spending a week there earlier in June.
  7. KrisK

    Here's Another Fine Mess I've Gotten Me Into

    AW! Sugarfoot is right...he's a keeper He's the spitting image of a dog my parents had when my daughter was a baby. Tiny would get us if the baby made any noise..and wouldn't leave us until we attended to the baby.
  8. KrisK

    Dukey, My Boy.

    So very sorry to hear about Dukey.
  9. KrisK

    Prayers please

    such good news....
  10. KrisK

    Prayers please

    I never thought I'd be happy to read about an exploding tumour...but I am.. I hope that you and Tyra have many more happy days...and please keep us all posted. We don't mind 'walking the walk' with you.
  11. KrisK

    Prayers please

    So very sorry to hear this. They are never with us long enough. May Tyra enjoy all the wonderful food and I hope you are able to spend those last few hours in the sunshine.
  12. KrisK

    Hepatocellular carcinoma

    Oh my...as my father would have said 'those sorrowful eyes'. Glad to hear he is home and recuperating well.
  13. KrisK

    Hepatocellular carcinoma

    Great to hear he was so happy to get home. Hope he makes a full recovery!
  14. KrisK

    Has anyone ever used an animal communicator

    I have not used a communicator after a dog died. However, I was at my wit's end with Spark and opted to try an animal communicator. It wasn't too expensive and all I did was send a photo of the dog with his name. This woman lives 800 km from my place so it's not like she could visit and for the $40.00 I paid, not worth it. There were some things that would be easy for her to guess however, there were too many things that Spark 'told' her that she could not have known - such as the layout of our farm and the description of our house which isn't on google maps, the fact that a new vehicle had come to our house that day - with a description of it. There were other things as well. The point is - I asked her to communicate with him about a behaviour that was particularly trying - she did and he stopped. On a side note - my mother had a knack of knowing things that were going to happen in the future. I'm not going to say I believe all psychics are for genuine but I'm not going to dismiss the idea that there are people with this ability.
  15. KrisK

    Hepatocellular carcinoma

    Just saw this now. I'm sorry that you have to go through this diagnosis. It sounds like Celt did very well. Sending you and Celt lots of healing mojo.