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  1. The clinic is now full, but there are still a few lessons slots available. Those wishing to attend the clinic, I can put you on a wait list. Thanks!
  2. A wonderful opportunity to work one on one with International Supreme Champion & 12 time US Finals Champion, Alasdair MacRae and his wife, Patricia, 2012 National Finals Champion. In addition to the clinic work, the MacRae’s are often able to provide measurable, goal driven exercises that you can replicate at home. The 2 day clinic will cost $290 per dog and $60/day for auditors. Lunch will be provided and all levels are welcome. Private lessons will also be available on December 3 & 4th at $75 per half hour. Please email me at [email protected] for entry form
  3. I just spoke to Corena and she has two good leads for Rue (both working homes) and Joe has been adopted by a working home! They also have a Pyr they are trying to find a home for...6 - 7 year old neutered male, great guardian, but aloof with people.
  4. Thank you for alerting me to this post Robin! The owner bought Rue from David Henry as a puppy. She is a McCloud daughter. Let me see what I can do as well. Christine
  5. Some of my all time favorite photographs are from the Bluegrass Classic Sheepdog Trial… dogs working the fresh Suffolk lambs on the beautiful green fields in Lexington, KY at one of our country’s most prestigious competitions. I thought many of you agree and would like photographs of your dog(s) as a special memory from this year’s Bluegrass. I will be available Wednesday, May 16th through Friday, May 18th to take photos of your dogs, and am waiving my normal sitting fee. There is no obligation to you unless you decide to order prints. To view some of my work, please visit this site http://www.pbase.com/pastorshill/trials I will be available Saturday for a private viewing of your photos between 10am -1pm, at your convenience. At that time, you can place an order if you choose. 4x6's are $10, 5x7's are $15.00 and 8x10's are $20.00. Photos will be mailed to you by May 31, 2012. I can also do web images for $10.00. Gayle Richardson at Coppar Creek Designs creates beautiful tiles with my web images. These can be used for decoration, hot plates, coasters, etc. If anyone is interested, please email me privately to inform me of your class, dog name(s) and day(s) you will be competing. As there are two fields running simultaneously, I may not be able to get everyone in, but will do my best. Thank you, Christine Koval [email protected]
  6. We are pleased to announce a handling clinic with Alasdair & Patricia MacRae on June 25 & 26, 2011 at David Clark and Cheryl Branibar's Creekside Farm in Lexington, VA. This is a wonderful opportunity to work one on one w/ International Supreme Champion & 10 time USBCHA National Champion, Alasdair MacRae. In addition to the clinic work, the MacRae's are able to provide measurable, goal driven exercises that you can practice at home. Facilities include a round pen, 1 acre field, 7 acre field, and a 53 acre field w/ a 535 yd. outrun. All levels are welcome & encouraged to attend. The 2 day clinic will cost $275 per dog/handler team & $120 for auditors, lunch included. Private lessons for all levels will be available on June 27 & 28 @ $75 per half hour. Please contact: [email protected] for an entry form.
  7. nothing yet.... Eileen, did you ever get in touch with him?
  8. All great shots. I like the first and last ones the best! Liz, isn't Bracken by a Beryl son, named Ted? And Zoie is her mother? I may be wrong, but I don't think Clive has any of those lines in him. So how are Juniper and Moss/May related? I know Moss, May, Frankie and Sage are all Scott pups, but I don't know of a relationship between Juniper and those pups.
  9. Eileen, I e-mailed him yesterday, but have not heard back from him yet either.
  10. He does not have permission to use my photos and I thank you Jodi for brining this to my attention. The faded photo of the dog on both sides of his house is Britton and the collage on the main page is Britton. Also when you go to "Full Gallery" there is a collage of photos I took of McCloud and a photo I took of a bitch we used to own named Abby. In looking deeper into this website, I see that this is a guy that purchased a Britton x Abby pup from us years ago (JJ), but that still does not give him permission to use my photos. And he is no "x"pert.
  11. Thanks Emily! You're going to go far in this sport... you've got what it takes. I wouldn't have let Gabe go to anyone else. I know you two will be a perfect match and you will love him like I do!
  12. WOW! Gorgeous barn and good boy Sam! You should frame that print!
  13. Julie, I love image 3173 of Ranger! Both good lookin' pups with lots of promise. Here are some I got of Tug last time I was at Robin's. http://www.pbase.com/pastorshill/tug
  14. I am looking for a photo of Alasdair MacRae's old Sweep (littermate to Alasdair's Bill). Sweep won the 2001 Meeker Classic so perhaps someone who was there that year has a few shots? Thanks!
  15. I am still getting the same threat messages as Sue posted. How do I stop getting Norton to stop working off a cache?
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