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  1. AK totally IS a small town. The entire state is. On the small town theme, Mike Ellis has some dogs closely related to the Sibes my tech Jill has. Just for fun, I'll note that Ellis's dogs were speeding up at the end. He's not alone in that, this year, it seems. And if I haven't said it, y'all are more than welcome for my poor contributions. Tranq is the master of I-rod commentary, though, and I bow to his skillz.
  2. To answer the "how many pups/litter" question... average is probably around 6 to 8 (not that I've ever done a study.) I've seen as many as 12 (and that bitch got eclampsia, poor thing, though I won on that one, fortunately) and as few as a singleton. One thing to note: it's not that uncommon to have an "older" (seven or eight year old) bitch bred - one who has proven her worth but could not be readily spared from work. Older bitches TEND to produce smaller litters (by no means a hard-and-fast rule... Raven was from a litter of 8 and IIRC Twist was seven when they were born... Julie? Do I have that right?) As a BTW, Mike Ellis broke the standing Sibe speed record on I-rod by more than a day.
  3. "Kloo-pak". I wouldn't know either but his daughter used to work here.
  4. Me, too. Can't believe Tranq wasn't here....!
  5. Seavey wins it. Dogs look good coming in.
  6. I'm getting tired too. 10:30 here and I've been at work since 7:30. But I cna't leave y'all hanging...
  7. Last update I got was 3 miles back from Mitch.
  8. Mitch is 3 miles out. Unless he falls off his sled, he's won this one. Dallas has edged out Ray Reddington Jr and is 3 miles ahead of him. Seavey dogs have deep talent, no doubt about it. Can't believe Tranq is missing this!
  9. Meanwhile, Dallas will probab;y make top 5. I think it would be the first time the same family put two in the top 5 in the same race.
  10. I don't have I-rod Insider, so it's hard to say. But if Mitch's dogs can go faster than 8 mph, I'd say they're doing well at the moment. This is the second year Aliy is looking at the south end of a northbound Seavey heading into Nome. I'm sure that's a view she isn't enjoying. :o/> :blink:/>
  11. Nine miles out and Mitch is kicking. He's up to 8.2 mph to Aliy's 6.2. Barring a major event, it'll be another Seavey win this year.
  12. Both teams travelling at the same speed now, and Mitch appears to have regained his 3 mile lead. Eleven miles to go.
  13. Aliy has carved a mile off Mitch's lead. Dig in, Quito!
  14. Tranq, WAKE UP! You are going to miss the finish! Also: Go, Aliy, GO!
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