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  1. Really good points made by GentleLake.
  2. The Thundershirt helps our Dan. It doesn't eliminate the problem but definitely takes the edge off his discomfort and makes the loud noises more tolerable.
  3. It doesn't hurt to teach any dog hand signals along with verbal. Megan, who began going deaf at age 5 and was completely deaf by 7, and Celt, who is losing hearing in his mid-teens, both benefit from having hand signals for some commands. And both seem to have "selective seeing" as well as they could have "selective hearing" when it suits them! ;)
  4. Looks nice! Pups can look plenty weird at different growth stages.
  5. Sounds like great progress, and weight loss as a bonus!
  6. This section is for advice on working dogs on livestock. You might get more and quicker replies if you post in the "General" section. That said, is it possible he was bitten or stung by something (wasp, yellow jacket, etc.)?
  7. Sue R

    Recovery from tendon injury

    Make his quiet time training time, which will occupy his mind and so tire him mentally.
  8. Sue R

    Recovery from tendon injury

    No help from me other than to take it slow and easy, and follow any rehab protocol you are given. Very best wishes for an uneventful recovery!
  9. Sue R

    Cricket - 2003-2018

    I am so sorry for you but so grateful you gave her such a wonderful life, with the extra care and understanding she needed.
  10. Talk about feisty old girls - this morning, our Megan, who will be 16 in August, and always a flirt who loved to tease younger male dogs, was getting on her inner cougar with the guest hound. I only wish I'd gotten video!
  11. Sue R

    ADMIN: Please Read

  12. Sue R

    Old dog, dirty ear

  13. Sue R

    Deb Meier

    She was an advocate for the working dog, and undefeated to the end.
  14. My dogs don't counter surf and I have no fear of leaving food on the counter or table. But I also consider good management as important as training and, if there should be a problem that arises, a key component of solving that problem. I tell the adult kids and grandkids that there's nothing like a puppy or dog to teach you to put your stuff up.