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  1. Sue R


    Will miss you and, sadly, understand just how you feel.
  2. Linda Tesdahl would be highly recommended by many handlers.
  3. Dress for the weather. Bring water for your dogs. Plan on sitting on the provided bleachers or folding chairs (chairs under a tent) or bring a blanket. Mexican food vendor on site. Stay back at least five or six feet from fence. Keep your dogs quiet and on leash, and don't be amazed if they "turn on"! Prepare to be amazed! And many handlers are happy to answer questions if they are not engrossed. Come to the White House (my shed on wheels) for an informative free program. Enjoy supporting our vendors and out trial by finding merchandise you will enjoy.
  4. General or Obedience sections would be appropriate. This "upper end" of the forum's home page is for training dogs to work livestock and related questions.
  5. Barbara Sykes' books are good, if I remember correctly.
  6. So sorry to hear this! Have you considered alternatives, like possibly a brace? I am assuming this is a TPLO which, while pricier than other procedures, is usually very good. Celt has had both hind legs done, one at age 9 and the other at age 11, and has lived a sound and active life since. He's now 16 1/2 (in less than a week) and still walks a couple of miles a day most days. I am amazed at the cost - when Celt's were done, it was just about $3000 each at a specialty clinic but I have heard that the price there is now about $5000. That's a big increase. You may want to consider rehab if at all possible afterwards. I felt it helped Celt a lot although I have also seen dogs that did not do that and they have done just fine, too. Very best wishes to you both!
  7. Jack Knox is excellent and I would highly recommend him.
  8. I feel for you and wish you comfort in your decisions, and a good outcome.
  9. Thank you, Kristi! I didn't know if it was the link, the site, or just me...
  10. Juan Reyes is a very accomplished trainer/handler, who is a top trialer on cattle and a genuine rancher in Colorado, I believe.
  11. We oftentimes forget that it is volunteers, using their own talents, time, and sometimes finances, who provide the services that we often take for granted - or, worse yet, complain about! The link you provide, Kristi, isn't working for me right now, though. Kudos to Maria (who is amazing, I might add from personal experience) and thanks to Gene!
  12. I am sorry but I don't know what to say. I just wish you both the very best possible outcome and a safe and uneventful recovery. Very best wishes to you both.
  13. Thank you for getting him out of that situation and into a caring and loving home with you!
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