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  1. My Scoutie girl came from a shelter. A friend of myn who works with a dog rescue group told me about a litter of bc/mix pups that arrived at the shelter. We went-fell in love with a silly little pup and the rest is history. The vet says that he sees nothing but BC in her. She acts and looks like a pure BC. I'm a mutt person myself so I could care less if she is a pure breed. We just love her.
  2. Ok, I don't know much about judging show dogs but I did find it odd that some of the judges are breeders/former breeders of a breed of dog that is in the group that they are judging. How do they keep their passon for a certain breed of dog from affecting their judgement. I tune in and out of the Westminister. I only watch the groups that I like. I just have a irritation for those poor poodles that look like someones ornamental trees. Sorry if I offended anyone. I'll take my silly, mud loving dog anyday!
  3. I agree with the recuse idea. Also keep an eye out at the Humane Society and the local animal shelters. We got Scout as a 8 week old pup from the animal shelter. She had two sisters with her at the time. I knew she was the one when we took her outside and she jumped in my lap and stayed there just wagging her tail and looking at me The shelter said she was a mix but the vet, my hubby or I see nothing in her but BC. I am one who would rather not have a papered dog from a breeder. Please understand that this my personal thing and I don't think any less of a person who does. As for the male/female thing both my dogs have been female. Dakota, was a wonderfully protective dog when she needed to be. She was so very sweet. Scout has had a problem of being a bit over protective of me( she has been taking obed traing and is getting a lot better)and has selective hearing when her dog friends are over-but she is also sweet and I wouldn't trade her for anything.
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