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  1. I know exactly what you mean by that, my 14 week old BC pup does exactly the same with anything that moves in the garden. The other day the wind was blowing a football around and he spent nearly an hour circling it, he just wasn't interested in anything but the ball! I'm glad he's not the only one, hopefully someone will reply who has had experience with this and knows whether or not it is just 'one of those things' and is to do with the breed or(fingers crossed) has worked out a way to stop it. Poor thing I feel sorry for him, I don't understand how he managed to walk straight when I took the ball away and decided enough was enough! He never took his eyes off it the whole time I swear!
  2. Because of the inital shock at the Vets I can't remember exactly waht he said. I do remember him saying to Ty "Well, I got some bad news little fella - it looks like you've only got one testicle" I don't know exactly what he meant by this :s Afterwards he started to explain about the testicles dropping from the abdomen and brought in the cancer theory. Is it possible that he only HAS one to start with? Will this cause more risks?
  3. Thanks so much guys, that's a great weight lifted off my shoulders. You have no idea how much better I feel after reading your posts! If anyone else has any stories or knows anything to do with it then please keep posting, I'm trying to find out as much as possible just so I have some idea of whats happening with Ty Thanks again!
  4. I have a 9 week old Border Collie puppy who I took to the Vets for his first vacination tonight and I recieved quite a shock when he was examined. The vet told u that Ty only had one testicle and that this culd cause problems in later life. He explained that the testicles are still well inside him at this age and so should be, but he can only feel one. On discovering this the vet looked quite worried and explained that this greatly increased the risk of testicle cancer (he even quite bluntly said, if he did develop cancer we "might as well sign his death cetificate" - which upset me greatly) Although at one point he did also say that by having him castrated this could stop it developing, which helped me relax until he said "I want you to understand that this could get serious and the castration my not work - in this case it is probably out of our hands" Can anyone who knows anything about this or has had personal experience please explain to me what the vet is trying to say, he said so many things and it was such a shock I didnt really seem to take it all in. I will ask him to go into more detail when we return for his second vacination in 3 weeks bt until then I'd really appriciate it if anyone has any information. Thanks (I'd rather you were honest with me, if it is serious then, please, I'd raher know)
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