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  1. I had this problem with Jordi - He would do a superb recall off the lead, in a field when training but on walks would go into play mode and either run off or igore me! The only way I "solved" it was to teach him to drop on command, on & off the lead, and at any time in the house or out. When its time to come back in from a walk he now lies down and waits for me to collect him! Not ideal but at least we go home when I want to. Jenny
  2. I have kept border collies for 40 years, achieved success in obedience competitions but have always had bitches. I now have a georgeous but challenging 2 year old dog who is the most openly defiant and disobedient dog I have ever had. At obedience classes he is fine, at home when training he is fine off and on the lead. However when out for walks if he doesnt want to come - he won't! Consequently if he sees another dog, child, squirrel or anything that moves I have no control whatsoever. Sometimes this is a real problem as he loves children and only wants to play - unfortunately if they don't know him they are obviously frightened by a large dog hurling towards them. I've tried long leads, titbits without success. As soon as he is ready he will do a perfect recall. Help please! Jenny
  3. Cant stop smiling at the moment! Took Jordi to the Chiropractic & remedial massage specialist today - she treats all animals including humans! Within minutes the first thing that struck me was how calm the dog had become - this was a two year old, very boisterous collie who loves meeting new people - & who lay perfectly still on each side whilst his legs, feet & joints were manipulated. He then stood still whilst she manipulated his back from nose to tail. The good news is there appears to be no metabolic / immune problem but she very quickly diagnosed a neck injury at the base of the skull, probabaly caused by Jordi sticking his head through the fence and not ducking as he withdrew it.Apparently there is a lot of heat and bruising and the muscle loss is due todamage of the cranial nerves. The great news is that he should recover. So many thanks for everyones suggestions - it has been a great help in what was a very frighteneing time. Jenny & Jordi
  4. Had exactly the same problem with Jordi at first. The breeder always raw fed - mainly chicken, which he still loves but he tended to want to take each portion into a corner rather than eat out of a bowl so now he just has raw chicken as a treat. I tried all types of brands to start with without much success, particularly anything in "gravy" was horrendous. I then tried tinned tripe mixed with biscuits and it worked. Both of my dogs now eat this, never leave a scrap & I cant remeber when we last had an upset tummy. Hope this works. Jenny
  5. Thanks Andrea - youre right, it is really helpful to have ideas from other people. The problem at the moment is that nothing really seems to fit. On Friday I have an appointment with a Chiropracter who has an excellent reputation with dodgs & horses so I'm hoping she will find something "mechanical" like a trapped nerve. The trouble is Jordi is so well.We walked for an hour this morning, he chased squirrels, did a bit of obedience training then spent at least an hour trying to get marrow out of a large bone. If you massage his face there is no pain and no paralysis - his eyes & ears still respond & I can still clean his teeth. He just looks like a Borzoi! I think its the not knowing which is the worst, but hopefully all will be revealed next week - he goes back to my usual vet on monday & I'm asking for a referal to the specialist centre at Bristol. Fingers crossed.
  6. Thank you all again for your help. Something called Eosinophilic Myotosis has been suggested and this does fit the muscle atrophy symptoms. However it usually includes problems with opening the mouth and he doesn't seem to have that. No one Ive spoken to seems to be able to give me details of cause, treatment or prognosis so please help further if you can Many thanks Jenny
  7. Thanks for the responses. I'm going quietly nuts having spent most of the day searching the web. Problem seems that everything I read about refers to other symptoms, ie problems with eating etc - there just doesn't seem to be any. When he goes back to the vets next week I will mention ticks but I've never noticed any - he is groomed very regularly and I don't live in an area where there are many other animals . Jordi has spent the last hour trying to get the marrow out of a large bone so it obviously doesnt hurt at all - he doesnt appear paralysed in his face - there just arent any muscles Jenny
  8. help! over the past ten days my beautiful 2 year old red & white collie has lost most of his facial muscle. He is otherwise in good health., eating well, very lively, good coat etc. The vet is baffled - sugested a tumour, but disgarded this as heath otherwise so good plus no other symptoms, or maybe a nerve injury. Jordi has been put on steroids for the next ten days and I am seeing a chiropractic next week but it is very frightening - he looks awful. Please can anyone help. Jenny
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