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  1. A couple more... he is very difficult to photo, he tends to run right up to the phone to try to lick it face snow He is definitely big boned and the head more square. When the vet weighed him he was 53 lbs, I think he needs to drop about 5 which shouldn't be too hard as weather warms and we are outside more. So figure 48-50 lb to be more ideal
  2. Sorry got tied up just read the latest, thank you again. I am going to try to post photos
  3. Thank you all very much for the replies and suggestions on nosework/tracking in addition to regular work. I'll be looking into all of those for sure. From what I have read, the english setters tend to be a) very sensitive and easily bored. At least one resource suggested very short training sessions but increased frequency. I'm also going off the temperment and behavior of my border of 14 years and a few others from the local area, admittedly a small sample size! (This guy is definitely on the sensitive end but he's not timid per se. One example, I tried to use a towel to wipe him off after coming in from the rain and he started to cower as it got close. Again, no idea his history so can't say if previous owners abused him or if he was prior to being picked up while on the loose)
  4. Hi - Previous BC owner. Waited a few years after his death before wading back into dog ownership. I now have for about a month a rescue, estimated 2 yrs, that is a BC mix. Vet thought there was some setter, perhaps English based on tick marks and muzzle, but otherwise looks the part of a b&w BC. the short: he's sniffing out game and has taken off into the woods. I'm not familar with borders doing this so not sure whether to correct/train from a BC or an english setter perspective. the long: Our snow pack in the north east is starting to go bringing the critters out and, unlike my previous BC who didn't have a nose for much of anything (other than grilled chicken), this guy is in every paw and hoof print he can find. Until a few days ago, his recall in the yard while playing/running seemed good. Then he took off into the woods, minutes after some deer had passed through. Though he did not go too far, he was out of sight. After a couple of minutes he came back into the area and I was able to grab his long lead. I was forced to let go to navigate a downed tree in wet snow and he bolted again, though not out of sight. All the while he was clearly seeking out and following the scent of deer and other game. When I was able to, I got down low and clapped. He did break it off and came tearing back to me. A few days before he showed some interest in grey squirrels while on lead in a non-rural setting. My area has few of those and with so many trees on the property, treeing one would be a matter of feet, not yards so I did not give too much concern to the behavior. Disposition wise, no OCD traits - he'll fetch a ball and give it back but does not initiate any type of play with humans (though is a self starter with toys in the yard). Very affectionate and does keep close, far more than my true BC and at times seems sensitive. I have no background on his prior situation other than he came from north TX/OK area. He has run in some very wide circles while with other dogs but no indication of viewing them as something to be herded as my last did. Rather he is quite social and does not drive events. Of course, I now know he needs additional recall work (and more than a 15 foot lead) but I'm a little uncertain on whether I should be following advice for training a BC or a setter?
  5. I'm bringing him to a nearby vet that also has a border collie Tuesday, no idea how long it normally takes to get whatever test results they do back. Once I get those back and see where I stand I'll consider contacting a behaviorist as well. I think I'll need one too soon! He did have a good time at the beach at lunch yesterday running around with a chocolate lab. He even ran into the water for the first time just about neck high. Thats when he turned to look at me with one of those 'what the heck did I just get myself into' looks. But he was fine and just ran back out after his ball. In the mean time I'm going to try to keep taking him to new places to play or walk.
  6. Well tonight was the first agility class and it was a disaster. I have never seen him so panic stricken, even during a thunder storm. Totally frozen up, shaking and wanting to hide behind everything. Wouldn't even catch his ball. Even ignored the piece of meatball from the instructor! Once he got back in the car, he was fine and would take food again. The instructor wants me to still come back, but stay in an area outside of the main barn and see if I can get him at least settled down out there. But she thought as well given this total change in behavior the past 3 months and how it is getting worse and worse that he should be checked. I hope its nothing worse than time for doggy prozac!
  7. hi.. back again.. Its really become a problem now with going on walks. He literally runs from the leash, unless its time to go to the park (5pm) to run with his friends. Once I manage to get him out the door, he is difficult for the first 1/10 mile or so, walking a few strides, then stopping, then walking again. Eventually he does get going fairly normally, but is always eager to turn around for home. I'm really frustrated with this. This was a dog who until this summer would *always* want to go out, even if you didn't. Just saying 'do you want to go for a walk' would get him jumping around. Could there be any medical issues here? This change in behavior was just so sudden and strong it really does seem abnormal. I think the eyes are ok - he seems to always catch the thrown ball (though sometimes outside he will have problems finding it on the ground). An older employee at the local pet supply even suggested he might have a mineral imbalance. Ideas?
  8. Hi all, thanks for the comments. The dog is 18 months old, so still fairly young. I do have one of those thunderstorm CD's so I will try playing that while playing with his tennis ball. warning: long story :eek: I'm still a bit concerned about this need to hide/curl up in corners. At home its a minor annoyance as I have to leave his favorite closet door open. But he now wants to do this in the car/truck as well. It seemed to start while he was in my pickup one rainy day a month ago. It was really pouring when I stopped to run into the store. I left the back sliding window open for a litle air (it was cool out), and apparently the wind direction changed while I was inside and started blowing rain inside the cab. Came back and found him sleeping in the passenger footwell. Now when he is riding in the truck, after a while he just jumps down there. I suppose I could live with that, but it was a near disaster in my new car. He is to ride in teh back seat, and the 2nd day he decided to jump down.. except there wasnt room between back and front seat, at least not for a border collie! When I caught sight of his butt in the air from rear view mirror I pulled over and first tried to just move the passenger seat forward. Wrong! Got out and went thru backdoor only to find he had his head and shoulders under the front seat now. I first tried to pull him back gently. This is when I realized.. he was stuck. And not just stuck. The small metal loop his rabies tag is on had somehow hooked itself on to something metal under the seat and he was very close to choking himself. I tried to get his collar off, but its the old fashion type and I was unable to get enough leverage to get the pin out of the hole. I eventually was able to pull apart the stuck loop enough to get it unhooked (and sliced my hands up nicely doing so!) and pull him out. I now have put a shoe box under each back seat to keep this from happening again. I also went back to the snap on/off collar. I trainer had convinced me to use the old fashion type as 'the others break', but I never had one break and this was too scarey an experience where the snap on would have been off in a flash.
  9. hope they can be discussed here too. My bc has become increasing phobic the past 3 months. It began with thunder and fireworks, and has progressed now to any loud sounds, including things like firetrucks or police. He now also is somewhat fearful to go out on his walk, seemingly always thinking there is another storm out to get him (even if its sunny out). I've had dogs that were scared of thunder before, but it always ended there. He is also showing an increasing tendency to burrow into corners and under things. He now likes to sleep in the linen closet which has louvre doors which he manages to open on his own.
  10. my dog appears to have finally gotten over this at age 18 months. I belive that it was part physical and part mental. He got sick quite a bit on the drive home when I got him, and seemed to forever associate puking with that car (a pathfinder). It was most irritating when he would make it 275/300 miles before heaving! A vet recommened half a tab of bonine, which seemed to help with the physical symptons. I now have a new car (subaru) and he is much much better. Actually wants to go in the car and even stretches out now when he sleeps. I had heard from somebody else that when they switched cars their dog (not a bc) also turned the corner.
  11. The vet prescribed this Goodwinol cream, and she did indicate it would be more than 2 weeks, but wanted to check on the progress (or just get paid again). When she spoke of stress she seemed to be saying environmental stress, ie changes in lifestyle and whatnot. And yes she did say that the mites are always present on the dog, just that they sometimes get out of control like has happened here. Its a bit hard to judge any progress as the scraping took some fur with it too and the area has just healed up. I'd post a small snapshot but I've no idea how or if its even allowed. Could any of this be related to climate? Its been very cold up here in new england this winter (Ive lost count of how many -15 mornings!) and my house heat is electric and very dry.
  12. Hi, Just as an update, the vet did a scraping and said the mites are there. She claims they are caused by stress (!?!). Gave me a cream to put on twice a day and have to go back in 2 weeks. Sound like standard procedure?
  13. Thanks for the info. I'll have him checked out for that asap!
  14. Hello, My 9 mo old pup seems to have some thinning of fur under his left eye.. just barely noticable. He is eating well, and the rest of the coat looks fine. Is this a sign of a problem or is it fairly common? Thanks!
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