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  1. Okay, twist my arm... Here's Jazz goofing off a few days ago. And Jazz from one of our camping trips this past summer... Thanks for all the kind b'day wishes.
  2. October 19th, Japan Standard Time. Jazz came into our home when he was just 41-days-old. He continues to bring amazing JOY into our lives. kevin & midori
  3. We played along the Nishiki River this morning, but first I had Jazz pose for a shot or two. kevin
  4. Oh, that would have been a GREAT title! Thanks!
  5. the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and after a round of "get-the-squirrel", I had Jazz pose for a shot or two...
  6. Thanks for the regal comment! When Jazz was 6 or 7 months old, I was playing with him along the beautiful, Nishiki River, about 15 minutes away from our home, by car. Just your typical frisbee, ball, stick outing, until Jazz locked-in on a giant bird (grey heron) about 50 yards downriver. It was perched right on the edge of the river, of course. Jazz must have thought it was one of the pigeons from the park near our home, only bigger. I figured he'd never catch it, so I commanded, "get the pigeon!". He crept and froze, crept and froze, and then, took off like lightning after the poor, stunned bird which (thankfully) caught sight of Jazz coming, and flew away just above the level of the river, and along the river. Jazz kept following hard after it, so the wise bird turned to fly across the river, but at the same, low, just-above-the-water altitude. Jazz followed right after him until the 2-or 3-inches of river turned into 10 feet of river. Jazz vanished completely below the surface, and within a second or two, was up, spewing river water from his nose, grasping at air with his front paws, having had his first swimming lesson. Oh, I had yelled for him to stop, but he must have determined if the "giant pigeon" could run across the water, so could he! My younger son, who was right behind Jazz, pulled him to shore, and then we both about died laughing at our soaked dog. We made sure Jazz learned how to swim shortly after that episode! Now, whenever he sees a heron, I have to really make sure he stays put, because he will really go after it with a passion. kevin
  7. Jazz, looking down river at whatever moved. I guess it was someone walking a dog, or the dreaded grey heron (which Jazz hates--it's a long story ) Thanks, kevin
  8. Jazz will be 7 in October. Thanks, Everyone, for your comments!
  9. Once he gets in, he doesn't want to get out. Jazz staying cool at the Nishiki River.
  10. Aperture 2.0 works great. Never have had problems. I used it first on my iMac, and now I use it on my MacBook Pro. And if you are a Mac user, Aperture 2.0 is available as a free trial, too. Aperture 2.0 Kevin
  11. An accidental overexposure that I converted to b/w...cherry blossoms in the background. Canon EOS 40D w/ EFS 60mm F2.8, edited with Aperture 2.0
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