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  1. What beautiful photos. I can see you had an amazing trip. Thank you for shareing it, I forget how much I miss comeing here
  2. I haven't been here in a while either. But your dogs are adorable. It looks like you have a lot of fun with them.
  3. Had to bump this one up again. Love the variety of shots. I have been scarce and I was glad to catch up!
  4. Well I love the tree photo too. But I also like the one with her tongue out. You have captured her from her glamor shots to, down and dirty . Very sweet, such an expressive face.
  5. Ahhh what a cutie, I love bunnies. I don't think I knew about this breed. How could I have not known! To adorable, and the size is wonderful. I also learned about Lion Head bunnies this week. I think that's correct, some offshoot of the Angora. I can completly understand about house rabbits. A pal of mine had a dwarf rex, named Opel Marie. She was dainty and sweet, but not as in your face cute as your peepers Enjoy, and I hope your Miss Bun gets over her snit
  6. Erin, I'm sorry for your loss, it's always to soon. We never have enough time, and Maggie left to soon. You allowed her dignaty, and loved her to the very last. It's the best we can do for them when all is said and done. I lost a cat to Hemangiosarcoma, to fast by far. So to be running free, no pain or suffering, with the last farewell. It's the thing that keeps us able to love them so much when we have them for so short a time. Blessings to you and yours.
  7. Ah the dreams that nudge us forward. I thought when I lost Emmette, that no other dog would steal my heart like he did. But Miss Abra outdid her self in that regard. A change of focus on my part, maybe. But I lost another dog between Emmette and Abra and she was a special lady. But that hole didn't seem quite so big as the one when Abra was gone. So when you get another pup ( and you will ) Jazz will be there saying see, you loved me so much you are able to share it with another youngster, and yes it's ok.
  8. Oh that face, and the "look", but you already know you have a sweetie there. Congrats, and thank you for feeding my puppy envy.
  9. Beautiful photos, where do you get a personal horse for your dogs? Mine might enjoy that
  10. Thank you all, even after being gone for so long your kindness is still abundant as ususal. I knew here I would find those that understood. I work where Abra spent her last days and was with her at the end. It was the kindest thing we could do. She is running free, so many good dogs, and other animals, have paved her way. Maybe she and the Setter are under yet another Cherry tree maybe even sharing that bone Thanks again
  11. emmetteabrakai


    I haven't been around much in recent years, lots of complications cluttering my life. Through it all my dogs have been my comfort and joy. But today I wanted to say goodbye to one of them . My sweet girl Abra. She passed away recently due to complications after surgery. She fought hard to live, but her body just couldn't hang on. One surgery to many for her, and she didn't recover. I'm grateful that I had 11 years with her. She made me laugh, she comforted me during the time of my mother’s illness and death. She was forever a bright light with her impishness and droll sense of humor. Her generous devotion, and kind spirit will be with me always. Kai and I have to find a way to honor her memory. It's been hard for him, they had never been separated for very long. He has other dog buddies but not his sister I did find that feeding him with one of the research dogs I adopted has made the transition easier. It's always a shock to wake up one day and realize that your babies are actually geriatric dogs. Still full of energy but not young anymore. Where does the time go? What do we do with those vacated spaces in our hearts they inhabited for so long. This isn't my first loss, nor the only "special" dog that has gone on before me. But the void is there, the longing to see her wicked appealing eyes on me once again. "Good bye" is such vague term for the way we articulate the passing of our canine companions. Nothing else can fill that role quite like they do. Some of the sweet light in the world passed away with Abra. She was one of the best of them.
  12. Oh Julie, I'v missed being on the bords and this is the first thing I see. Thank you very much, I'm impressed with Twist. And of course your longevity in the shearing department.
  13. Dear Melanie, Haven't been around much lately but wanted to wish the big guy a belated Happy Birthday when I checked in today. It is wonderful to see him looking so happy on his birthday. You have such a great way of sharing him with us, I have loved your Red dog stories for years. Here's to many many more!!!!
  14. I ovisously picked a good time to be on vacation that being said I have to concur about the amazing dedication you give the boards. Just a personl thank you as well.
  15. Eileen & Denise Thanks for posting the videos, I have been able to understand better whats going on. I still don't understand all of it, but it's filtering through. posts like this make me remember why I got a BC in the first place. Thanks for promoting what they are bred for, and for sharing all the beautiful dogs working.
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