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  1. I have a 10 month old boy right now, learning to crawl and learning to throw the ball for Piper. I haven't forgotten our BC Piper, we still go on daily walks and she still gets lots of attention and is still my first child. As for trying to conceive...well I have no advice, we were lucky, at 34 it took us 3 weeks of trying and ta-da...I was pregnant! (my husband was hoping for more practice) . Thank god for effective birth control all those years! However, there are a lot of resources out there on fertility. We're now talking about child #3 (Piper was first, baby boy was second and now looking at adopting a Border Collie as the 3rd ). The other week we were a hour too late on adopting a BC that was at our shelter.
  2. Our BC got my husband into Search and Rescue-Piper is a certified SAR dog. Me...I'm like Allie above, I walked, hiked, etc before I got Piper and now that we have her she keeps me company on my outing's. I still throw like a girl...thank goodness for the chuckit!
  3. I've never been on the same level as Piper...I've always been the mamma dog . I giveth and I can taketh away... As for the OP question, Piper has always had that crouch when playing and she's never been around sheep or anything like that...so maybe it's natural for them to do that....not an expert here tho.
  4. Always enjoy your pictures RDM, especially of Piper (of course)! But leaving her for a month....argh! Couldn't imagine...I'd be a wuss too!
  5. Like the above poster, I can't believe I'm posting a reply to this topic. I've been away from the boards from awhile, since I had a baby in October, and I take a peek every now and then and this topic (sorry, but it does) cracks me up. I've never given it much thought. I consider myself to be fairly modest but again have never given it a thought if my animals saw me naked...and I have a cat that sits in my tub while I shower and when I go to the bathroom Piper comes in and licks my leg sometimes. When I was pregnant and be out on walks I would have to go at least once and Piper (off-leash) always thought I was squatting for her, she'd bring me her fribee while I was doing my business and lay in wait for me to throw it... And, INU, she's never peed on my pee as she does with everything else...I figured it was because she knew I was boss. Thanks for the chuckle's...now back to the seriousness of this topic
  6. I haven't posted in awhile but I was visiting the boards today and thought I'd share a recent picture of Piper during a SAR drill.
  7. Ditto for me too (chiming in a bit late).
  8. You mean Mr. RDM stole the turkey neck out of the bathtub??? Oh the horrors!
  9. RDM-you're horrible, taunting us with these pictures... Is this the same one you posted a picture of the other week?
  10. Hey all-I've been lurking on this topic. I usually don't have much to say on topic's like this because I know there are a bunch of you out there (Rebecca, Vicki, etc that will usually respond a lot better than I can and have a lot mroe experience than I do-please keep up your postings when these topic's arise).
  11. I like the one of Spartacus the best, it made me laugh out loud...and of course your Piper's too. These are great!
  12. One-I'm not a good picture taker...Two, Piper doesn't jump much...So this is the best I could find. It is a picture of her post-jumping during last winter catching her frisbee...not the best picture...oh well.
  13. You know, she does look like she's stalking me...hm...
  14. We dog sit Vida a lot as her Dad is a commercial fisherman. She's a BC mix of some sorts-rescued from a pound in Tacoma, Wash. at 8 weeks with a broken hip and rib's...now at 3 1/2 she runs with the best of them. Our sunny days are far and few between but the other weekend I was out on the deck drinking my morning cup o'joe, reading a good book and when I turned around this is what I saw....peaking out behind the geraniums.
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