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  1. The saddest part is that even when you try to educate the public, there will always be the ones who would buy from a place like his. I knew a person who did. She was looking for a BC pup and when I tried to help her find one in rescue she simply didn't want to wait. She told me where she was looking and I tried very hard to change her mind. She wouldn't listen and even got mad at me for what I was saying. She got a pup from him and the poor thing looked pathetic and sickly. She needed quite a bit of vet care. She even said "I was disgusted by the place, but I just HAD to RESCUE her." This person just simply didn't want to wait. She wanted a pup and she wanted it now, no matter where it came from. I'm afraid there will always be a market with this kind of customer base out there...
  2. Timber gives me way more "awws" than any of the the boys... Him as a puppy trying to fight off the power of "naptime" ... Him not too long ago totally giving in to the power of the "naptime"
  3. I Bear... He just makes me swoon. Nice pics of Miss Wick too!
  4. I spy Harry Potter!!! I keep forgeting how small Ben is! Such a doll. Looks like he had a good day.
  5. My best friend does this for a living. After seeing how much it helped Timber after both of his knee surgeries I am a "rubbing" owner now too. My boys think its the best when they get that quite one on one time with me. Her slogan on her cards is the best... "You love 'em, I rub 'em."
  6. Poor baby! Mucho Mojo headed your way sweety.
  7. I Percy and his very "Harry" name! He is so pretty. Even with his "special" eye.
  8. OMG DebC, I thought I was the only one who thought that! He was one of my favorite characters on the show!
  9. Ruger: He was mine and hubby's first dog together and a Ruger pistol was hubby's first gun so he wanted it to be Ruger. I have since shortened it to just Ru. Unless he's in trouble, then it's RUGER! Timber: His coat when he was a puppy reminded me of a pianting I had once seen. It was called "Snow Falling on Timbers" It was quite pretty, lots of blues and grays. His short name is Tim-Tim. Krazy: Well he earned that one all on his own... He came to us as "Mikha" and I hated it. 2 days in the house and we learned very quickly this pup ain't right! Hubby kept just calling him "that crazy ass dog" so it stuck. And we nailed it in the head with his name! RDM, that christmas song will never be sung the same in my house now!
  10. My Aussie is this way at our SAR training. I just wanted to say this thread has been uber-helpfull! Thanks guys!
  11. Oh my doG Becca! You nailed it!!!
  12. I have to second what RDM said. I waited until Ru was 3 before I got Timber and I am thankful. I didn't wait near as long to get Krazy and it shows. It was more stressful on me for sure. Timber was very slow to mature and then adding Krazy to the mix less than one year later was nuts. I urge you to really think deeply about it and not just that cute face in the picture. If I had it to do over again I would have waited until Timber was matured before even thinking about another dog. I know its hard, but it may be the best thing to wait.
  13. Kristi, how beautiful. Your Bear is to you what my Timber is to me. And yes, no words for that feeling. Happy gotcha day guys!
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