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  1. Thank-you very much! I'll get right on it. Oh, also...when he is on a line/leash he also goes at a snails pace away from stock. He has a pretty good down, but in slow motion. He seems like he really isn't comfortable with being on line. He will run or slink down in one spot when he sees me coming with one. He acts like me putting him on a line is some form of punishment. As a pup he fought the leash quite a bit, and being on a farm he is not put on one very often. Do you think having him drag it everyday while he is excersizing would help? And just some everyday walks down the road so that he understands the leash can be pleasant? Also, I have never tied him because of it, would teaching him to tie help in any way? thanks again, Heidi
  2. Hello, This is my first time posting here. I scrolled through the past posts to see if this question was already addressed but my situation is a bit more complicated. I am a novice dog handler/trainer. I have a 2 yr old BC male (Clyde) that I am having problems getting started properly. I began in a small pasture on about 10 head of hair sheep. He has too much eye and zones me out, plus he grips with the intent to take down a sheep. This first exposure resulted in me doctoring some deep wounds on two ewes. I put him up for several months not knowing what to do with him. I did use him on line to move some cattle in the trailer because he will heel them hard. I would like to get him going so I have recently started again. I am trying three tame goats in the round pen with him on a line and me guarding my goats with a rake. Since he has so much eye and is in a small area, plus dragging a line he is essentially creeping at a snails pace in circles around the goats. He will change directions but at a very slow walk. I keep trying to encourage a bit more speed but must be careful as he thinks that he needs to dive in to bite. I also have a sister of his that also has too much eye and as soon as I got her out of the round pen in the yard she began to free up and is learning balance. I'm sure he could learn his balance and move along faster outside the pen but I am afraid he will try to grab a goat if I am not right there guarding them. I am wondering if I really need to train him on some calves. I would have to wait till next spring when I have the chance to get some bucket calves. Any suggestions? thank-you, Heidi
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