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  1. Hmm, I was at the RAT trial this weekend, but was learning to scorekeep USDAA, since I don't compete in that venue those accumulator sheets were like Greek to me! Plus I can't believe that all the scoring is still handwritten intead of using a computer program. So I spent my weekend there not watching any runs and in a daze most of the time But the food was wonderful, and I agree that RAT's a great club! I'll be at ZAP on Saturday trying for those last Regular points so Daphne will be all Elite and we can start working on her NATCH. As far as adding to the very complete list of what to bring to a trial...depending on which club is sponsoring......HUMAN FOOD!! Some clubs are great with Hospitality and provide breakfast items through wonderful hot lunches by either donation or volunteering, but some......well let's just say, better bring your own...... Cindy
  2. Hey it was great to meet you too Laura! I saw the very end of one of Wick's runs (last jump) She looks like a fun teammate! Are you going to Chuckanut in October? It's a two ring trial instead of a three ring...much better chance to watch others run.
  3. Nicely Done!! Looking forward to seeing her (and Wicked) in action!
  4. Daphne has been on Diethylstilbestrol for a few years now for incontinence. Same scenario as your girl. Wetting in her sleep but otherwise being completely housetrained. She was not an early spay, but by the time she was approx 3 years old we really had to do something about it. She was started on Diethylstilbestrol once a day for five days, then on a maintenance of one capsule twice a week. She has shown no ill-effect in her bloodwork. We call them her bitch pills About the same time we started her on the medication she learned how to bark, became somewhat snotty with other dogs and generally just came into her own, BUT she was also at that magic age where they start to mentally mature, so I can't say that it was the meds that brought it on. Honestly I think it's just her personality!!
  5. For a minute there I thought he might be Mac who's been listed on the PNW BC Rescue site as lost for about two months. This one has too much black on his front legs though. Hope both get reunited with their families. :-( Cindy
  6. Hi Alaska, I've never competed at either trial, friends of mine do though, and there are good reports for both venues. We're usually out of town during the Mega Dogs trial, but last year I was able to go and watch one day. It didn't seem out of the ordinary madhouse. The big plus for Mega Dogs is it's a three day trial, and since you travel so far it'd give you an extra day! Down side is, it usually fills fast and many people don't get in. I'm hoping to enter this year. Everyone I know that has competed at the Feelgood trials LOVE them and look forward to the next one!! I just read the thread where you're considering not flying with your dog anymore, hopefully Alaska Airlines will take care of the problem and you can continue to trial.
  7. Wow, that's amazing, I think I'd prefer that over the 40-plus that I see here. Our next trial will be the first time competing in Open. Although we're still looking for those last 15 points in Regular, she's got Outstanding titles in Gamblers, Jumpers and Tunnlers. Notice that we are lacking in the classes that require contacts and/or weaves? I've retrained contacts with the clicker, successfully so far, and got competition weave poles for Christmas!!! We're ready to rock!! I had planned on working towards her Triple Superior in every level, but when she turned 7 reality hit me. She's very capable of being a NATCH dog but I don't trial much and I'd hate to run out of time, so we're movin' on up!!
  8. Well then you need to start competing in Washington!! We have quite a few down this way. My best agility friend goes to the Feel Good trials, and she's been "encouraging" me to add that to my list of 'go-to's' this year. And yes, I hear they are alot of fun (and they put on a pretty good spread for the workers, if I'm remembering my info correctly, I obviously have trouble with that ) I've recently made the decision to quit playing around in Novice and go for Daphne's NATCH, it's exciting to have a lofty goal!! I've seen pictures you've posted of Wicked's tongue.......no need for the Humunga-Tunga toy for her
  9. Oops, my mistake, I guess they only compete AAC. We're hoping to make our international debut at their May trial, we need Q's in Regular more than anything else!!
  10. Feel Good Dog Sports hosts AAC trials >feelgooddogsports.com< they might have be able to give you suggestions. Good Luck!
  11. Our team has two tri Border Collies, one Rat Terrier, and two Corgis (one Cardigan, one Pemmie)We did the Agilympics last winter with the same team, it was a hoot!
  12. Hey Stafford, You're coming up for the Agilympics? What team are you on? I'll be sure to look for you. We're "Disney Princesses on Dirt" Just look for wacky costumes and you'll find us!! Daphne will be Ariel the Little Mermaid!!
  13. Thanks everyone, I've been encouraging him to use target plates, and now maybe he'll listen . She was raised for livestock work, has an incredible amount of eye, is quite intense, and got rough enough with the stock that she was given to him since the breeder had her littermates that were better herding prospects. These foundation classes he's been taking haven't moved forward quickly enough IMO and she believes that what she's supposed to do is watch him constantly. It goes way beyond him feeding her by hand. I'll have him check out the Clean Run articles too! Thanks!
  14. A friend has a young dog that he's training for agility. The foundation classes he's been taking has been working on developing focus in the dog. This has really backfired and now she will not work away from him at all. She will go through one obstacle and then turn and come back to him. He's having a difficult time even teaching things like weaves because she is so velcro. Any suggestions to get her working out from him, or even just keeping her going forward?
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