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  1. Great questions, Smalahunder. Davy doesn't have much eye, so he doesn't really feel balance very well. He is very resistant to learning to drive. You are correct that he could probably do regular, routine farm work because he's nice to the sheep but he doesn't really have a lot of gumption - so I wouldn't think he'd have the initiative to range out very far to look for and bring in livestock. He just turned two so I'd expect him to improve with continued work but I just don't see the Open trial work in his future. My unfortunate issue is that we only keep between 30 and 50 sheep on small acreage, so I don't have regular chore work for such a dog. If I had access to some calves I might try him on those, just to see if he might be better suited, but alas, I don't. It's a shame because he's a nice dog to have around. Thanks for asking, Amy
  2. There is so much to love about this story. Thank you for rescuing Roan, and I predict you both will be very, very blessed. Keep the pupdates coming! Amy
  3. Hi, Fellow Boardsters, I've got a wonderful 2 year old male who isn't going to cut the mustard as a trial dog - his skill set just isn't complete enough to be a competitive dog. I've had him since 8 weeks, both his parents are successful working dogs, and he's a very sweet boy. He's good with other dogs, loves to hike, good in the vehicle, housetrained, crate trained and has a good recall. He could use some leash work (not a big part of my personal program with dogs) and he'll need to be neutered either by my vet or yours. He's been around children a bit, but not often so I can't really speak to that; he's lively and athletic but he's got a pretty calm mind for a 2 year old Border Collie. He's about 40 pounds, healthy and sound, smooth coat, tricolored. I'll try to find a decent photo of him. Of course, I'd want a home for him where he's a huge part of the family's life. PM me for more information. Amy
  4. amc

    One Honest Politician

    https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dog-mayor-rabbit-hash-lucy-lou-dies_us_5b981bebe4b0162f4731a5ac?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=__TheMorningEmail__091218&utm_content=__TheMorningEmail__091218+CID_1f99b70c9e448dd5a008bcb943bdb0a9&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=mayor of a small Kentucky community&ncid=newsltushpmgnews__TheMorningEmail__091218 Amy
  5. amc

    Auditing a Clinic

    Auditors at clinics are sort of a 'peanut gallery'. The stars are the ones who have put their dogs in the clinic. I don't think anyone would be offended if you had to leave early. You can learn a TON auditing, and another benefit is you don't have the pressure of working your dog in front of a bunch of people ;-) You can focus on a variety of issues that present and see how the clinician addresses them. Take lots of notes, you'll benefit from looking over them later. I would expect the clinic to have at least 8 hours of working time. Enjoy! Amy
  6. amc

    Meet my new little guy

    We feed a quality all life stages food to pups and adults alike. Puppy chow is often too protein-rich and can cause unwanted rapid growth. What a cute pup! Keep the pictures coming! Amy
  7. I agree that the tufts look like undercoat needing to be bladed out. I would try grooming him myself, then see if he even needs to be shaved down. Undercoat can often rake out pretty readily and painlessly. He looks like a nice guy - keep us posted on what you decide, and good luck! Amy
  8. What a gorgeous pup, and it looks like you are giving her a wonderful start on your journey together! Keep the pupdates coming! Amy
  9. amc

    Outside Kennel Help

    Over 20 years ago we laid down Typar which is a permeable cloth used as roadbed foundation. We used pressure-treated 4x4s for the edging. We covered the Typar with 2x2 wire mesh to prevent digging and then lined the whole thing with gravel. It's held up pretty well over the years but the wire mesh has begun to rust and parts of it have been removed. We don't have any serious diggers in our pack at the moment so it's not a great concern. Keeping the gravel tidy can be a bit of an issue. Good luck! Amy
  10. Thanks. Very interesting! Amy
  11. amc

    Hyperextension front feet

    I love this story. Thanks for giving Fleet the home and care he deserves, and please keep us updated on your journey with him. Best wishes! Amy
  12. Many US vets have a skewed idea of ideal dog weight because they see so many fat pet dogs. I can't remember where I read it, but I seem to recall that an average-sized Border Collie pup should weigh about a pound for every week of age up until 5 or 6 months of age - so Tucker is right in that ballpark. He looks great in the pics but the real test is how he's feeling and behaving. He's a real cutie - enjoy him! Amy
  13. Terrific news for Gibbs and you, Ruth! Cheers! Amy
  14. We call that crazy hour "The Zoomies". Enjoy your lovely pup! Amy
  15. amc

    New Puppy Older Female BC

    OMG what a doll! Congrats on your new pup, and so sorry for the loss of your oldster. The cycle of life and death....but I digress. Lots of adult dogs will not tolerate a pup's brashness and will put some force behind their corrections. We've had that happen over and over. Taffy is clearly not going to put up with puppy nonsense, which usually involves face-play, mouth-licking, tail-tugging and general mischief. If she taught your pup by her first hard correction that a curled lip and bared teeth mean "stay back!" then you have a smart pup. He needs to learn to speak Dog. Having said that, it is your job to protect him from getting seriously hurt, so you must supervise their interactions REALLY closely - observe the pup's reactions to Taffy. If he starts to pester her and doesn't back off when she warns him, take him out of the action. I predict that this will be a non-issue in a few weeks, but you need to be very vigilant early on. Besides, you want to establish your relationship with the pup apart from Taffy so 'alone time' with just you and him will be beneficial. Of course, don't forget to give Taffy plenty of your love and attention too - she won't want to feel displaced. Some dogs just don't like puppies period. I've had a few like that, and I just kept them separated until the pup got older and stopped with the silliness that the adults couldn't stand. Many of us name our dogs 'people' names - our current pack is Jill, Roy, Clio, Nan and Davy. Our rescue terrier x is Wally. I'm sure you'll choose the perfect name for your cutie! Good luck, and enjoy the wealth of knowledge offered here on these Boards! Amy