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  1. I'm sorry you've got such a challenging pup. I'm glad you're choosing to look for help and advice and are willing to try things to help him. #1 I am concerned about the poo. Did the vet do a faecal test to see if he has an infection, or did he just prescribe antibiotics as a matter of course? You may want to have him DNA tested for IGS, an inherited disease that causes Vitamin B12 deficiency and can manifest as digestive problems early on. It's easy to treat if you know it's there, but untreated it eventually kills the dog. Although uncommon, the mutation IS present in working border collies. I think your pup needs more structure. I don't think he should be allowed free in the house until he's earned it. Crate him unless you're taking him out to walk, toilet or play. You could also set up a secure x-pen if you want him to have a little more room. Take away the hundreds of toys and just give him one or two. Practice NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free) - google it. Make him work for every thing he gets, his meals included. Be completely consistent and fair. He is now at the adolescent stage where he's testing his boundaries, and it sounds like he's used to very few boundaries. You will tire him out much more quickly by exercising his brain. If his attention span is short, help him learn to focus and keep your sessions short. Pop him happily back in the crate or pen after 3 minutes or whatever you can get. Even in a garden, if you can't reliably recall him, have him drag a long line so you can reel him in. Good luck and please keep us posted. Amy
  2. Kristi was truly one-of-a-kind and I'm so glad I got to meet her on a few occasions. We would all do well to honor her memory by emulating her ability to find joy in the most mundane things, to spread humor and goodwill, and to love unabashedly. RIP, Kristi. Amy
  3. Keep us posted on your progress - there are so many folk on this forum who can offer sound, reliable advice (as you've already seen above). Good luck!
  4. He's searchable on Facebook, listed as Fernando Loiola, Self-Employed. You'll find him :-) Amy
  5. What a doll! Thanks for sharing! Amy
  6. Have you tried http://herduneededahome.com/, border collie and mixed breed rescue in Bend, Oregon? They do great work. Good luck, and so sorry for your prior tragic loss, Amy
  7. Yes, the dog sale would have been for working Kelpies. They mention the top selling bitch went because of her long cast (outrun) and temperament whilst working in the yards, which is what Australians call paddocks or pastures or corrals. The Muster sounds like a marvelous event! Amy
  8. amc


    I will miss you. I agree with the direction the forums have taken and I do think it's (no) thanks to pages that have sprung up on Facebook. Maybe we could lure some of the FB posters back over here....? Amy
  9. Flora, where in the Netherlands are you? The Dutch Open International sheepdog championship will be in Geijsteren in early July: http://dutchopensheepdogtrial.nl/ That would be a great opportunity to see some of the best dogs and handlers in Europe, and the atmosphere should be relaxed and inviting. You'd likely have a chance to meet and chat with handlers as well. Good luck! Amy
  10. Kelso looks wonderful!! Thanks for sharing this heartwarming photo, D'Elle! <3 Amy
  11. What an absolute doll! Thank you for saving him! Amy
  12. Great story and a happy ending!
  13. Please visit this remarkable website: https://fearfreehappyhomes.com/ There is a wealth of information there that directly addresses some of your issues. There are different levels of access - the basic level is free and the highest level is still quite reasonable. I think you and Max will find a lot of help there. Good luck! Amy
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