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  1. amc

    Goodbye Peg

    I'm so sorry, Mark. How wonderful that you two had such a good long life together. Amy
  2. amc

    Newbie human + newbie dog = fun??

    Where are you located, TonksMom?
  3. amc

    Newbie human + newbie dog = fun??

    This is a great topic that has been discussed on these forums several times in the past. You might try a search on "Training Styles" or similar. There was a recent thread about clinics as well. Having said that, yes, there are different philosophies or 'styles' of training the Border Collie. I feel the most successful in terms of dog and handler comfort incorporate the 'pressure-and-release-of-pressure methods now common in horse training. It takes time to learn how to correctly apply and release the pressure, and novices who are unaccustomed to sheep behavior often have a lot of trouble with this early on. Your experience in the horse world should serve you well, especially if you've done any work involving a third species, like cutting horse or ranch horse. There's an excellent Facebook page called "To Novice and Beyond" whose members include top international as well as North American sheepdog handlers and trainers who are most willing to share their wonderful insights and experiences on a variety of topics aimed at those new to working Border Collies but relevant for all of us in this little world. Good luck, and please feel free to continue sharing your journey here, Amy
  4. amc

    Lie down, lie down, lie down

    I'll introduce a bit of 'heresy' here, perhaps. I've had many dogs over the years, some quite intense (like the 2 yo I'm currently working with) who hate to lie down. I'm not a great fan of the 'on your belly' down either because I feel it takes away the dog's power. So, I train a standing stop. As with any learned command, you have to try to be 100% consistent with enforcement at the beginning, and I admit that it's way easier for a dog to cheat a standing stop than a belly lie down - but that's your problem, not the dog's. Just be consistent, and as soon as you get the four-foot stop, release the dog with either a flank or a walk up as the reward. Immediate release/reward will help the dog understand that stopping is a good thing, not a bad thing. You can also work on this off stock, as Nancy outlined above with the lie down, but just get the standing stop instead. I found that with my keen, hate-to-lie-down dogs, trying to get that hard down was a battle not worth fighting, and I and my dogs have been happier (and more successful) since I abandoned it long ago. Good luck, have fun, and enjoy the journey! Amy
  5. I'm curious about your choice of diet - you say 'fresh meat' but that alone won't provide complete nutrition. How about trying a good quality kibble and put out a ration for him and leave it? He won't starve himself. Good luck! Amy
  6. amc

    Kit is 17!

    Happy birthday, lovely Kit!! What a wonderful gift to you as well, D'Elle! Amy
  7. amc

    Underweight Dog

    Agree withe GentleLake - I think he looks great. He will likely fill out a bit as he matures. Gorgeous dog! Enjoy! Amy
  8. amc

    Donald McCaig

    Thank you for posting this, Eileen. It's a wonderful chronicle of a remarkably talented yet wholly approachable human. I'm so glad to have known him. Amy
  9. amc

    Donald McCaig

    Godspeed, Donald. You touched the hearts of so many with your wit and wisdom. I am so proud to have known you. Amy
  10. amc

    What breed is she?

    Have you thought about having your dog's hearing tested? It could explain a lot if she's deaf. Lots of red flags here. I wish you the best. By the way, this "Ask an Expert" forum is specifically for asking training questions to a designated expert - you'll get more replies by posting this in the General Border Collie forum. Amy
  11. Great story (good for Bonnie!) and a beautiful farm! More pictures welcomed any time! Amy
  12. Hi, and thanks for keeping us in your pup search loop! Lise Andersen, host of the Fall Tower trial in Colorado Springs, is a pretty busy veterinarian. She lists a phone # on the USBCHA website which you might want to try instead of email. You might also get in touch with Bob or Irene Stoller at [email protected] or 303-651-2039. They host events for the Mountain & Plains Border Collie Association at their ranch, and they may have access to specific info about the trial. It would be a shame to miss out on a trial so close to home! I think if you have any reservations at all about the 'litter of convenience' near you, you should pass. Although picking any pup carries a lot of uncertainties, you will increase your chances of getting what you want if you stick closer to your original criteria. That being said, I don't necessarily see a plethora of health testing as being a 'seal of approval' either, but it's good to have parents hip scored, CEA, perhaps IGS, and the EOAD test when it becomes available. Good luck! Amy
  13. How beautiful, happy and content he looks! Please keep posting! Amy
  14. amc

    Foster dog

    What a wonderful story - it sounds like Josh was meant to join your 'family'! Keep us posted! Amy
  15. amc

    Seimur at work

    The sheep have such beautiful and interesting faces, full of character. Good job, Semmi! Were you on horseback or afoot, Smalahundur? Amy