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  1. amc

    What breed is she?

    Have you thought about having your dog's hearing tested? It could explain a lot if she's deaf. Lots of red flags here. I wish you the best. By the way, this "Ask an Expert" forum is specifically for asking training questions to a designated expert - you'll get more replies by posting this in the General Border Collie forum. Amy
  2. Great story (good for Bonnie!) and a beautiful farm! More pictures welcomed any time! Amy
  3. Hi, and thanks for keeping us in your pup search loop! Lise Andersen, host of the Fall Tower trial in Colorado Springs, is a pretty busy veterinarian. She lists a phone # on the USBCHA website which you might want to try instead of email. You might also get in touch with Bob or Irene Stoller at [email protected] or 303-651-2039. They host events for the Mountain & Plains Border Collie Association at their ranch, and they may have access to specific info about the trial. It would be a shame to miss out on a trial so close to home! I think if you have any reservations at all about the 'litter of convenience' near you, you should pass. Although picking any pup carries a lot of uncertainties, you will increase your chances of getting what you want if you stick closer to your original criteria. That being said, I don't necessarily see a plethora of health testing as being a 'seal of approval' either, but it's good to have parents hip scored, CEA, perhaps IGS, and the EOAD test when it becomes available. Good luck! Amy
  4. How beautiful, happy and content he looks! Please keep posting! Amy
  5. amc

    Foster dog

    What a wonderful story - it sounds like Josh was meant to join your 'family'! Keep us posted! Amy
  6. amc

    Seimur at work

    The sheep have such beautiful and interesting faces, full of character. Good job, Semmi! Were you on horseback or afoot, Smalahundur? Amy
  7. amc

    ISO ABCA pup

    HI Cathy, You're in a working border collie-rich area! There's a USBCHA-sanctioned trial in Colorado Springs on Oct 27-29. Lise Andersen is the host, contact her at [email protected] Lots of good handlers from the region and beyond should be there. You might also check out the Moutain & Plains Border Collie Association at http://www.runagroundranch.com/about-runaground-ranch/membership-processing-procedures-2/. Getting out there and meeting trialing folks, even though you have no plans to trial, is the very best way to find out about working-bred litters, plus you usually get to see the parents as well. Good luck, and keep us posted.
  8. amc

    Last attempt at the shepherd's whistle.

    What gorgeous sheep!! I'll be interested to hear how your dog translates commands between finger and BB, Smalahundur; years ago I had a bitch I trained on a stainless steel whistle. When I changed to one made of buffalo horn (which sounded identical to me), it took her about a month to get solid with my commands at distance. She was one of those for whom everything had to be 'exact' and she sure could tell the difference in sound quality! Amy
  9. amc

    Report on the EAOD Research Project

    It is so gratifying to see the years of hard work from so many dedicated people come to fruition. We did find an affected case at this year's BAER clinic at the Finals, and it truly is sad, as Maja relates. It's my hope that the ongoing research will involve BAER testing to help clarify the penetrance, and to examine our dogs for other unrelated issues, such as unilateral congenital deafness. Thanks to ABCA, the HEF, and all who have brought dogs for testing and submitted DNA samples over the years. Amy
  10. Great questions, Smalahunder. Davy doesn't have much eye, so he doesn't really feel balance very well. He is very resistant to learning to drive. You are correct that he could probably do regular, routine farm work because he's nice to the sheep but he doesn't really have a lot of gumption - so I wouldn't think he'd have the initiative to range out very far to look for and bring in livestock. He just turned two so I'd expect him to improve with continued work but I just don't see the Open trial work in his future. My unfortunate issue is that we only keep between 30 and 50 sheep on small acreage, so I don't have regular chore work for such a dog. If I had access to some calves I might try him on those, just to see if he might be better suited, but alas, I don't. It's a shame because he's a nice dog to have around. Thanks for asking, Amy
  11. There is so much to love about this story. Thank you for rescuing Roan, and I predict you both will be very, very blessed. Keep the pupdates coming! Amy
  12. Hi, Fellow Boardsters, I've got a wonderful 2 year old male who isn't going to cut the mustard as a trial dog - his skill set just isn't complete enough to be a competitive dog. I've had him since 8 weeks, both his parents are successful working dogs, and he's a very sweet boy. He's good with other dogs, loves to hike, good in the vehicle, housetrained, crate trained and has a good recall. He could use some leash work (not a big part of my personal program with dogs) and he'll need to be neutered either by my vet or yours. He's been around children a bit, but not often so I can't really speak to that; he's lively and athletic but he's got a pretty calm mind for a 2 year old Border Collie. He's about 40 pounds, healthy and sound, smooth coat, tricolored. I'll try to find a decent photo of him. Of course, I'd want a home for him where he's a huge part of the family's life. PM me for more information. Amy
  13. amc

    One Honest Politician

    https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dog-mayor-rabbit-hash-lucy-lou-dies_us_5b981bebe4b0162f4731a5ac?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=__TheMorningEmail__091218&utm_content=__TheMorningEmail__091218+CID_1f99b70c9e448dd5a008bcb943bdb0a9&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=mayor of a small Kentucky community&ncid=newsltushpmgnews__TheMorningEmail__091218 Amy
  14. amc

    Auditing a Clinic

    Auditors at clinics are sort of a 'peanut gallery'. The stars are the ones who have put their dogs in the clinic. I don't think anyone would be offended if you had to leave early. You can learn a TON auditing, and another benefit is you don't have the pressure of working your dog in front of a bunch of people ;-) You can focus on a variety of issues that present and see how the clinician addresses them. Take lots of notes, you'll benefit from looking over them later. I would expect the clinic to have at least 8 hours of working time. Enjoy! Amy
  15. amc

    Meet my new little guy

    We feed a quality all life stages food to pups and adults alike. Puppy chow is often too protein-rich and can cause unwanted rapid growth. What a cute pup! Keep the pictures coming! Amy