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  1. One specific behavior I have in mind is not coming when called if he knows it's for something he doesn't like (mostly getting tied while I do livestock chores or being put in his kennel). He is usually great in his recall except for when he knows (or thinks he knows) that I'm going to confine him. I've tried to get him to come to his kennel & then let him out immediately and reward him with play to show him it isn't an automatic lights out. It hasn't helped. My other dog, by contrast, will come no matter what just because it's what I've asked. There are probably more specific examples but there is also just the general attitude. I don't know how to describe well what I mean other than to say my other BC always has me in mind. Even when he is exploring or whatever he has an eye or ear on me just in case. He will also take any opportunity to get close to me. The young dog, not so much. Also yesterday he saw his first deer & would not obey a down or a recall. I haven't started him on stock at all yet so maybe that will sort itself out after I've taken him for training
  2. I was wondering if there is an age when a border collie becomes really biddable. I have an 8 year old dog I bought when he was nearly two years old. He is and always has been, for as long as I've had him, a very biddable, sensitive affectionate dog. I also have a nearly 9 month old pup. He obviously has his own personality etc. but I was wondering if it is anybody's experience that the biddableness comes with more time than 9 months. I know it wouldn't be fair to judge an entire breed by one individual dog but I was under the impression that all the great things I love about my older dog are very typical border collie traits. To be honest, I am kind of disappointed with my younger pup. I wonder if he is just a hard dog or perhaps I just didn't do as good a job raising him as my older dog's original owner did raising him. Or, hopefully and my main question, does the biddableness/sensitivity come with more time? I appreciate any input. Thanks
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