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  1. And yes, she did roll after I put the camera away and before I could get her. Even my Chihuahua likes to roll in the dirt. Just dogs being dogs, no need for concern.
  2. Aw thanks for all the compliments on her
  3. You can also smear some peanut butter on a plate, or honestly I'll just smear it right on the floor in the laundry room... He'll be busy licking it and you can have both hands to brush
  4. I got my pup in March and came here pretty concerned about some stuff. I got lots of excellent level headed advice that is part of why is decided to keep this wonderful dog. She still has some days where I give her a little to much trust or she decides to be a little naughty but I couldn't be happier with her over all! Thank you so much. Also we got her DNA tested, Here's a link if you're curious. EMBK.ME/ADVENTUREDOGWINTER And of course some photos
  5. Might be, might not be. I thought mine was all bc, turns out she is half border collie, 1/4 malamute and the other quarter is ACD and aussie. Here she is at about that age and now at almost a year
  6. Just saw this but my BC was bitten in the on the top of the head, only a one fang bite, did the full ER very treatment including antivenin. It was a western diamond back rattlesnake. She lost a lot of stamina and confidence following the bite and stopped wanting to do our casual herding lessons (she was at the dog park when bitten.) Three years after the bit she developed an enormous mass on her liver and then had something go very wrong with her kidneys we couldn't get diagnosed before she passed away. UC Davis vet was interested in the snake bite history, but, unfortunately we have no idea if anything was actually related to the bite. The stamina/confidence decrease I blame 100% on the snake bite.
  7. Awesome! Thank you, I'm feeling much better about it and you've all saved me buying (and lugging around!) A travel crate.
  8. She's so pretty!! For the car the drooling might be motion sickness not nervousness... For the crate I think you'll need to desensitize/counter condition it, have you ever clicker trained a dog or used a marker word? If I were you I would close the crate door and stand at a distance from the crate where the dog is very comfortable but can see the crate. Then mark/feed anytime the dog looks over to the crate, she will probably move closer on her own, continue to move closer and closer until the dog is fine all around the crate. Then open the door and start over from that safe distance this should go pretty fast. Then, without the dog in the crate make it 'noisy' open and close the door, tap the sides etc until the crate noises predict food. You may need a friend or helper to make the sounds while you guys stand farther away at first. The important thing with this is that the dog tells you when she's ready to move forward and you never push her toward the crate, even passively, by making her move toward the crate to get a food lure. It will be a much more positive association if she is offering the behavior at her pace. This could take a week or it could take a few months. I can probably do a video with my little dog if you want but I am to lazy to try and move my BCs giant crate haha. Let me know if any of that doesn't make sense, I'm happy to clarify. :-) Also her eating while scared near the crate isn't helping much. Find the point near the crate where she isn't scared and feed her there. And close the door. It doesn't sound like there's any great rush to get her crated so let her set the pace.
  9. She's not resistant to the crate at all. Happily goes in any time and settles down right away at night, well after she arranges her bedding a little, Haha. thank you so much!
  10. Pretend to talk on the phone or call a friend who doesn't mind talking when you work with the dog and drop food in the dogs bed while you're talking, initially at a quick pace and then slowing down to build duration. I really love a treat and train (aka manners minder) for this and it worked wonders for so many behavior troubles with my dog. It taught her how to settle and has been an absolute life saver. I thought I was on your other post when I wrote this, sorry about that, but still I think a treat and train could be really helpful for you
  11. Hello! We've planned our first camping trip since adopting our BC. She's 10 months old now. At home she is crated every single night primarily because I think she'd bug the cats all night if left out and I don't quite trust her not to be destructive... The nights spent away from home she's also been crated. Am I going to undo her crate training if she's allowed to sleep out of the crate with us while camping? Do you think she'll be resistant to her crate when we return home? It's a short trip, just two nights. Thanks!
  12. What a terrible experience! I am so sorry! As far as what you did right/wrong don't beat yourself up, the other dog owner was the only one who did wrong. I have heard that you can carry the type of umbrella that opens quickly with a push of a button and it will scare dogs. Continue to brandish it threateningly and tell the dogs "NO." Before taking the umbrella on a walk you'd of course want to teach your pup slowly and carefully that an umbrella opening is Not scary and infact a Very Fun Thing! You could also consider carrying airhorns, canned air, a stout walking stick, a spray bottle with vinegar or lemon juice (I've heard this works for cyclists) or pepper spray if legal in your area. I carry food reward on my walks and I've thrown a handful of treats in the face of a dog approaching us barking, hackles up, it worked but the owner did give me a bad time for feeding his dog. I told him to be glad that's all I did. He claimed the dog was friendly, it certainly wasn't the most vicious if it stopped for some snacks but I wasn't gonna risk it.
  13. Probably a genius plan to try to keep these perfect pups out if the wrong hands ;-) I never tell anyone how lovely my BCs really are haha
  14. Hello! Just a quick update! Turns out that likely all of this was her insecurity with me I think. As she's bonded with me and gained familiarity with our routine her anxieties have vanished one by one and she's blossoming into a very sweet confident dog! She's met lots of dogs and people and absolutely is loving almost everyone. The ones she doesn't love she has the good sense to avoid, quietly! We'll continue to actively socialize of course but I am just so happy and thankful! The photos are her and her best friend Baxter, a fellla we happened to meet at the park one day and now make time to meet up with regularly. however, every photo of puppy rough housing I have looks like a vicious dog fight is happening or about to start. They really are great together I promise haha She's been the start student of her class and we graduate next week. She still barks once in a while at dogs and people but the huge majority of the time she's frustrated not mad or scared. Thank you all so much for the advice! It certainly came about with a lot of hard work and TONS of treats!
  15. For the wrappers and other items in his mouth I LOVE this method of teaching drop. It works extremely well although you do need to put in the initial work.
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