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  1. Her ears change about a million times a day. Yesterday she had a mono ear at one point and I seriously regret not taking any pictures. She is so sweet.
  2. I know! I love her naughty spots Some of them are black, but most of them are starting to turn tan, and I think it's adorable. Right now, she's enjoying the heated floors:
  3. I don't think that a collar would do him any harm. You need to keep your eyes out for things he might want to pull towards (food dropped on the floor, for example). If you see something like that up ahead, start giving him treats and continue to feed him treats as you walk past it. It will be much better for you to distract his attention instead of pulling him away from something - and it will be easier for you to distract his attention from something if you notice it first. Also, instead of pulling him away from a piece of food on the ground - say 'leave it' and pick the food up. Take it away from him. You could use a poo back to do so. I've always done this if one of my dogs REALLY wanted to eat an old sandwich, I would pick it up, throw it away and then tell the dog to sit or do a little trick, and give them a treat. That distracts their attention and gives me a reason to prasie them for being a good dog. If you really need to pull him away, I don't think it would do him any harm, though.
  4. My first border collie hated being touched around the neck, and hated having his head touched. Putting on his collie was a nightmare. He was fear agressive and was afraid of many things. One day, he randomly decided he was afraid of men. That fear went away after a few weeks. Then he started to be scared of a particular wall in the house, for no apparent reason. I started feeding him near that wall, and he was fine after a month. He had his problems, but we worked on them. Some of them got better. Some didn't. I tried to fix him, but I managed to live with what I couldn't fix. It wasn't always easy, but it was manageable. I never thought of him as a problem dog. I thought of him as my dog. He was smart, caring, funny and amazing, and he is the reason I now have my second border collie, who is a puppy and is fearless and EASY. But she has her faults. All my dogs have had imperfections, but that's what made them so perfect. Also, the harness. None of my dogs have liked harnesses. Have you tried using a collar?
  5. Earlier today I was walking my pup and came across a woman who also had BC's. One of them was a 12 week old puppy, who was a red tri with a very curly coat. She told me that his coat was curly since birth, and that both parents had (straight) smooth coats. He was a rough curly coat. Apparently he had one smooth curly littermate, and one rough coated littermate Now, I know that two smooth coats can produce rough coated puppies, but what about curly coats? Is it a recessive trait? Can two straight haired dogs have curly coated pups? I always thought that curly border collies become curly as adults, but this puppy had a really curly coat (like the curly coated dog from the Border Collie Museum coat type page - I think her name was Pheobe?) and he was only 12 weeks old.
  6. She's starting to prick that ear up more and more, but her preffered ear set right now is this: I swear her ears have grown. Also, her tan markings seem to be disappearing? At least on her face... She's getting more tan hairs on her legs, though you can't see it in pictures.
  7. Pixie Puppy turned 14 weeks old yesterday. She's growing, but I can't imagine her being all grown up. I know she still has plenty of puppy time left, but I was thinking about the other day and it feels like she will never grow up. Anyway, here are some photos:
  8. Some friends came over today with their cockapoo. He's only two days older than Pixie, and they had so much fun playing together. Pixie was wary at first but warmed up to him eventually, and then they just played. Now she's completely wiped out.
  9. That puppy's face kind if looks like Pixie's... Hopefully she'll never become a destructive force of nature She's a very quick learner and really fun to train. She loves doing tricks and always seems sad when the training sessions are over. Now, do puppies usually do this? She can actually jump really high, and it honestly scares me. The other day I was with her in the garden, I turned around for a few seconds and when I turned back around I saw her balanced on the fence. Now, that fence is as tall as I am, and there's nothing there that she could have used to climb up, so I have no idea how she did that. Now I'm always watching her like a hawk when she's outside to make sure she doesn't do that sort of thing again. At first we didn't want her going upstairs, because of all the things up there that she could chew. We put up a baby gate. Well, she figured out how to open it within a few days, but now she doesn't do that anymore and just leaps over. She seems to be really well behaved upstairs, so I just decided to let her go up there since I don't want her to hurt herself by jumping. I did get her checked over by a vet, just to be sure. The vet said that her bones and joints are fine and that she is just 'naturally a good jumper', but she did say to make sure she doesn't jump anymore, just to be safe. We will certainly be doing that!
  10. I stand at the dog's side when I'm training a back feet trick. That way I can actually see what the back feet are doing and can capture it correctly. I just taught my puppy how to put her back paws on a book by teaching her to take a step backwards when I'm standing at her side and then just putting the book behind her so she steps backwards onto it. Once she gets better at it I'm going to start getting her to do it when I'm standing in front of her.
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