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  1. tamapup

    Raising a calm city pup

    Just an update - I know it's soon, but he's made so much progress just the past few days and I'm feeling like a proud mum. We go to the local store for 10 minutes a day now, just to train for walking on a leash. We get there, I carry him to the back, and set him down. He's so smart and has learned on SO quickly what he has to do there: look at me and sit quietly (and eat treats ). In just three days, his distraction has gone way, way down. He follows me on the leash and I click and treat every couple of steps. No pulling from him, and if he runs ahead we stop, I tell him to sit and come back to me, which he does without any issues. Then we change direction and I have him walk alongside me, looking up at me every few steps. I didn't think he would be that focused and behaved after just a few days of these shortened, more specific training sessions in a new place. I could not be happier with his progress, it's incredible to watch him learn so much.
  2. tamapup

    Raising a calm city pup

    This is great advice and very useful - thank you. I do think he may be getting over-stimulated so I'll try shortening our outings. I know he's still very tiny and I have to be very patient with him and build him up very slowly. He really does do wonderfully at home on the leash, but I think my next task will be finding some intermediate environments to work in, rather than going from 0 to 100. Like you said, baby steps.
  3. Tama is 13 weeks old now, and overall he's doing very well. Our main issue is getting his excitement under control whenever he is outside or meeting new people. I realize that it's perfectly normal for a small pup to be overwhelmed and overstimulated by the world - I just want to make sure I'm going about training him the right way to make him as well-adjusted as possible as an adult. We live in a big city, so this is especially important. What I'm doing for now is this: taking him to bookstores and hardware stores (and other places that allow dogs), and then leading him to a quiet spot away from people. Usually, whenever he sees a person, he gets extremely excited and jumps up at them, wagging his tail and kissing them. I'm happy that he's not shy of people, but obviously want him to be polite. For now, I take him to quiet spot in the store and work on getting him to focus on me. I give him treats whenever he looks at me/responds to his name, or listens to a command, or just sits quietly for a few seconds. When a person gets close, I sit down next to him, say his name, and reward him if he pays attention to me. Getting him to walk politely on a leash seems futile at the moment - he's just way, way too excited and doesn't fully understand the concept of a leash for now, although he does very well with it at home. I am thinking that this will come with time, but for now I just try to reward him whenever he moves with me. Secondly, I sit with him at a bus stop by the busiest road for about 10 minutes a day. He gets startled by the loud trucks that go by and whines - but doesn't panic - and just pet him and reassure him. Does anyone have ideas for what else can I do now, with a 13-week-old pup, to prevent him from being a fearful, reactive, or overexcited adult? I'm considering playing "city sounds" for him at home, but don't know how useful this would actually be. Again, I know this stuff takes lots of time - I just want to make sure I"m doing everything possible, especially while he's still this little.
  4. Thanks! That makes me feel better. He definitely isn't a fan of his crate - if it were up to him, he'd be out playing 24/7 I think. But he does seem to settle down in it reasonably well, so I guess that means he's doing okay. I definitely try to keep my emotions in check and if I feel like I'm getting too frustrated and overwhelmed then I'll leave him in the crate and get some time alone for a bit. Serves the same purpose for the both of us I guess! @herdcentral - this was what I did initially (redirecting him with toys when he misbehaved), but the little guy quickly used this as an opportunity to start training me Whenever he felt I wasn't giving him sufficient attention he would start to do the specific behaviors that would get redirected, i.e. get my attention on him. Haha. They're too smart for their own good sometimes.
  5. I've been wondering about this. My understanding is that the crate should never be used a punishment, but can also be used as a very valuable tool to give "time outs" and a space to chill out when things get out of hand. When Tama gets nippy with me, I calmly tell him "no bite" and then plop him in the crate for a few minutes without any scolding or comments of any kind. He cries for a minute, then calms down, I let him out, and playtime resumes. Does this constitute as using the crate as a punishment and will he hate his crate because of this? Or is this just a way of telling him firmly that playtime ends when he is being naughty? I'm having a hard time distinguishing between the two. Thanks in advance.
  6. tamapup

    Small rant; sick pup :(

    Thank you for the tips! Thankfully he has gotten much better in the past day, whereas I've gotten much worse now a new challenge - keeping up with him when all I want to do is be in bed all day
  7. Hi everyone, This post is somewhat of a small rant - I hope that's okay. I'm really just looking for some words of encouragement. Tama and I both got sick at the same exact time, and I'm the only one taking care of him right now. He's almost 12 weeks now, and started having diarrhea on Sunday night. Yesterday night I was up with him every hour of the night taking him to the bathroom, while getting super sick myself. Today is a repeat of that, except I am more sick. Needless to say I am hardly getting any sleep and am getting so desperate for some time to rest and get well. We've been to the vet and thankfully she isn't worried. He's been on a bland food diet since yesterday and got some medication to help with the diarrhea today, but it isn't kicking in yet. Otherwise he's a happy boy, drinking water and huge appetite and super energetic. I, on the other hand, am beyond miserable... it's just the worst having to take care of a sick little thing all by yourself when you are so sick yourself
  8. tamapup

    My sweet Kit

    I am so sorry for your loss. “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.”
  9. It looks like I have nothing to worry about...I took him to a puppy playtime session and he had a great time, was calm and confident with the other dogs
  10. An update! I found puppy playgroups and will be taking Tama to his first one tomorrow. Excited to see how he does!
  11. Thank you! I don't have a garden unfortunately. I decided to carry him around the neighborhood today and walked into a bookstore, where he walked around and played with the employees. I have a feeling this may become a daily occurrence for us We are also working on lots of training which he is good about, and I love the idea of feeding him his meals through stuffed Kongs. I'm a little worried about his socialization with other dogs. Today I met someone who was walking their small dog, extremely sweet and laid back. I asked if the dog had all of his vaccines up to date, and then knelt down and allowed Tama to sniff and say hello. He was very still in my arms, not rigid but not excited either, and then he began barking and growling. I noticed him do this once when he saw a dog walk by as well. Is this something I should be concerned about? I'm not sure what the fix is here. I've tried looking for puppy kindergarten classes but had no luck - will try to search some more.
  12. Thank you all so much for your responses! Yes, I was shocked when I learned that I had to keep him indoors until 16 weeks of age. This was, and still is, one of biggest concerns - how on earth do I get my puppy to become well socialized if we're indoors all day long? I voiced this concern with the vet and she said that it was for his safety. I asked her if I could carry him outdoors in my arms and she said that I could do that, so long as his paws don't touch the ground. I do that almost every day, weather permitting, but he is getting heavy and I can't carry him for more than a few streets at a time (we live in a big city)there anything else that I can do to make this easier? I have people coming and meeting him almost every day, but he doesn't get much socialization with other dogs because I don't know where to find them. @KevTheDog Those are some awesome tips, thank you! Good to hear that it does get better I'll definitely start using a phrase for when I start working to give him "alone time" - he is somewhat okay at that now but we will keep working on it.
  13. Hello everyone! I am new the forums and am joining as I just got my new border collie pup a few weeks ago His name is Tama and he is a wonderful 10 (almost 11) week old little boy. I am in love with him and I think things are going just about as smoothly as they can be, but those puppy blues hit hard sometimes. He is not allowed to go outside until he is 16 weeks old - until he gets all of his vaccines - and so for now we are cooped up at home. Luckily I have the month off to stay with him and devote most of time to him. I am doing my best to keep him busy and stimulated - he is rarely crated for more than two hours at a time and never for longer than 3, he gets multiple short training sessions a day and is learning loads, and we play fetch and tug-of-war all day when he isn't crated. He sleeps well, eats well, plays well, and is generally good about being in his crate. Starting from when we wake up, we will play for a few hours, then he is crated for a few hours, and this repeats until bedtime. He is far from being overly hyper but I am starting to wear thin. He takes a solid 6-7 hour chunk out of my day where I just watch him and play with him, with all of my attention focused entirely on him. If I don't watch him he begins to chew wires, chew furniture, and otherwise get himself into trouble. Just puppy things, I know - but man, when does it get easier? When will my day stop consisting of staring at him and making sure he is ok? I so look forward to the days where he gets a few hours of active exercise a day, and the rest of the day he can reliably chill out next to me while I work. But right now those days seem impossibly far away. Do they ever even come? He won't always require 100% of my attention all the time, right? I'm sure that a large part of the challenge is that he is not allowed outside for walks, and I expect it will get tremendously easier when he is. The other thing is that right now I am taking care of him completely on my own. For this month that I have off, my roommate and boyfriend are away. I am so looking forward to when they are back. It's wonderful to bond with him and get to have him for myself during his early weeks, but extremely overwhelming as he takes up so much of my time. I am trying to soak in these puppy days but I feel like I can't wait for him to get older. When does it get easier? Here's a picture of my little boy