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  1. Hi my BC is the same. I got so worried by his leanness and asked my vet was there anything i was doing wrong. He only now weights 19kg, very picky with his foods and is very active. I cant feed him wet food or we have bowel issues so we feed him dry food. My vet said she wasn't worried due to him having good rib coverage and good muscle mass in general hes very fit. she recommended i put him on a worker diet to try and keep what weight he does have on him x
  2. Hi all I am from the UK and new to the forum, I am absolutely Collie mad lol... I would like to introduce my boy Bobby Hes 8 years old and a absolutely adorable and a gentle boy. Looking forward to chatting to you all and reading your posts and pics. Thanks to admin for admitting me. Pam x
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