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  1. Mhairi eats pretty regular during the week s she goes to puppy day care daily where she burns off energy. Weekends not as much intake or activity. She didn't eat for about 20 hours from Saturday to Sunday. Threw up yellow bile yesterday afternoon so it was off to the emergency vet. Blood work, X-ray and iv as I'm being told she's dehydrated. I may not have food down all day but there's always water available. Always. I'm from Arizona so there's always clean water available. Seems to me drinking would be instinctive. Anyone else have a problem getting their 2 year old to drink enough?
  2. Interesting. I'll keep those in mind. Thank you.
  3. Thank you GL and Urge. I had an Aussie Shepherd then a Queensland Heeler mix that were wonderful pals. And were successfully trained. Takes time. And trust. And patience. I'm wondering who's training who here. Due to their need for physical and mental requirements are Borders good travelers? When we do go somewhere 3-4 hour drives she's fine in the cab but explodes with energy when we get home. No idea what to expect on a 3500 mile 9 day round trip with limited closed fenced areas for her to burn off. Not a problem for the other two girls. Suggestions?
  4. During the summer and fall I'd take her alternate days. Other owners would schedule their days around that so their dogs would get exercise and sleep at night. Mhairi gets 2-30 minute time outs daily. I wish my schedule allowed for training. But Camp is the next best thing I suppose. I got her late so there was no formal training done as she was fostered.
  5. Thanks for adding me to the forum . First post. While waiting for approval, I've been watching several topics. This being one I was most concerned about. I have a 20 month old female. Had her since July. First BC but always had herding dogs. Initially had issues holding quality food down. It thought that was due to new environment. Also concerned lack of gaining weight. Initially diagnosed as IBD and EPI. Blood work at Texas A&M eliminated EPI. She's now on a prescription diet. She goes to Doggie Day Camp 5 days a week where she runs 8+ hours daily. Eats 2.5 cups in morning .5 snack and 2 cups at night. Weight stable at 35.5 lbs. According to your posts, although she appears skinny (especially the hips) she's right in the middle of the weight spread for her age. Thank you. I'm grateful for the information shared here. Not sure how much I can contribute to this group but I'll at least try not to take more than I give.
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