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  1. Icaraa

    Look Ma, No Crate.

    Get the dog comfortable in the crate, but don’t feel you have to put her in there and close the door. Our Ben was crate trained when he was tiny. He used to sleep in there with the door closed and even spent a few hours a day in there with the door closed. However, eventually when he was about 4 months old we stopped closing the door on his crate. Now he goes in there at night voluntarily and sleeps in there with the door open. Sometimes in the daytime he goes in there for a sleep too. I’m comfortable with how things are now. I know that if I do need to close the crate door he will be ok with it.
  2. Wow he looks almost identical to our Ben, who is 9 months old. This last couple of days he’s also started to settle down of his own accord in the living room. I was painting upstairs and he was happy enough to just lie down there on his own. In the past if he knew I was in the house he’s have to be with me.
  3. Wow, he’s beautiful! Our Ben had a mono ear at that age, or triangle ears as we called it! He’s 8 months old now and I still couldn’t really say how his ears are! Half the time they are flopped (airplane), the other half one is pricked up and one is airplane. But it’s not always the same ear that is pricked up, that varies too! If he’s concentrating they’re always pricked up, and if he’s tired they’re always airplane.
  4. Icaraa

    Puppy Consistently Misbehaving

    Our Ben chewed on our kitchen wall for absolutely no reason on Saturday morning! Hes 8 months old. He hadn’t damaged a wall for months prior to that. We were upstairs in bed, had not long woken up. He’d only been awake for half an hour or so himself, so I don’t even believe it was boredom! He hadn’t barked, didn’t need the toilet or anything. This is a puppy who is perfectly well behaved on his own when we are at work, I do go home for lunch. I just put it down to him still being a puppy, and doing random things
  5. About 4 months was when we started leaving the door of Ben’s crate open at all times. Prior to that the door would be closed whenever he was on his own. At night he chooses to sleep in there, comes out every few hours to stretch his legs. In the daytime he likes to sit and sleep on his blanket on the kitchen floor, looking out of the window. Occasionally he goes to his crate to sleep in the daytime. I don’t know how much more he will grow now-he’s 9 months old. He mostly likes to sleep curled up at the bottom of the crate. It was sold on Amazon as a large, and is 95-100cm in length (rough measurement using my iPhone). He can stand up in it at the moment, though his back is touching it now. I would be more concerned about the height of it if he gets locked in it, but he doesn’t.
  6. Icaraa

    Should I keep him?

    I know in my part of the UK (who knows, it may be the whole country now), people tend to make you feel very guilty for leaving your dog at home during the day. I’m convinced this is all being driven by the dog walkers themselves. Its actually having the opposite effect in some ways and lots of dogs are not able to be re-homed as even the re-homing centres are refusing to let dogs go to homes where they will be left alone in the day. It’s a ridiculous situation. So don’t get caught up in all of that if it goes on in your country too. Every dog is different, we both work full time but I’m lucky enough that mostly I can have my lunch break at home. If not I ask my dad to pop round. We fitted a camera in the kitchen where Ben is during the day. He mostly just sleeps and plays with his balls/Kong. He looks out the window too. Mostly seems fine. At all other times (apart from at night) he is with us. He sits and watches TV with us and we play with him, goes out with us when we do errands, all sorts. He gets two walks a day, before work and after He’s a great puppy and seems really happy, and is incredibly loving towards us both.
  7. Ah yes, my puppy does the spinning and somersaulting when we cross a big road also! I have no idea why, or how he even knows it’s different from being on the pavement. He also still bites bites his own lead on walks when he sees another dog that he wants to go and say hi to. I can stop him doing it by standing still for a while and ignoring him. But I’d love for him just not to do it in the first place. He will happily walk on the pavement sensibly, and if another dog walks past us that too is fine, as he can sniff them and say hello. It’s when they’re on the other side of the road and he can’t get to them when it’s a problem. He knows “wait”, from when we are on walks and he goes too far ahead. So I’ve just extended that to crossing busy roads. I tell him to sit, and then say “wait” every so often. Once it’s clear I say “come on Ben” and we walk over.
  8. She’s beautiful. I’d say with some certainty she’s a Border Collie, don’t think she’s got anything else in her. Facially she’s so similar to our Ben, he does have all the whispy bits round his ears though and being a boy has more masculine features.
  9. Icaraa

    Healthy and Safe Chews

    I agree. It all seems to come out quite soft anyway with him licking at it and squeezing it. It just means he gets a bit more time out of the Kong. If if I don’t freeze it I can stuff it full of stuff and it still can sometimes only take him 25 minutes to finish it. He’s a Kong pro!
  10. Icaraa

    Healthy and Safe Chews

    What do you put in the frozen Kong? I mostly go for veg that is said to be dog safe, some cheese, and peanut butter. I’m going to Pets at Home now so I’ll look for some of the other recommendations. Ben seems really bored of his dry food now. Each meal gets eaten, but over a few hours sometimes. Up until a month ago it was wolfed down in one sitting!
  11. Icaraa

    How big will he get?

    We were thinking of getting Ben neutered at 2. Is there any benefit to waiting a bit longer or is it best to get it done at 1?
  12. They look good. But that company doesn’t sell their products here unfortunately. He does have a crate, but the door isn’t shut ever. He sleeps in it at night then, and for short periods in the daytime. In the day he’s mostly looking out the window and playing with his toys. I have a camera so I can see what he does. I would say he doesn’t really ruin beds out of boredom as he even does it when he’s sat with us and getting loads of attention. He goes for corners, and seams. Just because he can really, and I imagine it’s enjoyable.
  13. Young Ben likes to destroy toys and beds. It’s a shame as he likes to cuddle the large teddies and sleep on them but eventually he’ll just wreck them. He’s had a few ones from the Disney Store. Big Eeyores, things like that. But they usually last a few weeks and then are gone. As for beds, well he likes to sit on the floor in the kitchen and look out the patio doors, it’s a tiled floor so it’s better if he has something a bit warmer to lie on. However if we go to the store and buy him a bed it only lasts a few days. I’d like recommendations on both things please. The main thing we need is a really hard wearing bed for Ben that he can’t get his teeth through. We are in the UK but we do have Amazon.co.uk so US posters feel free to recommend from Amazon as there’s a chance items could also be in their UK site also. Thanks in advance!
  14. Icaraa

    Puppy Biting

    Exactly what Ben does! When he’s trying not to do it he does the flea nibbling ( as you call it) instead.