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  1. I don’t see the apartment itself being a problem. I’ve had two BCs, one was the family dog growing up and the other is my dog. They don’t need to be outside loads, but when you are home they want to be with you. So in that respect an apartment might actually be a positive thing, at least it’s all on one floor! My puppy is 7 months old now and so far has been generally fantastic. We’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old. He doesn’t mind being alone for a few hours a day, as long as he’s set up with a bed to look out of the window. He will just doze and look out the window. We’ve got a camera that automatically goes on when we are not home, so we know he’s fine.
  2. Icaraa

    Puppy Biting

    I know your post is also for the benefit of others. I don’t want the little chap getting himself in trouble and it goes without saying we wouldn’t let this continue. That’s why I’m asking advice on here as a first step!
  3. Icaraa

    Puppy Biting

    Yes, mouthing it is then. I suppose I just didn’t know how to describe it. It’s definitely affectionate and playful yes. He he had lots of time out last night. Definitely calmed him down. He had his bed in the living room and if he did any of the mouthing he went in his crate in the kitchen with no aggression shown (on command “come on Ben none of that, get in your crate”). Also if he started putting his chew toy in our faces after I’d repeatedly put it back on his bed the same thing happened.
  4. Icaraa

    Puppy Biting

    I wouldn’t descibe what Ben is doing as nipping though. It never hurts. He just wants your hand in his mouth and just lightly squeezes it again and again. He’s never going to hurt anyone doing that, but still. Not good is it? Nipping I would think of is more using the front, sharp teeth?
  5. Our 7 month old has Wainwrights puppy kibble. We are in the UK, so this Pets at Home’s own brand. I looked at the ingredients and it’s the same as James Welbeloved. We we don’t measure in cups here, due to errr, preciseness but I suppose it would be 2 or so cups in the morning and same for dinner. It depends on the cup, and that’s the bit I don’t understand about this way of measuring that you do, but that’s off topic! Roughly 500g daily anyway. He’s slim but not skinny, has tonnes of energy and his coat is in great condition so we must be doing something right!
  6. Icaraa

    Puppy Biting

    Yes, it’s tricky. I don’t mind him being close to me with his toy, but I don’t really want it right in my face! He he tends to annoy my wife with this behaviour more than he does with me! We don’t really know why this is. He has a large bed that he brings into the living room from the kitchen. Ideally he’d sit on that and chew his toy.
  7. Our boy Ben gets on average 1.5 hours a day exercise. Everyone warned us when we got him and said “oh you know they need a LOT of exercise?”. Thing is though he never gets excited about the prospect of a walk. His morning walk is always on the lead and about half an hour. His evening walk tends to be about an hour, could be longer in the spring/summer. He goes off the lead whenever possible on his evening walk. He’s fantastic on his own, we know as we have a Nest camera in the kitchen that goes on when we aren’t at home automatically. He just plays with his toys and sleeps! In the evenings he sits with us. We’ve had Ben from 8 weeks old, he comes from a farm of working dogs. We met his mum and dad who both had a lovely nature, really gentle like he is. The rest of his litter were a little more lively than him, and we picked Ben as he was more chilled! So I don’t know if that means he is “well bred”, I don’t really know what that means if I’m honest! He certainly doesn’t come from a family of pets, but he’s turned out to be a great pet.
  8. Our 7 month old Ben is still doing some soft biting when he sits with us. If we are in the living room on the couch he will come up to us with his toy and chew it against us, which can be annoying. He wants us to throw it for him. Hiwever if he doesn’t have a toy he tends to chew on our hands. He’s not trying to hurt us, and never actually bites. I’d describe it as very soft. He’s never hurt us. We thought it would stop when he stopped teething, but all of his teeth have been through for a month or so now and he still does it. We’ve tried shouting “Ben NO” and pulling our hands away saying ouch, we certainly don’t sit there allowing it. But he tends to just come back for more, and if you really shout at him he shows his teeth a little. I don’t really want a ball shoved in my face when I’m just sitting there and I don’t want my hand chewed on. This is clearly undesirable behaviour, any advice on how to stop it?
  9. This is really interesting. Our 7 month old used to sleep with us in our bedroom when he was little as he just used to bark too much in the kitchen and it would have been too noisy for the neighbours. We’ve moved house since. A few weeks before we left the old house he started becoming incredibly unhappy in his crate in the bedroom. He just wouldn’t settle and would thrash about constantly, trying to get our attention and sometimes even barking. So I put him in the kitchen in his crate, he was good as gold down there! Didn’t make a sound. So eventually I left the crate door open. He still chooses to sleep in his crate, but his door is never closed. Don’t hear a sound from him. At weekends he happily sleeps in too!
  10. Icaraa

    Puppy Lead Biting

    Hi, thanks for all of your replies. In response to the last post, yes I feel that the dog trainer wanted Ben to fear me, and I don’t want that. I’ve stopped shouting at Ben, or doing any of the techniques she advised. He’s only been doing this behaviour for two or three weeks anyway. I will try lead training in the garden too When I stop and stand on the lead he doesnt bite it, presumably as he doesn’t see it as being attached to me in the same way. He just stands there. But often with that technique as soon as we start walking again the lead biting starts. One of the replies suggested going down to his level, holding him gently by the collar, not in an aggressive manner and having a quiet chat with him! Oddly, this worked the best. He seems to stop quickly and starts wagging his tail. We can then move on quickly with the walk. He he had an off the lead walk on the farm yesterday mostly in the dark, which we enjoyed. This morning he had a road walk on his lead. We had two incidences where he saw people he wanted to say hello to, but couldn’t as they were dressed smart for work. I did the ‘quiet chat’ trick with him and we moved on from it.
  11. Our Border Collie puppy is called Ben. He’s 7 months old and a gentle, very affectionate boy. He’s never shown any aggression to any people, or to other dogs and just wants to say hello to everyone he sees. We probably made the mistake of letting him off his lead too early, before he was ready. This seems to now be manifesting itself in poor behaviour when he’s on his lead. It’s autumn now here in the UK, so during the week it’s dark in the morning and going dark by about 4pm in the afternoon. So my options are more limited, and I’ve got to take him on walks using his lead on the local roads in the week. The problem over the last few weeks is as soon as he sees another person, or another dog he becomes excited, wants to stand there and watch them. He starts jumping up, biting his lead and biting my arm (doesn’t hurt, but then I’ve got a big coat on), even when they are out of sight this behaviour continues. But the trigger is him seeing them in the first place. We had a dog trainer for him, and she suggested I pull on his lead and tell him no, but all this does it makes him angry and he growls a bit and bites the lead and my arm more. The only time Ben seems to get the slightest bit angry is when we tell him off! So shouting at him and pulling his lead clearly doesn’t work. I’ve found that when he starts biting the lead if I stop the walk and stand on the lead eventually he stops and we can continue the walk. But he still does it a few times on every walk. Any advice to stop this behaviour?