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  1. I see as a first time dog owner this is definitely all a lot to take in. We also got a Collie to be active but I respect he has needs and will need to look at maybe seeing if we can get a diagnosis. He has always been huge amounts of work.. More so than I could possibly imagined and more so than all other pup owners. Sigh
  2. Hmmm does he self settle my boy has always struggled to self settle. Even now we crate him when he gets overworked or he gets grumpy and barks then is all over place.
  3. My guy is also super affectionate but hes also always on the go non stop and at the moment seems to be not coping well without physical exercise? How was your guy at 10 months. My boy loves fetch and long walks off lead and hasn't yet shown any wobbles but does self regulate during fetch.
  4. Oh my gosh. I have suspected our pup has border collie collapse disorder for a while now. He self regulates a lot on walks during fetch etc he will lay down quite regularly he also gets tired quite easily compared to other dogs and loses his shit.
  5. Our 10 month olds behaviour is going passed the point of being acceptable. He has always had a low frustration threshold and reacted very poorly when he doesn't get his own way. Hes always been a lead biter however we worked him through this but recently its come back worse than ever. He will attack the lead then attack and mouth at us. Also the same thing happens trying to get him back in from the garden. Hes being horrible today he has left all scratchs from his paws and teeth up my partners arm because he had a bratt out. He was neutered 4 days ago because we where advised to as he is cryptochid. I have put so much love and time into this dog and feel like I have no life.
  6. 8 month mark was the biggest regression I have noticed he had a massive freak out when he was over his frustration threshold Infront of lots of people biting his lead and my partner because he couldn't say hello to people. He managed to make her cry. He looks like an adult dog and is a fairly sizeable 20kg Collie so just looked out of control and dangerous. I guess we just have to keep going he is family.. However he is pushing his luck
  7. Thank you so much. Can you over stimulate a dog mentally? I really appreciate the time you took to post your girls schedule.
  8. Thank you Mark your posts have been very helpful and I appreciate your advice. I will be incorporating more mental stimulation immediately. Do you think the physical stimulation we give our 8 month old is too much?
  9. Hello thank you for your response yes we regularly practice place and we also do capturing calmness on the daily. He can do place for a good 20 minutes before he becomes inpatient but still refuses to be calm after he will jus get up and do what he does usually but more intense. We also try in the evenings giving him on chews with no toys and ignore him for periods to see if he will give in. He also knows lots of tricks and like many collies is eager to learn but becomes more brat like after. Lastly when he is beyond reasoning we put him in the crate for a nap normally at this point he is running in and out the crate and won't stay put until we tell him go to bed. Thanks for your response I am determined but also burnt out.
  10. But he's tired a lot of the time he just doesn't understand how to settle. This just feels like a bad idea and he would become an endurance monster from it.
  11. Hello, I have indeed posted to this forum before and have received excellent advice and been treated very respectfully I really do appreciate that but I return at a loss..My 8 month year old feels out of control in our home and my anxiety levels are through the roof. i will start off with his daily motions so you get an insight into his stimulation etc... Comes out crate at 8 am 30 minute walk in the morning on a long line. Training through out. Crated at 9 am until 11 am comes out crate until 12:30pm. Short training, play and encouraged to be calm. Back in crate until 4:30pm Comes out and has off lead fetch at field comes home runs around like demon and goes in for a nap around 7pm Comes out at 8pm - 10pm has a chew and kong, is encouraged to be calm. So thats his daily routine I dream of a day where he won't be crated so much but he refuses to ever settle he always needs something constantly, He constantly is jumping on the sofas and tv stand, Runs around barking at sounds, Bothers the cats, digs on the sofa and if he is in the garden he just barks at bird sounds and digs under the fences. I put him in his crate and he looks relieved but he won't sleep outside it, other times I put him to bed he gets frustrated and barks. We also very calmly where timing his bad behaviours out like climbing over everything but when we try lead him in he brats out and bites me and scratches me. My arms are all scared from scratches. I can't tether him to anything or he bites his lead and when I practice settle it becomes a long down and afterwards he put so much mental energy into being calm he starts barking at stuff and being an overtired brat. The bizarre thing is hes walks are going great, hes getting passed distractions better, his recall has really improved, he loves everyone and every dog and tends to be a very confident pup in a fear stage time but indoors he is driving me insane. I understand hes bored but he has plenty of attention and ignoring him ultimately leads to him doing something where I have to intervene like him knocking the tv over and nearly breaking plant vases. Hes becoming more frustrated being timed out leading to more aggression on his side (we are very gentle and do not interact during the timeout) He knows he can do the same thing he just did to get the treat when redirected. He won't settle ever period and is destructive when doing so. We can't leave him in a room alone or he will destroy everything. I love my boy I truly do but I am not sure what to, I know its our fault not his but I can't get a moment of life and I am extremely jealous all the other pups from his litter can sleep outside their crate and take down time. Even though he has a very low frustration tolerance he has a lovely nature and just loves EVERYTHING and everyone. Hes gentle with children and the cats, also loves affection. Please, I really don't know what to do at this point. I am running out of energy.
  12. Pick a 10 and half month old up? If I picked my 8 month old up there would be hell to pay.
  13. So my boy knows "bring it back" and will bring the ball back but won't drop it. He just kind of leans over it if he drops it and puts it back in his mouth. I have tried holding on and waiting it out and he just jumps up which results in him scratching my arms up. He won't drop it for high rewards because that is the highest reward for him. Any tips? My arms look a bit crack junkie like from the scratches ha. Hello you guys are amazing and for all the help I have always received I will be very grateful for.. However you have created a monster whenever I am struggling I will be here with a question haha.
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