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  1. @GentleLake- Yes, I always praise all 3 when they jump up into the car. Haven't passed out treats (mostly, to avoid the possibility of car sickness, which used to be a problem). Yes, he'll get in with just one of the others, incrementally. It's not like I'm pulling him, kicking and biting into the hatch. Just reluctance and stiffening. Hard on paint jobs ... we'll work it out. Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. LOL- to be truthful, he IS sure he doesn't want to be the only dog I can try that, yes, TY.
  3. Yes, @D’Elle, I understand where you’re coming from. He is one of three- and if they ALL are getting in, it’s no problem. But if he’s the only? It’s like “OK, what’s this about/not sure I want to go alone”- etc etc. Certainly not adverse to treating him...
  4. @GentleLake- It‘s more about the times when he could be RELUCTANT to get in, and I‘d have to “help” him. He has his moments of timidity...
  5. Yes, have a crate, was concerned about the wires/edges marking up the new interior... might be futile, though, hauling four legged creatures with claws! TY, @Tuxedodog, @urge to herd- novel idea for yoga mats. Was thinking about the jump up into the SUV and how to avoid claw scratches on the bumper Thanks!
  6. @D’Elle, @urge to herd, @GentleLake- TY all. Have oldie bedding I can use, and will look up the Sherpa-
  7. @rooze- everyone has given you such excellent, helpful advice here, have learned just by reading along. What stands out in my mind is the sad awareness that all of his formative days as a pup were spent in isolation, largely (caged) - and when he WAS allowed small bits of freedom, he was shocked for containment. It truly explains the aloofness, unattachment, fear and insecurity. You’re wonderful to devote yourself to helping Max.
  8. I would like some recommendations for your favorite pet protection covers for vehicles when traveling? Sold my old SUV, and needing to purchase something for the cargo area in the new one (full size GMC). Any particular brands you like/dislike? There’s so many listed on Amazon, it’s mind boggling, just to read the reviews. Thanks in advance-
  9. @Lawgirl- will have to look that up. As with many, many other transplants, this one may also just be in a matter of time.
  10. @GentleLake- I guess that would be topic for debate... I just don’t think civilization is necessarily the sole causative factor, IMHO. The moose situation, for instance- if they eliminate more moose to control the problem, the ticks will just feed on another species
  11. @ShaunaMcN- as this question doesn‘t involve herding (which is the purpose of this particular board in the forum)- you might C&P your above post into the General Border Collies Discussion area for some help. All the best-
  12. @Lawgirl, @GentleLake- had no idea that ticks like snakes! I had heard of the moose affectation. This account from a year ago hits close to home for herders- https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2018/02/27/588408433/asian-ticks-mysteriously-turned-up-on-a-new-jersey-sheep It‘s scary to think about the scourge we could be seeing in the next few years due to their ability to reproduce asexually.
  13. Yes, @billdozer- the difference in radiographs can‘t be emphasized enough. So glad it worked out the way it did for your dog AND you!
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