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  1. Same here, our Harry is nearly 7 months old. When he was around 12 to 14 weeks, he went through a spell of soiling his bedding each night for 4 nights running so we took away his comfy bedding and just put a blanket in his crate. He has been fine with this for a while now and when I have tried to put in another thicker bed he just takes it out and tries to rip it up. Virtually all his soft toys have been chewed to bits along with 4 pairs of my slippers, which were only cheap ones. I did buy from a range of tougher toys a tyre from Petsathome, this has stayed in one piece. I do supervise him with everything. He has exteme nylon bones which he really enjoys.
  2. Mandy1961

    First Christmas!

    We decided no big tree this year, mainly due to the room it takes up. Harry is nearly 7 months old loves playing ball so there really isn’t enough room for both. I started putting up some lights around my lounge, Harry barked but has not bothered since. I bought a 3 ft tree with lights, put it on a small table behind Harry’s box of toys. I have only told him once to “leave it” when he went near the tree and he has not gone near it again.
  3. Our day begins when Harry, who is nearly 7 months old wakes us up around 5.30 to 6 am. Unfortunately since the clocks have gone back here in Uk, he won’t sleep any longer, he will whine at first then start to bark. He wants to play as soon as he gets out of his crate. He has a 20 minute walk early then plays with my adult sons for half an hour each before they go off to work. The rest of the morning is spent playing with me, chewing on a nylon bone or rope or destroying what is left of any plants in the garden, he particularly enjoys digging holes. He loves sitting on the door step watching birds. I do some training each day as well as give him a brush and attempt to clean his teeth (work in progress). We go for a longer walk early afternoon, I keep him on his lead unless my husband comes with us and we walk through farm land where we let him off the lead. We are gradually increasing the time off lead and so far he has been good. He then sleeps for a couple of hours until one son comes home and they play ball. Harry will watch me whilst I am in the kitchen preparing our evening meal and other household chores. He then waits for my husband and other son to come home. My eldest son who is 26 is the one who was not fussed about getting a dog but has taught Harry most if his tricks with a ball. He then gets a 30 minute walk in the evening, then he will relax and go in his crate around 10 to 10.30 depending on when we go to bed.
  4. I purchased a snuffle mat, our pup, six months old, went straight in and found them in no time, the next time he just picked it up and gave it a shake. The box for bobbing sounds like an idea. I keep any small cardbard box, put kibble in and hide it around the room.
  5. Mandy1961

    The Hall Carpet

    Harry, our boy is just over 6 months old. When we got him middle of July the weather here in Uk was very hot, so we put his water bowl near the garden door. He now refuses to drink from his bowl by his food in the kitchen, but barks to go out to get a drink. He eats a mixture of dry food and tinned food, he used to grab a mouthful, run into the lounge, drop it all and then eat it all. I put a stop to it by standing with him so he does not do it anymore. I think it was because he wanted to be with me in the lounge. Harry loves his food and is always hungry, so does not care where his food is. Good luck going forward.
  6. Mandy1961

    Puppy walks

    That is a lot of exercise for such a young puppy, we started with 3 x 10 minute walks each day, but due to sniffing and stopping these were about 30 minutes each time total, only now at 6 months does he get 3 longer walks each day. Everyone we meet, vets and fellow collie owners say not too much running and jumping until Much older until their joints and bones are more developed. We are still working on recall, although ours is quite good now, he mostly comes back when called although gets distracted easily.
  7. Mandy1961

    How big will he get?

    Our pup is just over 6 months old, he us all legs snd skinny at the moment. He was 22lb at 16 weeks, he also has large paws which people say he is going to be on the larger side. We are also not going to neuter at the moment, just watching how he develops.
  8. Mandy1961

    Short and stocky.

    Our 6 month old is all legs and skinny, Jami74 your dog looks a lot older in the face and body by comparison. Our Harry does stalk and can wait an age for a ball to be thrown. Like you we are not rushing into neuturing him although the vet says best time is 6 months, he is not cocking his leg yet. Brian, this is exactly what our dog has done when we have let him off lead around other dogs, he really loves meeting other dogs especially when they like him and would not come back to us when called. I know this is normal behaviour and will only get better with time. When there are no other dogs around he is quite happy to stay with me and will keep looking at me. We have lost a plate of bread and butter, partly my fault I know temptation is just too much for him. He is getting so big that I now cannot leave anything on the kitchen counter as he can reach everything now. Getting this through to my adult sons is another matter!!
  9. Mandy1961

    Puppy Biting

    My nearly 6 month old is still quite nippy, he is fine with me and my husband but my eldest son {26}, who loves him to bits, seems to get the brunt of the nipping despite playing with him before and after he comes home from work. We tell him it is because he lives him and is just a phase, which I hope it is, but out of the blue whilst playing he suddenly jumps up and nips him. He give him time outs but I think he just gets too excited.
  10. My puppy is Almost 6 months old and gets a mixture of dry kibble and tinned food, whilst the tinned food is, I dont think, the best, he really seems to love it and eats every single morsel. I do feed him cooked chicken and liver, which he loves. I have given him a small amount of raw food at mealtimes and may increase this as he gets older. It is so difficult to gauge the quantities he can eat according to packaging, for his weight and age he can have 2 and a half cans of dog food, about 800 grams but only 325 of dry food. He is skinny and always on the scrounge for our food, but when I give him any extra food he tends to be sick.
  11. Mandy1961

    Frightening intelligence

    Our dog, Harry is almost 6 months old, he barks in the kitchen when he wants feeding, stands by the door and barks when he is ready to go for a walk. Up to a couple of weeks ago, when the clocks went back here in uk, he slept in his crate till after 6, now he gives low barks anytime from 4 am, he does not need to go outside, he just wants us to get up and play, we have ignored him and fingers crossed, he does go back to sleep. Yes, he is definitely trying to control us, but we have an upper hand as he hates going in the car so any mention of the word car or a rattle if the car keys and he will do anything to avoid going in the car. We are still in charge, I think at the moment. Mandy and Harry
  12. Mandy1961


    Our puppy is nearly 6 months old and I have only let him off lead when my husband is with us. His recall is quite good but I have yet to let him off when I am on my own.
  13. Mandy1961

    Can we talk testicles

    Our puppy is 22 weeks and I have only just found his testicles this week. At first I could only feel one but on feeling around whilst he was on his back fast asleep I felt the other. They are only the size of small marbles.
  14. Mandy1961

    Teatime too early?

    Yes, Harry is the same, a couple I spoke to yesterday were laughing at his legs. i think they get into their habits. I am lucky that my husband has a lot of patience with Harry and will stay in the garden with him at night until he has had 1 and 2. He has also had a growth spurt, his chest and rib cage seem to be bigger. He does not like the car so I have to pick him up, dont think I can do that for much longer as he getting heavy.
  15. Mandy1961

    Teatime too early?

    Our pup Harry is 21 weeks old, I feed him 6.30 am, 12 noon and last meal 4.30 pm. All meals are the same size. He has a chew or a few biscuits at 6 when we have our meal. He poops after each main meal. He is very energetic and gets sleepy around 8.30 pm and goes in his crate 9.30 where he sleeps till 6 am the following morning. When he was younger he never had anything to eat after 5 because he was pooping in his crate at night. He is always hungry and never leaves any food in his bowl.