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  1. Mandy1961

    New owner/member

    We have a puppy called Harry who is 5 months old and also a handful, very playful and gives my two grown up sons nips. Everyone we meet with dogs tell us that they are very loyal and good companions. Harry has his mad moments where he runs around non stop. He has finished a 6 week puppy course whereby he did everything well despite being the youngest in the class. He walks well on a short lead.
  2. Mandy1961

    ISO ABCA pup

    Where are you based?
  3. Mandy1961

    Battle at mealtimes

    Harry is on the same Field &Trial kibble, which. I dont think I will change as it goes down well and buying the big 15kg bags last a long time, he does have fresh cooked chicken, raw beef or lightly boiled liver which he goes mad for. I suppose the liver could be served raw.
  4. Mandy1961

    Battle at mealtimes

    At 16 weeks Harry weighed 10.3 kilos so your puppy is very similar, so must be eating enough to gain good steady weight.
  5. Mandy1961

    Battle at mealtimes

    My pup who is 20 weeks old does not like the dry kibble on its own, so I add a spoonful of tinned food or some chicken or whatever meat or veg we have leftover. Are you due a 16 week jab, if so, you can check with the vet if he is gaining weight.
  6. Mandy1961

    Are treats over feeding ?

    My puppy Harry is exactly the same, I do wonder where it all comes from, he can poop in 4 different places when he only eats about 250 grams of food a day. I am still giving him 3 small meals a day which he eats it all straight away. He has just finished a 6 week puppy course where the treats and chicken pieces given were like an extra meal. He weighed 10 kilos at his last weigh in at the vets at 16 weeks, but he seems to have grown a lot since and is the same with long legs, he can now reach anything on the kitchen worktop and on top of my fireplace, which is just great!!
  7. Mandy1961

    What else could I do

    Our puppy is 20 weeks old, due to him getting in the habit of pooping in his crate, 5 nights runnng I thoroughly cleaned the empty crate with vinegar and took away his soft bedding, which was ruined anyway and he now just has a blanket. Since then he has kept his crate clean.
  8. We do the same, but I say 'dirty' when he sniffs dog poo and horse poo (a particular favorite of his). I don't mind a little sniff but on some walks it seems he sniffs all the time and the walk takes twice as long.
  9. Same with my puppy Harry who is nearly 5 months old. He is so quick at putting anything in his mouth and don't get me started on sniffing every bush, post and pavement.
  10. With regards to crawling and peeing when meeting dogs, my puppy has done this. I looked into this and found it is common for border collies to do this submissive behaviour and peeing is a sign that they are worried about the other dog. When we meet dogs that we have not met before I just let them have a quick hello and walk away.
  11. In our case, Harry who is nearly 5 months old, the following has improved and "turned a corner". He does settle down in the day on his own now and knows when he needs a sleep. still jumps up and bites but not as much. Barking more, still chewing things but again not as much as before. Very active in the day and still has his manic moments, but sleeps on and off from 8 pm and happily goes in his crate to sleep. He knows more words than he lets on. Has learned that not all dogs and people want to stop and say hello. And finally is not following me around quite as much. Great fun.
  12. How does he get on with your older dog. Probably a lot of his barking is because he hears you playing with her and wants to join in and gets frustrated. My 5 month old puppy get 3 walks a day, in total 2 hours. I try stopping him going up the stairs as I know being so young is not good for his joints but he does manage it sometimes and I carry him down, he also barks at things outside and runs inside and hides behind me.
  13. Mandy1961

    Progress - lead.

    Our puppy Harry is nearly 5 months old and it has been a slow learning experience with him. He has been to puppy classes where you continously give treats to get them to do anything, so I would not worry about the amount you have to give, he probably just takes comfort from this. Harry can walk good on a lead but it only takes a dog bark to frighten him and he is away. He lies down when approached by another dog apaarently this submissive behaviour is common with collies.
  14. Mandy1961

    Piggy says no

    I also agree, that is a scary looking pig. With our Harry who is 18 weeks old, we only have to pick up the car keys and he is a good as gold. Harry does not like car journeys, but is very, very, slowly improving, he now just lays down and dribbles constantly.