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  1. We don’t have many that have not been chewed, but Harry’s favourite at the moment is a squeaky plastic cracker that came in a Christmas selection pack. He does play ball inside but not too much now. He is now 9 months old and he definitely does not play as much. In fact he sleeps quite a lot in the day and I am now waking him up if he sleeps too long, as he has woken up in the night barking a couple of times last week. He is still into mischief when he can, getting my slippers or my husbands. I found him this morning happily chewing a pair of my gloves. His love is out walking, running and playing in the garden now the weather had improved.
  2. Re the cushion, yes we had that so took them away, along with blankets. This stopped him for a couple of months, but I’m afraid he found the cushions recently behind the sofa and not only humping them , he is chewing them, so they are going. We only have a short lead, my husband is not keen on the longer leads. I take Harry out with a harness that has a handle, so when someone approaches I can hold him by this, to stop him jumping up. He is also getting stronger. Harrys interaction with other dogs is limited to the dog park, as last month whilst off lead in a dog park, which is not completely secure, something spoked him and he ran off. He ran home. Fortunately a friend was walking past our house when she saw him outside. One thing I have noticed this last month is that Harry seems a lot more settled. He is not continually following me around. He plays for a while then sleeps and when I am in the kitchen he just sits and watches me. The new problem we currently have is that despite Harry being an excellent sleeper at night, he has recently taken to barking in the night. I am now trying to limit his time sleeping in the day and playing with him more in the evenings so he doesn’t wake up and bark at some silly hour. oh the joys of having a puppy!
  3. All your points raised could have been written about our puppy Harry who is now 9 months old. From day one, he has chewed everything, either in the house or garden, which looks a right state at the moment. Every flower, bush or shrub has been either destroyed or pulled up. We have put barriers up and hope to take them down soon to see if he has improved. We also have several holes which he has dug out. I am going to get a childs sand pit to hide objects in to see if this will stop his digging. Also on walks he does pick up anything and is now actually dropping the items when In tell him, this has taken practice and treats when he does. Fetch is a work in progress, in the house he will fetch really well, but in the park, he is happy to fetch and run around with the ball in his mouth. So we take 2 balls and he usually rounds them up rather than fetching them back. Harry also gets obsessed with other dogs and their owners, he seems to think they all want to meet and greet him. But again this is improving as he is getter older and he now knows not all dogs and people want to say hello.
  4. Mandy1961

    Our new 7 week old BC

    Our puppy only went in his crate at night to sleep at first. Started trowing toys and balls in the daytime, but he only likes his blanket in there. I do put him in his crate when I go out, but make sure he is tired first. We started potty training on first day, although it was summer here and a lot easier. If you cannot take her outside, do you have a large play pen where you can put crate in, feeding bowls, toys etc and training pads, cover the whole area and reduce the pads one by one over a few weeks. good luck, for me any easy name is best, especially when you use it hundreds of times a day!!
  5. Mandy1961

    Puppy Games

    I too struggled to find different things for my 8 month old to do when he was younger, apart from ball throwing and tug. I keep any box, large or small and put them scattered around the floor with kibble in for him to find. Don’t bother buying any of the so called brain training toys, mine found them all too easy,. Hiding kibble under small pots around the house, also putting small plastic beakers together with treats in between. Although he is older I still do sit, paw, down and stand every day. Also wait for treats, getting him to wait while I walk away and after 10 or so seconds call him, this takes practice, but he loves to please. good luck. Mandy
  6. I only managed to clip our 8 month olds claws once, that was because I had some lightly poached liver. I have tried since, but Harry will have none of it. When we come in from the wet (we did not get any snow), my husband cleans his paws while I feed him his biscuits. He just about puts up with it. Harry now has his claws clipped at the groomers, where he sits and lets them do everything.
  7. As I am feeding Harry 3 times a day, I wonder how people cut this down to twice a day and weather it matters if I keep him on 3 meals a day. He eats every morsel. I did try putting more down for breakfast, to see if I could cut out the lunchtime feed, but he simply left the extra. Also worming tablets are 1 for every 10 kilos, Harry is 15 kilos, do I just break one in half or give him 2 tablets (sounds silly now I have typed this) but any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mandy and Harry
  8. Mandy1961

    HELP...Upset tummy for over 6 weeks

    Adding a spoonful of tinned pumpkin firmed up stools when my puppy, 8 months old, had an upset tummy. We well as that he had chicken and rice, nothing else for 2 weeks. Hope this may help. Mandy
  9. Mandy1961

    Finding the positives

    As a new dog owner and not having had experience of living with a dog since I was a teenager, I knew that from the day we got our puppy Harry, our lives would change. I love the way he drops a ball at me feet then runs away, the way he likes to lean on my feet to get my attention. The constant looks he gives me when we are out walking, as if to say “am I being good, mum?”, and then when we get home he waits for a treat and will not move till he gets one. Friends and family were surprised when we announced that we were getting a dog as we enjoy going out and lots of foreign holidays, but now we are happy staying in, and the last thing we went at the moment is to go away on holiday without Harry. Infact I can’t wait to go on holiday with him.
  10. Mandy1961

    12 week old pup

    I remember Harry would not do any business on walks for a while, then suddenly at the park while on lead, he had to go to poo. Then it was another couple if weeks before he did a wee. He also rushed us home and had to go straight out in the garden. Yes, stressful, but worth it.
  11. Mandy1961

    12 week old pup

    Liz, I could have written this with our puppy Harry who is now 8 months old. During the evenings, ours had the manic time, whereby the 4 adults in our house would leave one by one, eventually just leaving me to handle him. Fortunately from the beginning he did not seem to nip me as much, but my younger son, 22 took the brunt of this as he play fought with him. I did wonder at the time what we had let ourselves in for and went to bed shattered each night and sometimes in tears. Puppy training classes helped with walking on a lead and he now walks well on a harness. Still not perfect yet, when another dog or cat is near he still goes mad to greet them. Fortunately for us, as well, Harry has never had a problem with going in his crate to sleep. He absolutely hates going in the car and when I get the car keys, he goes straight in his crate, as if to say, I will say here you go. Whilst out walking we have met many collie owners, past and present who all say, how hard a collie is and that they need a lot of work, they all also say it gets better. This has certainly happened with Harry, he is becoming such a lovely puppy. We only get the occasional nip, and when he gets told off he is sincerely sorry. One thing helped with nipping ankles was to spray them with deodorant, he did not like the smell. He got lots of time outs and has now got the message that biting is not acceptable. He is still extremely lively despite lots of longer walks. He has settled down a lot in himself, does not follow me around so much and is quite happy watching me do housework, but as soon as my sons come home from work, he is eager for them to play ball and run around with. Good luck and Floss is adorable. Mandy and Harry.
  12. I think you are doing really well. I too am the one in our household who looks after our 8 month Harry old during the day. What he eats is down to me, his toys, grooming and welling being is also down to me, although my husband feeds him his first meal, as he mostly gets up with him at 6 am. Harry goes mad when my husband comes home and really gets excited when my two adult sons come home as they play and run around with him. But it is me that he seems to look to for guidance or reassurance. When one of the family say, walkies, he looks at me as if to say, “it that all right mum” and if they try to get him to come in from the garden, they say go to mummy and he always comes bounding in. We all argue about who he loves the most in our household, but we have agreed that he loves us all. With regards to being strict, we are quite relaxed and over the past month, Harry is becoming a wonderful dog who rarely needs telling off. Mandy and Harry.
  13. Mandy1961

    Meet Morley

    Looks gorgeous, wish I had a photo of my puppy that young, but did not see him till he was 6 weeks.
  14. So this morning my husband took our boy over to a park which is no more than 2 minutes walk away from our house. It is on a wildlife farm and is not totally secure as it has 2 openings. We have been taking Harry over there for the last 3 months and the last 2 months we have gradually increased the amount of time he is off leash. His recall is very good and we practice all the time. This morning, whilst it was semi light, they entered the park, another dog was there, Harry and the dog said hello and then Harry shot off, ran straight out of the park and ran home. There was no time for my husband to shout for him to come back, as he was gone. Fortunately a friend was walking her collie past our house and knocked on our door to tell me that Harry was on the door step. I quickly rang my husband who was frantic by this stage. I know, we will have to leash him in this park now, but my husband is desperately upset. it is also diffucult to reprimand Harry as he did come home and obviously knows where he lives, but had to cross a road. i suppose he is still young and learning all the time. Mandy and Harry.