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  1. Thank you all for your advise! We have stopped walking, and increased training time in the yard. Every time he bites, he goes in his crate. It seems to be helping, he doesn't get as worked up and excited. This makes it much easier to get his attention when he starts to act up. We will revisit short walks up and down the street soon I think, not too far. I will have to read some more threads on leash training!
  2. I have a 16 week old male border collie pup who is very smart and usually fairly well behaved (for a puppy) but he has bursts craziness where he jumps on me and bites whatever he can get a hold of. He is drawing blood by latching onto my arms and ripping any clothing he can get his teeth on. This tends to happen mostly when we are walking on the lead but also when we are outside playing. I have been told at his obedience classes to walk away & ignore him when he starts to bite but when we are outside or on a lead I can't get away from him or even turn my back on him because he continues to bite and jump and growl. If I have treats in my hand/pocket I can ask him to sit and he will, but only until he eats the treat and then he jumps straight up again biting. He gets walks on the lead morning and afternoon, with training time and playing time as well. Most days he isn't home alone all day so I think he is getting a good amount of stimulation and sleep time. He started out lead training really well with me clicking and treating whenever he was walking nicely beside me. Our walks are getting worse and worse and I am worried that the jumping, biting and growling is becoming a habit. I would really appreciate any advise from experienced BC owners/trainers as to how to address these behaviours! I love him to death but the biting is so painful I'm becoming fearful of his outbursts.