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  1. Where’s the best place to go for DNA testing? I want to get Belle tested and I found these sites but I want to make sure I’m choosing the right one. https://www.ahtdnatesting.co.uk/tests/combined-test-offer-3/ or http://www.laboklin.co.uk/laboklin/showGeneticTest.jsp?testID=8626
  2. She’s definitely more active in the evenings. She tends to have her puppy naps during the day. Her last feeding is dry food around 6pm.
  3. Belle seems to have settled in well now, she's learning basic obedience, sit, stay, come here, lay down, leave etc. Plus she loves her walks now considering only a week ago she was frightened of the leash. Accidents in the house are few and far between, she goes to the door now when she wants to go pee/poop. However, she pees so much in the evenings. I'm talking every 10-15 minutes. During the day she usually goes once every 4 hours ish but from 6pm onwards, its crazy. And she pees every single time she goes out too. She's 4 months old on Monday and otherwise healthy. There's always fresh water available at all times and she does seem to drink more in the evenings. Any ideas why she's peeing so much?
  4. Personally I can't see anything rude about this post. I second it in fact. People on here are nothing short of helpful and friendly but if want to become argumentative then you won't make any friends on here. Do you have any experience working livestock? Is your bitch a working dog? It would be easy to produce puppies for pet homes but its far more complex to produce puppies with strong instincts and a great temperament to work sheep.
  5. I thought I would take her with me to the pet store today and she actually walked by my side on the leash! She did really well, I'm so glad the training is paying off
  6. Thanks guys. She's got the pink puppy kong and the red one I have which has lasted 6 years so far belongs to my male but he's not a destructive chewer thankfully. There's also a puppy teething ring which we've put in the fridge for her. I'll have a look at the wubba's and zogoflexs now.
  7. I''ll probably probably buy another kong then for her. She gets the treats out so quickly though, not much of a boredom breaker
  8. My 13 week old Belle is going through toys like theres no tomorrow and attempting to destroy our older boys toys too. Any suggestions for good toys that are somewhat durable and obviously safe for her to chew on? Alfie has his own Kong which he loves but will that be too tough on her teeth?
  9. I ended up watching tv instead, now she's up and bouncing around with my older boy
  10. There aren't any dog parks near me that I'm aware of. Loads of places where people and dogs frequent but no official dog park. Personally id prefer arranging dog meets with other well socialised dogs but I can see some positives in parks designed just for dogs.
  11. I let her trail the leash this morning. Only for about 5-10 seconds and she seemed ok with that. She's being massively praised for every tiny step in the right direction and now she's fast asleep lol
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