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  1. Splash is doing awesome! Pretty much potty trained (except on the shaggy rug in my parents’ house), has a pretty good recall, loves to play with puppies and dogs. As far as commands, he knows reliably: sit, down, stay, recall, touch, off, jump, hi-five, spin, go to mat (and maybe a few others I’m forgetting). Is this average progress or is he behind? I am honestly so busy with class that some days we don’t even get in an official “training session” He had his first swim on Sunday... after just seeing an ankle deep kiddie pool he ran right into the lake and started swimming! Was super cute. Hopefully come summer he’ll be a right water dog
  2. dreizehn

    Focus, balls & OCD

    When I’m out walking splash (13w) off leash; at the start he is often a little timid, especially if it’s early in the morning and still kind of dark. I bring the ball with me, and after throwing it a few times (for him to chase after and then lie on until I catch up - still working on the retrieve) he warms up and is happy to romp around. And when he decides he’s had enough of the walk, he’ll pester me to throw the ball and when I do, he runs and grabs it and carries it all the way back to the car (or tries to) in a clear signal of “im ready to go”. Still, I try not to use it too much because I don’t want to turn him into a “ball dog”
  3. dreizehn


    Ear update. Looks like he should be in a boy band. (Not sure why my pics turn sideways)
  4. dreizehn


    Hi guys! Splash is doing wonderful .. I just have a quick and kind of random question about... his ears! when I first got him they were both floppy, but now the left one flops to the front and the right one is flopped to the side. It looks kind of goofy. Will his ears keep changing like this? Or am I stuck with this asymmetrical dog forever haha? (Not that I care ). I know GSD puppies ears flop up and down and eventually ate straight up, but I assumed with a BC they’d stay the same since both his parents have floppy ears thanks! Ps. Picks or for cute! You cant really tell his ears in them
  5. dreizehn

    Collie Breeding

    Okay, I know what I’m saying is pretty much opposite to what everyone else is saying, but I will say it. i won’t comment on the working breeding part. In my opinion you cant really breed for homes AND working dogs. How? It’ll be in the puppies genes to either work or not work based on the parents, you can’t just say that ‘oh yes 1/2 the puppies won’t want to work hum dum’. True working dogs should come from working lines. Simple question: have the female or male ever worked? Do they have any titles? Are they from a farming enterprise? I will say that your ‘holier than thou’ response was kind of uncalled for and a bit stupid sounding But the truth of the matter is, yes, no one can stop you from breeding. And that’s fine. I would just advertise for homes and not for working. I got my puppy from someone like you- that is both parents CBCA registered, and not from working lines that I know. And I love my puppy. He really is amazing. I’ve only taken a handful of university genetics courses, and off the bat I can say that brown is dominant. If both parents have brown eyes, and both have grandparents with brown eyes, then puppies will be brown. But if the pups are blue (ie. blue merle) then their eyes will be amber. If there’s some blue in either parent then you have basically a 50% chance of blue. If you posted the female and male plus THEIR parents eye colours I could be more help. Here is some information for eye colour: http://www.doggenetics.co.uk/eyes.html I’m not going to tell you to or not to breed them. Just be mindful. To everyone else, don’t hate on me please. I love border collies and support the advancement of the BREED, but I cannot deny where my pup came from and how much I love him.
  6. dreizehn

    meet SPLASH!!!

    Thanks for this input! I’m gonna make sure to train him to actively sit for these things passing, so hopefully when the next fear phase comes he’s got some mental and physical structure that ‘hopefully’ will help haha
  7. dreizehn

    meet SPLASH!!!

    Haha you can have it!!
  8. dreizehn

    meet SPLASH!!!

    Thanks for all the responses! the clicker is charged as you say and he does a little jump of excitement when he hears it (this was during charging). My main thought was it was just taking him soooo long to learn how to sit.. like for th first 2 full days he’d do anything for a treat EXCEPT sit. He’s finally got it and I’m not really worried. Im writing this at 6:18am — we went to bed at 10:30, I set my alarm for 1:30 but he was sleeping ... and he woke me up all by himself at like 5:40 for a pee.. then at 6:00 for a poop that I actually stepped in
  9. dreizehn

    meet SPLASH!!!

    In one post I said I hope his eyes darken.. but I realize they’re actually SO striking and expressive and CUTE! Hopefully they remain blue
  10. dreizehn

    meet SPLASH!!!

    I almost forgot PICTURES !!!¡! I tried to include some to show his colouring — I love how he has one solid dark grey leg
  11. Hello everyone! A couple weeks ago I made a post asking for some name recommendations. I was about to get a pup and was choosing between River, Quinn, and Haiku. Well.. I got the pup.. and realized none of those names fit! After about 6 hours of brainstorming in the car (the trip back from breeder), I thought of the name Splash and it was just perfect! Splash is now 8 weeks and 2 days old (to be exact). He’s blue merle with lots of black patches on him, and very blue eyes (not sure if they’ll stay) ………………........... i have a few questions, I wonder if anyone has any input 1. He is very nervous of dogs barking. Will sit still and watch as cars, loud bikes, trucks, and construction machinery pass by, but as soon as a dog barks he runs behind me in fear. Is this just an 8week old pup thing? 2. He sleeps through the night. Well, mostly. From night 1 he slept 5 hours straight, and last night we slept from 11-7:30 with one pee break at 4am (but he wasn’t even awake - my 1am alarm didn’t go off and I woke up at 4 and woke him up to pee). Should I be waking him up every 2-3 hours to pee even if he’s asleep? 3. How long did it take your pups to catch on to the clicker? I feel like he’s kind of slow at it, but then again maybe he’s just young. Overall, this puppy is a dream. Sleeps like a boss, crate trained himself (not 100%, but the longest time he’s barked from being locked in was 4 minutes then he just went to sleep), and is so sweet. He falls asleep on my lap every time we’re in the car, and let’s me carry him around like no problem. Seriously. Sometimes he goes crazy high energy, but other times he is SO MELLOW.
  12. I can feel those things tearing into my soul!!! (she cute tho)
  13. Haha I’m kind of hoping that they’ll not stay blue... I prefer the ‘warmer’ brownish eyes. But looking at other pics of puppies at 7wks whose eyes are already darker, I feel like you may be right and I’m stuck with thee blues! Still beautiful of course! Just piercing.. I’m sure glad I’m not a sheep
  14. Photo update!!! I pick this guy up next week, on the 5th. He'll be one day shy of 8 weeks old. I'm so excited! And NERVOUS oh my god I think this photo was taken today, and he's 7 weeks old. Looks a bit small maybe but I think it's just the angle and the BLUE eyes. Do you think they'll stay blue? And one thing I didn't realize, is he's got some little brown bits
  15. dreizehn


    what do we store in our muscles to give us energy when we're not eating? Glycogen. On the slaughterhouse floor, animals have the same - glycogen. Some animals have more glycogen and their meat turns out as DFD (dark, firm, dry), which is undesirable. aka dark cutting Some animals have less glycogen (or burn through it more quickly) and their meat is PSE (pale, soft, exudative), which is undesirable (apologies if i have that backwards - I took that course a while ago) So whats a stressful time in an animals life? On their way to slaughter. We 'say' that we want to minimize stress because it is more humane, but I really think that its mostly about getting the most desirable cuts of meat afterwards. Long story short, this pig that was herded to death was experiencing a stress very similar to above, and it may have just burned through all its glycogen and died. There are genetic disorders that predispose this kind of thing. Perhaps this pig had a genetic defect that led it to exhaustion and death from the stress, and any other pig would have been 'fine' with it and lived. (obviously not desirable at ALL but you get what i mean...) Just throwing a different 2 cents in the well