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  1. Our Caper has been with us nearly 3 weeks now, and is really coming out of her shell - although I imagine she still has a way to go. Not much has changed in the way of her fur, but I wouldn't expect much to in just a couple of weeks, and she is now on some antibiotics to try and sort out where her nail broke. It was still red and inflamed looking 2 weeks after the vet removed the broken nail, so we decided to try some antibiotics. I have a quick question for you - as she is getting more used to everything she has shown us that she's a bit of a chewer. Although, she may also just be trying to train us to put things away...she has eaten through the heel strap of two different sandals, and earlier on today was interested in my laptop cable...she is of course more interested in things she isn't allowed to have, rather than the chew toys the dogs have! That's fine, we can work through that. I was wondering at what age your dogs stopped chewing on things. Caper is estimated to be 2 - and either she is a bit younger than that, or she is still chewing because she has never had to opportunity to chew shoes before. Our Fen, who is just over a year doesn't really go for shoes, or cables. Just the children's stuffed toys when they are left around. That's fair game, I say.
  2. Thanks very much! She was vetted by the rescue, and I actually had to bring her in Monday as she came with very long toenails, and one of them had torn painfully. So my vet has given her a once over as well. She appears healthy, so I am putting her coat to stress and pups. I have started adding some fish oil to her food, and will look to adding egg as well/alternately with fish oil. She's come a ways out of her shell already even in just this week, so I look forward to seeing her become more herself over the next while. She's been playing a fair bit in the house with our other dog, a 48lb pointer cross named Fen, but Caper is still quite wary outside. You can see it in her tail position. But we're taking it slowly and she is getting used to it all. Frustrating at times in getting her to pee though!!
  3. Hello all! We are in southern Ontario and we just adopted a young dog from Texas - literally 'just' - we picked her up at the end of her 40 hr transport this past Saturday. She is still very much in her decompression stage, but is making remarkable progress. Perhaps it helps that we have another gentle young dog in the house as well. I do not know what this dog is breed wise as she was found stray with two other females and 9 pups between them, but I feel there is a good chance she has some border collie in her - which lead me here :). Its hard to judge by personality as she is still very timid. My immediate question however is on coat supplements. I assume due to having puppies at some point prior, and the stress of the last couple of months (she was found 2 months ago and in foster care in Texas) he coat is very thin in places and i can see her skin. Have any of you any suggestions with respect to supplements beneficial to skin and coat growth? Here she is, her name is Caper. Why are they all sideways??
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