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  1. With most dogs I wouldn't care at all, and just throw stuff if I feel like it. But for Molly just throwing stuff makes her obsessive and lose her brains. Hence the retriever training, keeps it fun for both of us - and she gets to work which she loves. thanks for the advice. I will have to learn to throw better without the rope
  2. I didn't search for force fetch. I was looking for ways to teach the dog to hold a bumper in the middle when she picks it up.
  3. Must be terrible to be stuck with a thing with such a cute face
  4. I had a bit of a break in Molly's retriever training and picked it up again today. We had a lot of fun so I figured I would try a serious training schedule to see how perfect we can become (and I happen to have a lot of time on my hands). I read up a little in my wonderful retriever book and have a plan in place. So far so good. Molly sometimes holds the bumper by the rope or "cigars" it. When she does this she tends to drop it. No big deal, but would be an interesting challenge to train a correct pick up and delivery. My wonderful book didn't adress this problem so I looked to trusty Google to find a solution. And I came back horrified, I have to write it down to get it off my chest really. Pinching ears and slapping the dog are the results I found. Such a very different tone to my very positive retriever training book. I think what horrified me most was the casual tone in which people talked about pinching ears and "not having time for nonsense like that". I mean, I can get a bit cringy when people are afraid to say "no" to their dog and cookies are the only solution - but this went a bit too far in the other direction. Just needed to share, this isn't something you encounter where I come from as far as I know. Needless to say I won't be pinching Molly's ear when she holds the bumper by the rope pretty sure she'd go off her food
  5. Doing my best to not go and steal your puppy...
  6. I don't meet many people who want to hear it with the exception of some dog owners I meet on walks. my friends usually make the mistake of asking about Molly and get a lot more information then they thought they would get My family has a running gag where they quote a book to tell me I am rambling too much. They simply say "interest scale". The quote is from a book where a sister says it to her baby sister of about four years old: "interest scale, always think about the interest scale. How high do you reckon this would be on the interest scale?"
  7. that's okay. Apparently the puppy class they went to wanted them to use it. I don't know if he is any trouble when putting the harness on (I'm never there to see it), I feel it has to do with clipping on the leash and all the fun stopping. I'm trying hard to explain making things fun for the dog, especially in recall training. But I only ever see Indy and have only talked to her mum twice and very briefly at that. (I have learned to tone my enthusiasm about dogs down a bit around not-obsessed-dog-owners... don't want to scare people off) We'll see baby steps (and I guess if he does put up a fight about the harness at home they'll switch to a flat collar eventually )
  8. It is not my dog so I don't know why they are using a harness. I only go on walks with them and try to help Indy a bit in understanding her puppy and training him. The rest is up to Indy's parents
  9. We have always used the rule to go outside with the puppy after every activity. So after eating, drinking, playing, sleeping. Re recall - it is better to praise for a job well done than to bribe a pup to come. I have learned this the hard way. Pup wouldn't come unless I stuck my hand in my pocket to get a treat and sometimes she think what she was doing was more important and would choose when to come. I found it very frustrating. It works a lot faster if the pup gets rewarded once she has come to you. Dragging a line as described above would work. Patience is key. Some things she will pick up really quickly and other things may take some time. She'll get there!
  10. Pixie is adorable! Keep posting pictures it is so much fun to see a pup grow. I have a smoothie as well and she rarely gets recognized as a BC. Lately a lot of people think she is a foreign rescue dog, from Spain or Romania. But when people do see that she is a border collie we have such nice conversations. Birds of a feather...
  11. Thank you all for the great ideas! I will be using all of them. So far we haven't been able to do much as it is constantely raining, but with talking and explaining and using Molly as an example we are on the right track. We've had some nice successes with Bobby (the pup) dragging the leash. Of course a young pup will get distracted, but I was able to show here those moments are great opportunities to teach him to pay attention to us. So we would call him over and play with him when he was distracted by some nice smells. He did really really well, better than I expected. One smart pup. I have used your analogies and that has really helped. Plus joking that I'll take Bobby if she doesn't want him... About the biting: he has bitten me when I touched his harness to untangle the leash. It's a "don't touch me!" bite/gnawing. He only does this when it takes a little while. I waited for him to calm down before releasing him, but I think that won't be a good idea for a child. Probably practising touching his harness and giving him a treat would solve this pretty quickly. It is really fun to help her, I am learning how to explain things which helps me understand dogs better. Plus I know my Molly through and through so it is interesting to see another dog and how that dog reacts to things. Bobby has a very different character to Molly.
  12. A while ago now I met a really nice girl, Indy, of about ten years old when she asked me if she could teach Molly some tricks. Sure she could. Molly never really learned any new tricks from her, but they became firm friends. Now Indy has her own BC puppy, Bobby who is 5 months old. We go on walks together. On our walk today she told me she thought Bobby wasn't a smart dog and probably would never be a dog who could go off leash. I had to disagree. He is very smart, he's just a baby. Plus, he does listen to her mum and can walk nicely beside her. Of course she sees Molly who is 4 years old and is really focused on me and wants Bobby to listen as well as she does, but that took a lot of training and maturing. So I said I would help her out a little with Bobby. As I am saving up to study to become a dog trainer, I thought this would be a nice experience for both of us. (this sounds as if she is paying me - she is not ) I am scouring the internet for fun training games and I thought I would ask here as well for fun ideas. I want to help them bond and help her teach Bobby some basic manners. But most of all, show her how much fun her pup is (and how smart). Some of the issues she has are: - he pulls here everywhere - recall, she is afraid to let him drag a line - biting when you touch his harness - digging: when he finds somewhere nice to dig she has a hard time getting him to walk away with her I am pretty sure these things don't happen or are more easily resolved when her mother is present. When I held the leash he was much more responsive, so I think she just needs some tips/techniques to become his leader/partner instead of only his playmate. One of the things I want to do is play a recall game where we sit down opposite each other and call the puppy to us, treats and praise and then the other person calls him over. Rinse and repeat. Fun for the pup, fun for the child and really easy to do together. I am looking for things we can do with Bobby, but perhaps also something we can do with Molly to show her how dogs learn - and that rewards are really important. I hope you can help me come up with loads of fun stuff
  13. Really nice looking pup, reminds me a bit of my Molly in the second picture must be the shape of the white marking on her body lots of puppy-envy over here
  14. I second that! When I was a teenager we were on holiday in Spain and our dog rolled in human feces. Apparently the builders from the house that was being built next door used the adjacent orchard as a toilet - same place we walked the dog. She was super happy with her new human perfume. I was so glad I didn't have to clean her up Mum obviously wasn't too happy.
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