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  1. Flora & Molly

    Petting without permission

    I found this while searching for something dog-related (don't remember what it was). Made me laugh. I don't think I would be brave enough to try it though
  2. Flora & Molly

    Abca lookup?

    I would want to see the trainer in action. There's a world of difference if you look at the e-collar website and Pam Dennison's. I don't want to necessarily see the end result, but would be more interested in the process. On the e-collar website you only see a before and after. It doesn't show you how different dogs respond during the training or even how the dog in the video reacted. I have just watched one on Pam's website about letting people pet your dog (or not) and that gave me more insight into her methods and how different dogs respond, because you see a puppy class with different owners and different puppies. If you're set on a trainer that uses e-collars at least try to find one that shows you beforehand what it does during training and on a dog that has the same issues as yours. I feel it is important to not only read about it, but really see for yourself as well how dogs respond to it to fully understand training methods.
  3. Flora & Molly

    Proud momma

    Nice! I liked how the deer looked up when you said "Good girl" as if she thought "Are you talking to me?"
  4. I found a gem in the second hand shop today: Games to play with your dog by Dr David Sands. I realize you can find a lot of fun games and activities with your dog online nowadays, but this is still a fun book to read. It has all kinds of fun things to do with your dog in different categories. I particularly liked the chapter with "family games" where there are suggestions of fun games that involve children. There were some activities I wouldn't have thought of like "ghost dog" for Halloween which is sort of a game of tag with your dog in the dark with a group of people (well children, but a group of willing adults will do of course). When the dog touches you with its nose "you are out". Some of the other categories include "thinking games", "searching games" and "garden sports". All games use positive training (a clicker, treats and training whistle are mentioned and explained). It is a nice book for anyone looking for inspiration on new things to teach or do with your dog
  5. Flora & Molly

    Piggy update

    I think you could use the pig to train him out of this. I don't see anything wrong with that. You could use a command like "back away" and eventually fade out the pig. ("Back away from the pig" might be a bit silly to say without holding the pig later haha) They are so smart and it can sometimes be so difficult if they enjoy something. As an example: I'm trying to teach my dog how to speak, as I live in a dodgy neighborhood and I thought it could come in handy at night. The only way to get her to bark is when playing fetch. Unfortunately she now sometimes barks like a maniac whenever I want to throw a ball or stick when she feels I'm too slow, even without the " speak" command and doesn't understand the command away from the ball. So I guess it is back to the drawing board... Long story short: we all have moments like these at some point I hope you find something that works.
  6. Flora & Molly

    What else could I do

    It could be that kibble is making him a poopmachine maybe switching his dinner to something else or trying only one meal a day for a while helps. I'm no expert of course, but it might be worth a try.
  7. Flora & Molly

    Time outs now part of the game!

    We taught our dogs to "go away". That might help. It just means I don't want to engage with the dog and he should move outside of my intimate space. It is a pain to teach in the beginning, because pups tend to make a game out of it. But it is so lovely when it finally clicks and they give up the antics. I taught it by walking into the dog until he moves, pointing away from me with a stretched arm and giving the command. When the dog moves away I go back to what I was doing. Of course the dog will try many times to move closer to you again, but if you stay calm and determined they will eventually get it. This might mean you have to do it a thousand times or have to continue for half an hour. This might work for the "nip and chase me" game, because you are not really chasing. But I can imagine he runs away so fast that you can't really send him away , but you might be able to stop him with a "go away" if he comes in for the second round. I hope this helps
  8. Flora & Molly

    What else could I do

    What do you feed him at 4 o'clock? My dog used to poop every night in the kitchen where she used to sleep. We now feed her her biggest meal in the morning and a "just for show" meal in the evening around 5 o'clock. So she gets something light that tastes good, so she feels she has had a meal and won't be so jealous of the cats getting their meal. But her heavy meal that gets her through the day we feed in the morning. This made her stop pooping at night. It might not be the same though, as your dog had diarrhea, it could be something else. I hope you find out what is going on with him!
  9. Flora & Molly

    Uploading a photo?

    Hi! I shrunk the file for my profile picture. I don't remember which program I used to do it. It might have been Microsoft Paint or some other program to edit a picture. You can adjust the size through programs like that. It should mention size somewhere and usually you can alter it. Good luck!
  10. Flora & Molly

    Trouble teaching stand

    I am very happy to report Molly did her first "stand" from a sitting position today. No stepping forward: a very nice "bum up" stand! We still have a way to go before it is really reliable, but I couldn't have come so far without your help. Thank you!
  11. Flora & Molly

    Altercation with a German Shepherd

    Thank you for the article it was interesting to read. It is good to know what to do in case it really escalates, especially now I know that I will intervene. (Although I didn't have time to think this time- might be the same next time...) And you are right: it wasn't a full blown fight. My dog didn't attack back. And lucky for me the German Shepherd stopped as soon as I lifted him off my dog. Still, indeed scary enough to want to avoid it in future. I went to the park today and met some nice and friendly dogs. My faith in good dogs has been restored. And I was glad to see Molly was not scared off of dogs by what happened. She barked at the first dog we encountered but switched pretty quickly to being open and friendly after I reassured her it was okay.
  12. Hello everyone, So I had an eventful day, I don't even know how to start, but just really need to vent. I went on a hike today with BF and my dog Molly in a forest nearby where you can walk your dog off leash. It was a nice and quiet area and Molly was really happy to explore some place new. We came across a couple with their German Shepherd and from a distance I already wasn't sure if he was friendly. He stared at Molly and crouched a little bit, but sometimes dogs do this and don't mean harm. I have been told that you have to look at the direction their going: if they go straight at the dog it means trouble, if they make a slight bend it is okay. I couldn't really tell, but at that point Molly gave an "uncomfortable" growl/whine. They were getting pretty close and there was no time to turn around or any other direction to go. It all happened really quickly. I stepped in front of Molly, the German Shepherd suddenly leapt forward, and Molly dashed behind me. This didn't stop the dog at all. He went round me and was on top of Molly in the blink of an eye. And then my instinct took over and before I knew it I was holding the German Shepherd by the scruff of the neck. By this time the owner was at my side, I let go of the dog and we each went our way, without a word. No harm done: Molly was fine, no wounds, she went back to normal sniffing about in seconds. Now, I would never in my right mind grab a dog I don't know, especially a big dog. Or so I thought. Potentially dangerous. There was no thinking, I couldn't have stopped myself. I don't even remember walking over to the dogs (I guess Molly tried to get away, so they were a bit further behind me). Just the act of grabbing. BF said I was lucky nothing happened to me. I sort of agree, but I wonder if I would've done the same if it was a "real" attack where another dog wants to kill mine. I think I would have kicked the dog off instead. But I guess, and hope, we'll never know. (Plus I think I wouldn't even have minded being bitten in that moment, or would have felt a thing until after) Anyway, I had such a rush of adrenaline that I just moved on without speaking to the owners. I wasn't mad at them, I was in survival mode I guess. I remember wanting to say "no harm done", but I couldn't think of the Dutch words silly. Has anyone ever have something similar happen? I also wondered about what exactly happened between our dogs. Was the dog "protecting" his owners? It was quite a narrow path. Was it because Molly was anxious/unsure that triggered it or made it worse? Molly is unsure about boisterous "in your face dogs", but still wants to go up to them and meet them. It is something we have been working on (Edit: as in staying with me and not going up to them or moving on when there is no way to avoid them and trying to meet polite dogs instead). So I can imagine she could have made things worse by not being submissive or staring back or something. I feel this could have been prevented by the owners calling their dog off or if we could have moved out of the way. I don't think this was a problem dog. The owners clearly didn't see what was about to happen. Still strange they didn't do anything to help. Or maybe they believe that the dogs will figure it out among themselves? (Would they have?) This morning I read the article "He just wants to say hi" by Suzanne Clothier and I am so glad I did. It confirmed some things I already thought, but also made me see the events of today in a clearer light: namely that this wasn't necessarily a vicious attack, because the German Shepherd could have done some serious damage if he wanted to. I found the article on these boards, I think it was @GentleLake who posted it. So thank you. It helped me a lot today and I learned a lot from it. I included the link for anyone who would like to read it. https://suzanneclothier.com/article/just-wants-say-hi/
  13. Flora & Molly

    Trouble teaching stand

    Thank you all so much for your advice! I have tried some of your suggestions to make her stand. It proves very difficult to get her to stand up, which is what I ultimately would like her to do. She will scooch back and forth and simple won't stand up. So I am taking things slow and have decided to first teach her to stand still and not sit down as soon as I stop walking. Man she is quick. I managed to keep her standing by placing my hand under her belly while walking and then standing still. At first I tried to do is when I stopped walking, but I am way too slow, haha. I hope once she knows that I am equally pleased when she is standing, she might not scooch so much when sitting and she might stand up when I either lure her or walk into her. If that fails I think I will try teaching it through the nose-touch as Shandulah suggested. (Might teach the nose-touch regardless, just for fun ) Yes exactly! I could see that she didn't understand at all when BF lift her up. I thought exactly this: she needs to do it herself to understand what we want. BF suggested I could use a towel to stop her from sitting/lifting her up. Just. NO. I'm not comfortable with training that way. Training should be fun and rewarding.
  14. Flora & Molly

    Trouble teaching stand

    No you're right. I didn't mean that all breeds need a specific training method. What I meant was that BF is used to having to be very assertive (his words) with his previous dog, a German Shepherd, who was a confident dog. I guess I have some preconceptions about German Shepherds being dogs that have a sterner/dominant/policeman kind of owner and that they're dogs that can deal with that. Whereas Molly is very sensitive and the first time BF walked her he was all in "police" mode and Molly did not understand at all. He thought she was being defiant He's learning though. Maybe Molly's talents are just lost on him, because he doesn't understand why on earth I taught her to fetch my slippers (because it is darn cute damn it!) or why I make her do all kinds of stuff before throwing a ball or... The list goes on. I have definitely given up way too soon on the stand command. I didn't want to teach her the wrong thing. I needed a confidence boost and you gave me just that! So thank you
  15. Flora & Molly

    Trouble teaching stand

    Makes sense thank you. So far I have been working with stuff that comes natural to her or building on things she already knows. I have never had to think about how to get her to understand. This will help me a lot! The sitting is my mum's "fault". Molly used to be my mum's dog. She taught her dogs to sit for a lot of things. Mostly when standing still, waiting for something. Eventually just giving them "a look" which meant sit. Which is very handy and her other two dogs understand that it depends on context and a "certain look", but Molly is the only one overdoing it, haha. Molly's mum is one of the dogs and she is just so much calmer than Molly. Molly just wants to please you SO BAD and sit was usually what was asked. Great if you don't want to go further than that, a bit of a learning curve for me!