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  1. brihop

    Short and stocky.

    My pup is coming up to 7 months and also has never stalked anything. He will do that freeze, stare and then pounce up in the air on his toys but that looks a lot like when you see foxes hunting in snow on TV. He is leggy and tall but also small and skinny if that makes sense. He has been cocking his leg for several weeks now. I guess it takes all kinds and each dog can develop at different rates. I wouldn't worry at the moment and just enjoy. We have had a bit of a difficult weekend though. On Saturday at the trail park I let him off lead and he ran around as happy as could be and came back to me every time I called....UNTIL... another dog appeared with its owner and no matter what I did he would not come to me. the other owner eventually got hold of him and I put him back on the lead. I know its is all my fault and have to work harder on recall but so frustrating. Saturday evening he counter surfed and smashed a bowl of grated cheese and last night pulled a steak off the counter. A great deal of work to do for me. Oh the joys!!!!!!! Brian
  2. Ah the joys of having a dog. I live in Scotland and the wind and rain are an absolute nightmare. My six and a half month old doesn't seem to care though lol. Lottie is looking great and I hope you are away from that trainer. Enjoy and don't worry it will soon be spring and even more rain lol. Brian
  3. brihop

    Puppy Lead Biting

    Very similar looks to my six month old but mine has freckles. Also in UK and the dark nights are here. I never really had a problem with leash biting as I think he quickly learned the leash meant walks. My wife has a problem with him pulling at the moment and has asked me to buy him a Halti collar with the bit that drops down under the chin. He seems to have different behaviour for my wife and I. When I walk him he tends to start off pulling slightly but after a few times of stopping and asking for better behaviour he tends to stop pulling me. I ask him to stay with me if he starts to creep ahead and he rarely will get beyond the end of his leash. He will sometimes freak out at simple things, a plastic bag in a tree last night, but he will calm down fairly quickly. As for traffic I spent a great deal of time walking him along roads and getting him used to traffic. Cars no longer seem to bother him. I am very reluctant to let him off lead as we still have a lot of work to do on recall. Hope everything works out well for you. Brian
  4. brihop


    Hi All, My six month old is really good at wait. I gave up on stay as the two commands are so similar I thought it was confusing him. He will wait until released for dinner, crossing the road, a treat thrown on the floor and going through doors. BUT!!! I wonder from reading the other posts if "wait" can be incorporated into a recall? Just wondering if I train down and wait to be strong commands would they work as a precursor to recall?? I have been reading the book "control Unleashed" and it seems various commands can be linked to form one action. Really have to get my act together and work on this lol. For the second time he wandered too far away from me following a food scent and refused recall. Fortunately this was in a park where he couldn't get himself into too much trouble but still I really need to work on this. I know I cannot allow him to ignore my call so want to work on building a solid response to any command. Hope I haven't rambled on too much. Brian
  5. brihop

    Styles of training

    Hi, Apologies for taking so long to reply. Really all I did was walk him along roads with moderate traffic. When a car was approaching we would stop walking and watch the car pass. At first he would be nervous and jumpy. I worked on talking to him to keep calm with an occasional treat and eventually he grew to accept that traffic was no big deal. We did have a set back the first time it rained as the car tyres are a lot noisier in rain and it took a while for him to adjust. I think the trick is to be patient and consistent in what you do to show the dog what to do. NOW!!! if only I could get this to work on his recall lol. You have a great looking dog. Enjoy. Brian
  6. brihop

    Styles of training

    My six month old is a fantastic wee dog. Loves meeting new dogs and people and thinks everyone in the world is there to pay him attention. BUT at the same time simple things can make him back off and look to me for guidance. He always drops down and waits for other dogs to get close before greeting them and if people approach too fast he backs off. After a couple of seconds he usually is happy to meet all. We live in an urban area so I only let him off leash when we are well away from traffic. He will obey commands and unless really distracted will come back when called without problem. I know that at six months although he responds to commands it will be quite a while before his responses become solid. He is a puppy and needs to play and feel secure in his environment. It took many hours of walking along busy roads for him to stop jumping every time a car passed but now pays little attention to them. I did consider Puppy classes for him but then thought with all the other dogs and people around his poor little brain would overload and he is better learning at our own pace. At six months I think it is too early to be tagging puppies with personality labels and your trainer is not showing good sense. Best of luck with your pup and enjoy Brian
  7. brihop


    Hi again, Maybe I wasn't too clear. My point was that I am very reluctant to let my dog off leash because we live in an urban environment. He is on the lead at all times when close to a road or a busy place. He sits without asking whenever we come to a road crossing and waits to be released to cross the road. We have worked a great deal on acclimatising him to the traffic and people he meets every day. The off leash I was referring too is always well away from roads along pathways and parks but a we all know there are distractions ( Foxes, Squirrels, discarded food, other dogs etc.) that can grab his attention at any point. So far he has shown good control in listening to me when off leash to the point where he stopped at my calling his name when on his way to meet another dog. As mentioned in my previous post he did follow a scent trail and lost his focus on me. It is that situation I need to work on but he is only six months and we have plenty of time to develop our relationship. Hope this clears things up a little and thanks to all for your replies. I really appreciate all the kind information you guys make available. Brian
  8. brihop


    Thanks Jami74 and GentleLake for the replies. Much appreciated and will take on your advice. All makes perfect sense to me and yes sometimes I wonder if I expect too much from a six month old. He is a fantastic little character and I will remember to give him a break and let him have fun. We live in an urban environment with plenty of traffic and people and I would really like for him to come back under any circumstances hence my reluctance to try off lead. Plenty of time to work on things. Brian
  9. brihop


    My boy is six months old this weekend and I have just in the last week began experimenting with off leash. It really is quite good but I am positive he does not have a solid recall. For instance this afternoon I let him off leash and he walked along never more than six feet away and always looking back to see where I was. If I called his name at any point he would come to me immediately BUT!!! At one point he wandered off and looked like he was following a scent. At about twenty feet I called him but no response, thirty feet the same and on he went. Eventually had to go to him to find him eating discarded food. Gave leave it command which he obeyed then came to me. Guess I have to work on building a better recall. Any suggestions please. Brian
  10. brihop

    Wearing a coat

    Hi ShellyF, My dog is six months old today and we live in Western Scotland. The weather is starting to get cold but really nowhere near as cold as parts of Canada. My wife lived in Toronto for a couple of years and the Winnipeg for one. She tells me she has never know cold like in Winnipeg. I think the coldest day last year here was around -9. I have not considered putting a coat on him and will wait and see how he reacts over the coming months. He is still long legs and skinny so will have to see how it goes. Not a great fan of walking in freezing weather myself so probably won't expose him to too harsh weather. I never put a coat on my previous dog and he seemed fine. Although cold, windy and sideways rainy nights were never either of our favourite walks. Brian
  11. brihop

    Can we talk testicles

    Sorry to hear of the trouble you are having. The thread inspired me to check my soon to be 6 month old last night. He lay on his back for a tummy rub and I took the chance for a feel. Yes!! two small but in the right place testicles. He has a scheduled vet check tomorrow so will get a double check. Hope all comes out well for you. Brian
  12. Thanks both for your reply. Gentle Lake, What do you feed your dog as far as raw food goes? and what portions do you feel would be suitable for a 5 month old? Curious as I have never considered raw feeding. Thanks again Brian
  13. Hi All, Just a quick question. My 5 month old is getting a handful and a half of Puppy food in the morning and again in the evening. When training or on our walk I also give treats which on occasion could be more than he gets in a full meal. He appears to be perfectly normal, even still on the skinny/leggy puppy stage. The only reason I am asking this question is he poops like a Great Dane, long and firm and usually in two instalments at a time. Makes me wonder where is he fitting that in his skinny tummy? Probably just being paranoid but wondered if anyone would have an opinion. Brian
  14. How are you dealing with the sniffing? I tend to let him sniff a little and then say "walk on". He usually walks on fine unless something has really got his nose then a gentle tug will get him to brake free. The problem is I have to watch every-time he stops to sniff to ensure it is not something he is going to eat. "leave it " works to an extent but I have to catch him before whatever it is goes in the mouth. Working my way through "Control Unleashed" (Puppy version) book at the moment but this will take a while and a great deal of effort. Sure it will all be worth it in the end. Brian
  15. "lie down" as a game is a great idea. I have been training my 5 month old to "down" . He is pretty good in a controlled environment ( Kitchen, Garden ) but would really like to make it a solid command anywhere. Making it a game may just be the trick to re-enforce the concept for him. Like most things he is great when not distracted and to be honest I haven't really challenged him. ( NOTE TO SELF: you only get out what you put in. )Also working on "leave It" especially when out walking. He has a huge desire to eat clumps of fresh cut grass and anything he thinks might be tasty lol. Really have to watch him before he discovers anything and chomps on it. Brian