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  1. @Lyrically_Speaking, thanks for sharing! It looks like you got a nice system down despite your work schedule! I already gave her the squirrels-in-log toy that she enjoys, though just got another two treat puzzles online. I've been training her a bit more consistently with basic commands though her puppy attention span is still pretty short! I also bought her a nice comfy bed except the first time she went in it she peed promptly, so I'm holding off until she's a bit more potty trained to try that again Thanks to everyone else on the feedback on naming! I agree, especially if the sensitive pup starts realizing the negative connotation when others say it. Back to the drawing board...
  2. Hi everyone! Got my first dog, a female BC puppy, earlier this week. Below is her. I don't know why the image got rotated during upload, and don't know how to turn it around... Anyways, haven't named her yet. My mom suggest April because she's born in April. I was thinking more of Dum Dum, since that's what I end up calling her most of the time anyway (other than "big baby" since she makes me carry her frequently when she refuses to move randomly, and she's kind of heavy). Reason is she's always doing silly/goofy things: CONSTANTLY cross-walking in front of me and tripping me Getting her leash "stuck" around a pole, except all she needs to do is literally turn slightly left Still being confused about which way home is upon leaving the elevator Sitting down on top of a pool of urine Peeing in her play pen after having peed outside just 30 minutes ago, tearing and chewing into pieces every pee pad I put in her pen, and peeing when she excitedly meets/jumps on other people Constantly slipping through gaps of fenced gates I say all this with love of course, and recognize that she is actually clever (and super sweet/friendly to other people/dogs) and just being a puppy, and needs to be trained. But I still can't help think of her as a big dum dum! Open to other suggestions, but would anyone actually take offense if they found out a BC got named dum dum? Two more questions hoping to get input on: 1. She's about 14 lbs at 10 weeks. That seems a bit larger than expected, right? People who have seen her have commented that she has big paws. I haven't had dogs before so don't know. Am curious if anyone take tell from the picture here and the weight info. Maybe some puppies hit growth spurts early but then end up not being that big? I'm supportive either way, though hope she doesn't grow too fast so I can take her on a plane in a few weeks in cabin. 2. I've been spending at least 3 hours a day with her--walks, feeding, playing, simple command training, etc. I'm not sure if this is sustainable--I work fairly long hours though I can take her to work every day so that helps. I know I have a big responsibility to care for her and love her, but still wanted to see what others who work full time commit to with their BCs per day. Right now a lot of the time is spent on waiting for her to go potty once outside. I'm hoping that in a few months she'll potty right away while outside so we can be more "efficient" with our outdoor time, and use it either to go potty, or to play intensively.