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  1. Well I think I may have overstated my dogs behavior to other dogs. Update: We met up with my friend who Bo loves and she brought her dog to the dog park, we went to the dog park as I wanted to take Bo to the river there. Before leaving the vehicle I let Bo Witness dogs from the window at the park( this park is also massive by the way) and treating her accordingly when she didn't bark, growl, or snarl, just notice the dogs. She did really well and eventually stopped growling and barking. I took her out and kept her on leash the whole time(off leash park) she didn't seem to mind the other dogs doing their own thing, in fact she paid no attention to them. My friends tika is pretty relaxed and not all in her face so they just kind of walked side-by-side, and Bo never really growled at her, couple odd times she tried to randomly bite her butt but I just stopped walking and directed her attention to me which she listens really well. The only time she would growl is if a dog off leash approached her too close but the dogs respected her warnings and backed off. Getting to the river, I was really hesitant to let her off leash here, but I was also confident she wouldn't go to any of the dogs which there were probably about 10 there playing in the water. I play fetch with her and she swims to get it, Tika kind of plays with her also, stealing her ball, while Bo didn't snarl or growl or anything, she kind of just followed her waited till she dropped it and for one of us to pick it up, a random dog came a long but Bo didn't react and they all stood side-by-side waiting for the ball. To my surprise and my friend (who works in an animal hospital) said Bo wasn't that at all reactive for the most part and did a whole lot better then she thought. I did accept the risk of what could have happened letting Bo off leash but she's been off leash around dogs before at a body of water when we first got her and she never reacted to them other then growls. I was planning on getting a basket muzzle for her to wear while she's leashed but I don't there's really a point to that. I was trying to aim on desensitziing her to other dogs around her by showing her I don't pay attention to them or grabbing her attention by recall asking her to sit which she does extremely well. As well in rewarding her for noticing dogs when we first arrive at the park to give her the mindset, other dogs aren't bad as treats are rewarded. Do you think this will help Bo tolerate dogs? She doesn't need to play with them, just want her to be around them and not react, and yes I do understand some dogs won't like other dogs immediately, but I highly doubt that my dog will forever hate every dog.
  2. I have let Bo off leash in our alley and she doesn't seem to run just kind of gallop ahead but not too far ahead, in open fields she usually just walks around or stays by my side. Bo is spayed and I have a feeling that when she lived on the farm the other dogs may have abused her, back story: upon our arrival to the farm the other border collies were very serious, where as bo was playful and very excited to see us, the other dogs didn't want anything so she may have been abused by them before. I have been trying to teach her some tricks, I've managed to get her to weave in between my legs now. I've been thinking of trying this method, treating Bo on our walks every time she notices another dog but doesn't have an immediate negative reaction (of course this is all based on distance between the two). As well as taking her to our local community dog park but not actually leaving the car, just sitting faced towards the field where she can witness other dogs interact with each other, and treat her constantly on the ones that approach closer. I'm hoping this method can aid the process in her with how she thinks of other dogs.
  3. Sorry for the late response I keep forgetting to check in on this site. I do live in the city, I take her for a walk every morning and before bed, normally fetch when we wake up but due to the winter season we don't have day light that early so I just walk her longer, I take her out for fetch about 2x a day during winter season, 4x during summer. She's really laid back and not a go go go energized collie like others, but she is pretty firm on letting me know she wants to go play by coming to me for attention and staring at her ball afterwards on the shelf lol. Do you think perhaps if I walk my Collie Bo, and my other puppy Bella together it would stimulate my dog okay shes part of this now and maybe create a bond? I'm not sure also how great she was as a cattle dog and perhaps maybe I was fed the lines to buy her but as of now she is very friendly towards people and his kids weren't short they were like tall 13 year olds, younger kids shes more cautious with. She is obssessed with playing fetch with the ball, you can be a stranger but if she sees you with the ball she will only focus you. She is about 2 years old and 9 months now. My other puppy is super friendly towards everyone and I don't want the puppy learning bad behavior from Bo just because Bo is older.
  4. Sorry, so she's been a cattle dog for 2 years, no leash, always free. She played with 2 other border collies, not sure how they played but I'm sure its like how any other border collie would play. If she sees another dog from a distance its instant posture and pulling the leash. If she hears one barking from a house she'll immediately go off the line like I'm going to get that, which is the same way if a dog comes out of no where when I'm walking down the street its immediate lunge before all the body signs. There's been a couple scenarios where a random dog has come out of no where while I play fetch with her off leash, and she'll immediately go to the dog and growl and attack them right off the bat. So even off leash she is pretty bad. I'm assuming this is more of a protective instinct towards me, I'm always certain if she was with a stranger she would be reserved. We have a 7 month old puppy at home who is always separated from her with a little pen fence in the house. My dog Bo tolerates her but if she gets out the pen and starts visiting her, Bo will either run away or growl and snarl at her, which is the best I've seen her with another dog.
  5. So its been 6 months now with my Border Collie who was originally a cattle herding dog for 2 years. Farmer got rid of her because she wanted to play with his kids and the other dogs. Fast forward now, she still reactive to any dog out in public and lunges immediately, I see it more as a protective instinct for her to protect me. How do I train her to at least tolerate other dogs.
  6. So I noticed because of the snow that my dog is bleeding from all 4 paws when we play fetch and fetch only as there is some minor spots on the snow, I took a look at her paws and well the paw itself isn't bleeding except the duclaw pad, the blood is very minimal and looks like its coming from underneath or the skin surround the pad. Wasn't really keen on taking her to the vet just yet as it only happens during a game of fetch, her running around the house and checking her paws after there is no blood, Is it safe to assume they're just minior abraisions on her skin? Of course I will take her to the vet after giving her a break if it continues to bleed. Bleeding does stop pretty quick after playing fetch.
  7. Honestly I think it might come down to resource guarding of us or our house. It's usually the moment she sees another dog she starts growling barking and lunging. I usually notice the moment so I try to avoid confrontation or stress. Been trying a new thing just started where I treat her the moment she sees another dog before she growls and gradually keep treating if she can tolerate the dog walking by or towards us.
  8. Sorry for late reply so I got my collie from a hutterite farmer who runs a cattle op and he doesnt use the internet really his nephew who was the contact for selling told me they got her under a year old not sure when. The farmer told me he had her almost 2 years and she hasn't been spayed. I will keep in mind to check her Vulva but there is just so much hair there lol. She shows outward aggression to a lot of dogs that walk by us across the street on our walks. She doesnt show any aggression to our puppy at home but they never interact cause she does try to nip at her because our puppy is too energetic. She acts like a male dog and tries to mark her territory everywhere. She usually gives it a good 10 second sniff and a little pee then the next spot. Even if she doesn't have any pee left.
  9. I'm looking for Border Collie know it all's to tell me if Border Collies are known for having to be born without a uterus. I bought my 2 year old border collie of a farmer who said he owned her for 2 years and was planning to spay her but she never showed heat so they didn't. 2 months after owning her I decide to go get her spayed as she seems to have behavior of an entire dog, aggressive towards male dogs and female dogs, trying to mark territory everywhere they possibly go. Surgery happens I get a phone call, they ask me when her last heat cycle was, I have no idea and the farmer sure didn't see signs of heat, they then tell me they can't find the uterus. So i google and it does tend to happen during these procedures in a case where the owner didn't know if they were spayed or not. I called 2 animal hosptials for price of ultrasound and they told me its really expensive and generally the doctor is right that they have been spayed previously. Now here I am with my border collie who may have been cut up for absolutely nothing and has to remain to no exercise for 2 weeks miserably. I am absolutely stressed and frustrated. If she has been spayed how did the doctor not notice the scar???? I know they shave the hair all down there before making an incision, and if the doctor is wrong is there any other birth defects that could result him into not finding the uterus???
  10. So we bought a 2 year old border collie who was a working dog off a farmer 90 minutes east of calgary. She herded cattle with 2 other border collies, reason for farmer giving her up is because she rather play with the farmers children, and didn't want to stop play time with the other dogs So she has never been anywhere off the farm, slept outside, brought her into the city, we exercise her lots, we already have bonded pretty well she loves my fiance and I, and she is very well off leash and very obedient. We have had her for about 3 weeks now she seems very comfortable and adapted well to the new lifestyle but of course i feel she needs a couple more months. We have a 2 month old Brindle Pit bull/ lha soapso mix who is super energetic but has her own space, whenever we let her out she always want to jump and play with our collie but our collie growls at her and gives obvious signs of discomfort so we always keep them separate, our collie doesn't seem to have interest in our puppy and doesn't actually mind her being around unless she jumps on her several times. So she is tolerating the puppy. Now other dogs when we walk by some she will be scared and hide on my other side, some she will straight out growl and snarl which I'm glad for because its a warning indicator. So yes, here is the question but first, yes I know my dog's personality might be not into other dogs, she probably needs more time to adjust, How do I at least get my dog to tolerate other dogs, I would love to take her out to a public off leash area with good reputation and have her at least run to me when a dog approaches her. The farmer did say she absolutely loved playing with the other 2 collies though, (not family related)
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