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  1. ShellyF

    Teatime too early?

    If he’s not doing anything when he woke you again then he may not need to do anything when he wakes you the first time. If I were to take mine out he would wee (because I have mistaken his crate rattling for wanting to go out) but it’s normally boredom or if he can hear me (visiting the toilet for example) that makes him rattle his crate Try and ignore him for a bit so that you can stagger the time bit by bit until he goes right through. We feed ours at 5pm but I save a handful of kibble for his ‘go in your kennel’ treat at about 10pm.
  2. ShellyF

    13 week old pupdate

    Sounds like you are doing great. We have a water dog too haha! Don’t forget that training doesn’t have to be in specific ‘sessions’. Our little guy has to ‘lie down’ for pretty much everything (even before going up or down stairs or out the back door and before playtime) so that’s ongoing training in my book. When I feel too dog tired to do much else I will have him sit by me and we go through ‘kiss’, ‘push’ and ‘paw’. If i’m trying to get supper ready I make him sit and stay, quickly throw treats in the other room and then say ‘search’ and off he goes. Or I get him to ‘walk nicely’ round the kitchen island lol! i’ve recently started working with specific toys, hiding treats on that toy and then praising him for finding ‘blue bear’ or whatever the toy is called. He doesn’t remember the names of his toys yet except for Blue Bear as this is what we have worked with most. It now means that when I am busy I can ask him to ‘find blue bear’ and then reward him when he brings it to me. I still do ‘sessions’ with him but when life gets in the way these are good stop gaps. As to how much progress you are making, I was reassured by a book I read that said if your dog has impeccable manners by six months (eg reliable sit and a couple of others) it’s far superior than a dog having a dozen tricks up his sleeve and no reliable manners
  3. ShellyF

    Focus, balls & OCD

    Lol! I agree but we certainly mix it up by kicking the ball where he’s not expecting it and my sheep impressions are legendary haha! I guess the point I was trying to make is that focus is good and it might look like obsession but if the dog can respond to ‘that’ll do’ and rest (as opposed to continuing with a ball obsession), then it’s not a concern.
  4. ShellyF

    Focus, balls & OCD

    Our six month old is so focused on his black and white soccer balls and behaves exactly like they are sheep that he is herding. We can take him into our yard (outside of his penned area) and we know that he will not take his eye off them. He obeys our herding commands and is the perfect sheepdog. If we try and do the same with a yellow tennis ball he’s immediately off to eat the seed at the bird feeders, leap into the stream and generally behaves like a rascal lol! So ya - focus is good. I think if they get obsessed with an object beyond your control or if an object obsession prevents them resting or doing alternative activities, then you have an issue that needs addressing. With our guy, once the soccer balls are put away or we say ‘that’ll do’ and go inside, he ignores them.
  5. It’s a long shot but has anyone bought this specific harness for their BC? Our six month pup is 24” around the chest so we plan to order the medium (22” to 27”) but I read on the reviews that their size guide may not be accurate. He’s already 20/21” high so hopefully he isn’t going to fill out too much more haha!
  6. Thanks Ours is fine with food and possessions and he’s very polite most of the time. He just doesn’t know how to ask to play nicely (he nips and growls) and I know I need to teach him the right way to ask l. i’m fine if I can pre empt the situation (I can go into training mode) but when he catches me unawares I can’t ignore him (he bites more), crating him ends up being a game to him and verbal correction winds him up. I know I need to be consistent. I remain unconvinced that i’m Dealing with this properly although trying to follow the advice I receive on these boards. He’s always had a tendency to get cranky when overtired but my family think he needs more exercise.
  7. Interesting! I have a question, if you had a pup that wasn’t bad enough for the bath towel routine but started with the snarling barking nipping - what would your correction be? A calm ignore, a firm ‘no’ or something else?
  8. ShellyF

    Are treats over feeding ?

    All good - I know you are being helpful and it is appreciated
  9. ShellyF

    Piggy update

  10. ShellyF

    Piggy update

    Too funny! She sounds cute Thanks for the reminder to say ‘ow’. We did this when we taught bite inhibition but clearly he needs a reminder haha!
  11. ShellyF

    Are treats over feeding ?

    I agree that raw meat would probably be ideal but kibble is where we are at and the Acana one is pretty good. Even the soft poops are pretty well formed. The vet says he is in excellent condition. I hear what you are saying though re over feeding and I will keep a close eye to make sure he doesn’t have very soft poops other than on ad hoc occasions
  12. Following on from my thread ‘Piggy says no’ I am resorting to the pigs to deal with Merlin’s nipping to instigate chase. There are some great ideas on here and they include ‘straight into the crate with no words or actions’. Maybe due to my lack of nimbleness I cannot get him into the crate quick enough (even with him trailing a leash) so any grab for him just seems like a game to him. Another great idea was to isolate myself. Tricky with an open plan house but I did shut myself in the pantry this morning several times. It’s always nice to look at my preserves haha! We are trying very hard to train an alternative behaviour so that he learns what we want him to do instead. He’s really good at a ‘lie down’ . But what to do after that? If I walk off he starts off again. If I say ‘let’s get a toy instead’ then i’m training him to nip to start off this process. I suspect my whole energy is wrong because I am anticipating trouble. I know patience and repetition is needed but the last couple of days he’s upped the game on his end. It’s more frequent and nips are now bites that hurt (no broken skin but even so!). This morning I backed into the bedroom after his lie down and grabbed a pig that was guarding the pyjamas. I then walked out of the bedroom with the pig in front of me saying firmly ‘back away from the pig’. He did and that was that. Cheeky bugger let me sit and relax with my coffee then clearly twigged that there was no pig on the pyjamas and booked it to the bedroom to steal them! It’s hard not to see the funny side sometimes. Am I wrong to resort to the pigs again? We don’t have issues outside of the house so I could just keep a pig in my pocket at home and stop his nonsense. I’m sure once he gets out of the habit he’ll be fine. I should add that he does get walks and training and play and rest with us every day. This all got worse a few weeks ago when weather kept us in the house more than usual and so ‘indoor play’ got more frequent. So i’d like to get a workable plan before our real nasty winter sets in!
  13. ShellyF

    14month old girl getting snappy

    We trained Merlin early on to ‘lie down’ when cars or bikes go past. When he sees things moving (like his ball) he instinctively lies down so we essentially decided to work with that. If your dog prefers to ‘sit’ or ‘stand’ then that’s another option. The first few days we would treat reward every lie down and keep our foot on the leash just in case. We no longer have to treat (we just say good boy). We don’t feel the need to keep our foot on the leash all the time now but for large trucks (which seem to make him anxious) and cyclists in close proximity, we still do. I can see that this may not be an option for those that have to walk by busy roads but it works for us in our residential area
  14. ShellyF

    Are treats over feeding ?

    Our pup is nearly six months and we are now seeing him need less food (he stopped rattling his bowl at lunchtime so we knew it was ok to cut it out) but it’s still 2.5 cups of Acana large breed puppy food. He gets a cup for breakfast, a cup for supper and 1/2 cup are his training treats. Despite having the same each day, some days he can do two large piles of poop a day and some days we end up with four great piles! Mostly it’s firm/soft and occasionally it’s more soft/very soft. But then some days he finds a pile of rabbit poo to chow down on! i used to worry but he continues to grow properly and remains nice and slim. I guess some days are just super poop days haha!