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  1. I’m with you on this. You have consulted a vet behaviour combo person and you are taking precautions and not giving up on your guy. I for one am rooting for you
  2. All credit to you for looking at solutions. We had a great Pyrenean that we rescued at 9 months and he was a biter. We persevered and he turned into such a wonderful dog who became completely docile.
  3. Sorry to hear all this. Sounds like you are having a rough time. I would seek the advice of your vet, given the way you have described the circumstances.
  4. 9/10 months we saw quite a change. He’ll get there but for now just take him to his crate for a nice nap with some dog biscuits and put your feet up
  5. Give yourself a break. He’s still young and there is no reason he HAS to self settle. Our guy has always had ‘come on, nap time’ from us and like a toddler he gradually needed less and less. He rarely needs naps now (e.g. he will self settle) but he’s nearly 1. He was still having nap time up to about 9/10 months.
  6. So the pigs ears that are dried to a crunch texture are gone quickly but the lambs ears seem to be dried in a different way. Now that Merlin is older he can chew them more quickly but when he had baby teeth it took him quite a while
  7. Sometimes their fur gets caught in the Velcro which can cause a weird tingle.
  8. Thank you @GentleLake and I didn’t take it as snarky at all i did go through this with him several months back and had him vet checked and their conclusion then was to feed him more - which I have. He’s also been wormed. I also mentioned the energy level at time of neutering and they did Blood work and heart checks and all ok. I will certainly have vet check him again but it’s weird that most people complain of weight gain after neutering - not such a dramatic weight loss - so that threw me. I can definitely feel his ribs through his thick coat but whenever I have asked the vet if he’s too thin they have said no. i’ll let You know what they conclude
  9. Bumping to see if anyone has any thoughts.
  10. Our 11 month old was neutered a month ago and all went well. I read that you have to watch weight afterwards and adjust food if necessary to stop them gaining weight but we haven’t reduced his food. He did have a bout of diarrhea two weeks ago but after a one day fast and then light meals for a day (under vet guidance) he was soon back to normal. However, when we weighed him today we were surprised that his weight has plummeted. He’s back to the weight he was at nine months old! He also seems happy for an even quieter life than normal. We will of course seek vet advice but has anyone else experienced weight LOSS with their pup after neutering! He was weighed at the time of the op and was still in a steady weight incline at that time. He gets fed a good quality kibble (about 900 calories) and his training snacks are liver and cheese and home made dog biscuits. Probably another 200 calories in those. He does about an hour of exercise a day and either potters about or rests for quite a bit of the day so that calorie intake appears to be about right. TIA
  11. We have found the same in that our dog has never needed constant stimulation and as others have said this isn’t even helpful for them. Our pup is now 11 months. He has a half hour walk in the morning and 1/2 hour park or fetch or play in the afternoon. On days when he gets more he’s extra tired. He gets a couple of yard walks too and likes to watch the world go by from the window or the deck - depending on the weather. He likes to nap or ride in the car. He loves a fuss and the odd toy game. He takes himself to his crate after supper for an hour, he wants to go to bed at 9.30 and doesn’t get up until 8. But we are always around so he’s not lonely. He accepts this is the routine. It will change in the summer when the boat gets launched and he loves swimming. I am sure he will adapt. I don’t believe border collies are high energy dogs but they need to have an interesting life
  12. If he can walk to heel but not calmly in a harness then you could switch to a front clip harness perhaps.
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