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  1. Ours is a double feeder - he picks and I pick but he eats both hahaha!
  2. I hear you! We really could turn ourselves into knots couldn’t we. I agree a more relaxed approach is needed. I’m definitely not counting blackberries on the walk but on this note I thought I would share this picture of my pup chowing down yesterday haha!
  3. Yes we can definitely feel his ribs. He is very slender and growing like a giraffe. He’s on a quality grain free puppy kibble. i agree that we need to taper gradually and go by instinct a little more. I am just surprised that the vet’s calorie recommendations didn’t incorporate a tapering off. I was told by vet that at four months onwards the growing drops right off and when I expressed concern and sought clarification about the sudden drop in calories I was told it was correct. i think I will go with my instinct. He doesn’t beg for food or give me the pleading eyes but he’s definitely asking to be fed before his normal feeding time and getting very vocal with his food bowl which is only since I cut back the calories. ‘Thanks to all for your feedback - I will ease back more gradually
  4. We’ve been getting calorie info from our vet since we had our pup. It’s been steadily increasing and at 14 weeks was up to 1150 calories a day. Our pup is a perfect weight according to vet. At 16 weeks the vet recommendation was to reduce to 900 calories as a puppy rate of growth tapers off now. I understand this but our active dog is not liking the sudden loss of 250 calories a day! Thoughts anyone?
  5. ShellyF

    Would you say BCs are easy to train?

    We get comments like ‘of course you know they are high energy dogs so good luck with that’ followed by ‘at least you can train them to do tricks easily’. I take comfort in the fact that my BC is more intelligent than them and while there may be things he will pick up easily it will take dedication on my part to build our working partnership together. My answer is that we will work hard together and be the best that we can be.
  6. ShellyF

    Stinky Border Collie Puppy

    Re a lovely smell of popcorn to their feet / paws - I totally get this! Our last dog (beagle/lab) smelled like fresh corn and in the morning after a nights sleep I couldn’t resist sniffing her paws hahaha! Our BC pup smells fresh as flowers - probably because he eats so many grrh! i hear you re bathing. Our dogs have always enjoyed streams and the sea and with that and a good brushing we only bathe them if they’ve rolled in scat. Or i’ve been known to get out baby wipes if it’s a small bit of scat :()
  7. ShellyF

    Training question

    I really appreciate this and your pup in the video reminds me so much of mine lol! Our ball games in the yard have really come along. He’ll do several ‘walk on’ and ‘lie down’ s and then I kick the ball as his reward. He loves it. It’s also a good barometer for how he is feeling. On hot days he usually just lies in the shade and watches me haha! Started today teaching ‘come by’ and ‘away’. Side note, he’s coping so much better with traffic on our walks by doing a ‘lie down’ while the car goes past and then I give him the ‘walk on’ command. Aren’t they just a joy to train!
  8. ShellyF

    Shouldn't he be gaining more weight

    Our vet has just done third routine check up on our guy at 16 weeks. He is very slim and tall and lanky. When his fur is wet he’s so skinny it’s hilarious. Our vet says that’s exactly how he should be. He says most pet dogs that look normal to us carry too much weight and that skinny looking wild canids on wildlife tv are typically a very healthy weight. Our vet told us how many calories to feed which we calculated for his kibble. We weighed him each week and then vet gave us adjusted calorie count. Vet said from 4 months on we no longer need to be increasing calories. However, they do stress it’s a guide only. We were told that you should easily be able to feel the ribs under just the skin but when looking at the dog, the ribs shouldn’t be sticking out. Hope this helps
  9. ShellyF

    Stinky Border Collie Puppy

    I couldn’t agree more! We’ve kept our dogs smelling reasonably sweet too - when they can keep out of scat lol!
  10. ShellyF

    Stinky Border Collie Puppy

    I’m glad you posted this link. We like the idea of raw but not practical for us as in the summer we are camping out a lot with inadequate washing facilities. We get a good grain free kibble and with our last dog we would always add bits of this and that onto her food. Our current vet says we shouldn’t add anything to our pup’s kibble although he doesn’t see an issue with a few carrot and cucumber sticks. I really can’t see what the issue is with throwing in a bit of raw meat or an egg etc. so I just might start to do that. He’s 4 months old now and although he doesn’t get human food scraps or treats from the table I think a bit of variety in his kibble could be a positive thing!
  11. ShellyF

    Stinky Border Collie Puppy

    Is she rolling in something? We regularly groom our dogs and let them swim but unless they roll in scat we don’t regularly bathe them and have rarely resorted to shampoo. If that stinky it might be worth discussing with your vet.
  12. ShellyF

    Guess the weight

    They seem to have a very similar look Yes we have the one ear up and one down thing going on lol! I hope that stays haha!