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  1. Over tired and over stimulated comes to mind!
  2. Merlin likes Tuffy toys. He is often running around with his tuffy fish But as others have said, at ten months he plays less and has no interest in chews. He does like filled kongs. For self amusement he will now sit on the ottoman by the window and quietly watch the world go by for aaaaages!
  3. I agree with above. Also, pick a time to say ‘come’ when he’s heading your way anyway so that he associates recall with wanting to come towards you. One of the best tips I ever had was to add words to what you see them doing naturally and build from there
  4. The only thing you may be doing wrong is expecting too much of him and you! You have to make yourself super interesting with dried liver or cheese haha! Certainly you can take private lessons with a good trainer but don’t pass a dog to someone else to train and return or you miss out on the pleasure of bonding and succeeding yourself. Also, interest in what’s around is not doggy disobedience. It’s distraction. It’s normal. You make things safe by keeping them on leash or a training line and my ten month old is still on the end of one! Good luck
  5. Wow that’s a really long training time! Even at ten months I keep my guy’s training to 10 mins but ongoing sits and lie downs at different times during the day to supplement his sessions. He does a couple of sessions a day. At four months training would have been just a few minutes at a time.
  6. What the other have said. This was our guy at this age and now at ten months it’s like night and day! But I have trained him consistently and it got better day by day. Also at about 8/9 months he just seemed to get more focus and better attitude all round. Re the licking - if he had played and been exercised I found he started licking when he was tired and couldn’t switch off which was when I would pop him in the crate for a nap. If it was outside I would set up little treat hunts to divert him or again, if he got tired he would literally shovel up mouthfuls of road gravel!
  7. The above comments amuse me as we too have so many different names for our dog haha! When I get him out of his crate it’s always ‘hi pupdoodles’. When i’m chatting to him around the house he is ‘little guy’ and when i’m Pretending to be serious it’s Mr Merlin. His name though is just ‘Merlin’ lol!
  8. Training to go ‘on command’ really has to start from the get go. Every time our little guy did a pee we said ‘go empty’ then praised. Every time he did a poop we said ‘ Number Twos’ and then praised. Now when he hears those words he’ll pretty much go on command. Peeing on new carpet could easily be marking. Our last dog (female) would always pee on someone’s carpet if we were visiting them for the first time which was embarrassing! I am not sure why your dog is pooping in the house or how to better get your kids involved. If she has already pooped outside and these are additional pooping accidents then I would seek advice from your vet. Might be a health issue.
  9. Agree with above. That’s a ridiculous number of pups to have bounding around. My guy is just starting fun obedience at ten months! i did socializing one on one with different dogs until he got confident. He’s only been interacting with small groups of pups at the park since about 8 months. My guy is with me 24/7 and his confidence has grown. I don’t go ‘there there’ in a high pitched voice when he’s anxious. Instead I lead him gently but positively with a ‘walk on’. If my guy had even one dog barrelling towards him at that age I would have blocked with my body. I’d take a rain check on classes and pick one where the trainer has a better understanding of dogs!
  10. ShellyF

    Our new 7 week old BC

    We brought ours home at 8 weeks. It took me some weeks to get him crate trained. I started with popping him in with a treat and the door open while I sat by the open door. After a few days I shut the door for a few moments and opened it again before he made any fuss. I just built it up like this. But all this time I was taking him out every hour or so during the day. At night I had a soft crate on a low table next to my side of the bed and had my hand through the zip for him to sniff. I didn’t stroke him when he whimpered but I let him snuggle my hand - which I removed when he nodded off. I carried him outside once in the night but he started to sleep through fairly quickly. He never soiled his bedding. He was restricted to the two rooms we tend to live in during the day and we had minimal accidents. Good luck - he is sweet
  11. ShellyF

    Blood work results

    This is very reassuring. We give him plenty of mental stimulation for sure and I absolutely relate to the adrenaline comment. That’s him in a nutshell but I didn’t know the panting was connected. So yes i’ll double check again with vet but thanks for this very helpful comment
  12. ShellyF

    Blood work results

    Thanks ya - they think his heart and everything is all good. He did extremely well in neuter surgery. There are two camps. One say that border collies have tons of energy and the others say that we have just trained him to settle well. Our last dog was also exercised and entertained well and would happily rest in between but she didn’t have the issue of walking around panting to calm down after regular exercise. The vet says it’s likely age related (ten months) although he’s always been like this. I guess if the vet isn’t worried I shouldn’t be so i’ll Ask the questions you suggest and then try and forget it haha!
  13. Oh poor little thing Hope you get some helpful answers!
  14. ShellyF

    Blood work results

    Our dog was neutered yesterday and had bloodwork done in advance. I had mentioned to vet that our 10 month BC wasn’t as active as everyone said collies would be. I think we exercise him well and have taught him to settle well but I am surprised at how just a little fetch in the house seems to tire him out as much as a few runs across a ball field and it seems to take him ages to stop panting and settle after such exercises. The vet said yesterday that all was well and the bloodwork was fine and our pup also passed his physical so I thought nothing of it but on reading the bloodwork results today I see that globulin is low (right on the bottom line of low/normal) as is his total protein and ALP. I have no idea what this means and will be speaking to the vet about it in a few days. Does anyone have suggestions for specific questions I should ask? Would you be concerned if this was your dog’s results?