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    Tearing eye

    In case someone is interested (although it doesn't seem so) yesterday evening I managed to dig out a very very thin something from that eye, might be fur or possibly syntethic. It could be hardly seen and also just one or two times - when I thought it is just discharge or something, it was moving with blinking and then disappearing. When I saw it again - looking the same - I got suspicious. So now I wait to see if the eye will continue tearing or not.
  2. Ildiko

    Tearing eye

    Hi all, I noticed that the right eye of my dog is tearing a bit, definately more than the other one. Not always, but noticeably (at least I notice). I took her to the vet who stained the eye and said that the cornea is ok and gave some eyedrops, which I used since then. But eye is the same, tearing from time to time. Should I be worried? I am thinking of visiting another vet.
  3. Ildiko

    Styles of training

    As a sidenote - you can be assured that a lot of people from all around the world are reading the information and advice who (like me) are mostly silent but still benefiting greatly. So thank you all who dedicate the time and energy to share your knowledge for your efforts to help the others out! Even if it seems lost on the person actually asking the question it is still surely helpful to others. Again for emphasis, a big thank you!
  4. Thank you! She is an amazingly cute little dog
  5. Just because someone mentioned that updates and pictures are popular around here... She looks like this as an 8 month old. I don't remember seeing that weird arch of the back at all any more.
  6. Just a sidenote to what the dog associates with what (and I could't watch the video as it is not reachable in my area). So once my little puppy approached my horse and they tried to smell each other (I was too far to stop them) and it would not have been a problem as the horse likes small animals, except for the electric fence which was on... I think she might even got into a shock and since then she is really afraid - of the horse. If she sees him or hear him she is ready to flee and if the horse moves she does. Oh yeah, and yesterday I think I accidentally thaught her to jump up at me to the already known que 'stand'... by revarding just two stand when she lifted her fronts a little which I considered just a sign of enthusiasm at the time. Today came the surprise
  7. Thank you all for your answers! Yeah, I did think that rabbit scent would not be suitable... :D I had a look into nosework and barn hunt, thanks! I don't think we have anything like that around here. Nosework seems to be similar to what I had in mind, I will definitely give it a try. As for bar hunt, I don't have access to a barn and even less to live rats - and to be honest this is something I would be worried about to teach the dog as I wouldn't want her to search for other live animals. Especially as she does it anyway. :D But I hate to have her on leash because otherwise and most of the time she is brilliant. The sock trick is great, I love it! :D
  8. I have my second question. It seems that my girl is pretty scent oriented, loves to follow fresh trails of deer or rabbit, and she also uses her nose when I try to hide. So I suppose she would like this kind of games. But as following deer and such is not a good thing (also in this scenario her hearing somehow cease to exist...) I am worried that I will encourage a behaviour which I would better not. So what do you think, is it a good idea or will I regret?
  9. Hi! I am not going to be a huge help in terms of experience being a first time border collie (and dog...) owner, but I am really interested as my girl is exactly the same age. Barking is interesting, she just started it a bit more extensively, she barks and runs around in the garden if somebody or a vehicle makes noise on the street. Before I only heared her voice if I managed to make her too excited and she started to herd me. I always stopped that behaviour of course. Recall is yet an issue. Generally it is fine, like 80-90% of the time. But if there is some fresh smell of deer or rabbit, she is off. I prefer off leash walks, but I really have to think about where to go and when to put the leash on. Otherwise she is really nice, watching where I am, coming in to check, coming when called.
  10. It seems I cannot attach the picture for some reason, sorry
  11. This from yesterday looks better, doesn't it?
  12. If anyone is interested, as expected the (general) vet said that it is probably nothing, she will still change a lot and will grow out of it. As also expected it was not very convincing.
  13. I had the chance to have a look several times this morning thanks to the pouring rain, her shaking seemed ok to me, although the order was not very specific, might have started with the head and finished with the butt, but was a bit like everything at the same time. Also I am not sure if the tail was included. So to me everything else looks ok, but in all honesty I don't have experience or another dog to compare to.
  14. Thank you all for the replies! At the moment I don't have a vet I would turn to with trust, but I am in search for one. I will ask next week anyway when I have to get dewormer (it might worth to mention that we live in Central Europe in a rural area and I started to feel not so good about the most comfortable option and also was advised by other owners to turn to a specialist in the capital). She doesn't show any discomfort or other symptoms I can notice, otherwise I would have mentioned. She is a lively, delightful personality with good nerves and quite a bit of character. Her movement can resemble to a rubber ball... Probably no need to mention also how clever she is. I hope it really is just a stage, I know it is like that with horses, it only worth to look at foals conformationwise when they are born and after 3 years, in between they can look pretty unproportional.